Kayla (Part 2)

The first round of pictures where for her mom (curly hair, more formal shoot), this one was for her (straightened her hair, did her color guard stuff and just plain had fun).  Kayla is the best at not smiling.  Usually people can’t do the serious look, not her, she is great at it.  This shot is my fave!!!!!!!!  (P.S.  I stayed up super late last night to make sure I got these editted and put on here for ya since I have a wedding later today, I knew you were just as excitted as I was to see them.


the mosquitos were soooo bad when doing this shot, after a few snaps we both were like “we’re outta here”


kaylasept07_30.jpg kaylasept07_10.jpg kaylasept07_23.jpg 

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