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Tuesday, September 11th, 2007

I have known Kyle forever, he is a great guy and my kids love him.  He assists me with weddings and other shoots at times and has a great eye and has gotten the technical stuff down pretty quickly.  Kyle also has his own DJ service and I have seen him in action and he does a great job.   Here are a few of my fave’s from his session.  Some were taken at Swan Lake.




kyle just recently joined the KL Fire Dept blog-hindssept2007_020.jpg

Samantha came along and got in a few picturesblog-hindssept2007_006bw.jpg

Kris (Kyle’s mom) asked me as we walked back to the car, “Is it always this much fun when you do senior pictures.”  I am like yeah most of time.  Really it is kind of nuts that I get paid to ride around in a golf cart and laugh my butt off.  Below is a photo of me checking to make sure I got some good pictures.  Thanks for taking it Kris, and thank you Kyle and the rest of the amazing Seniors I have had lately for allowing me to take your pictures.



Monday, September 10th, 2007

Here are a few studio shots of Chris and a couple we managed to hurry and get before the mosquitos carried us away.  We hope to do another session in the spring on the football field and other spots around Walkerton.


Chris also brought his girlfriend along and I just love this shot…bloglawlersept2007_020.jpg

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bloglawlersept2007_012.jpg bloglawlersept2007_018.jpg 

Jake & Drew

Monday, September 10th, 2007

When you look at these pics, keep in mind Jake is THREE! (doesn’t he look so old in these-sorry Tish, Jake is getting to be a big boy)  And also check out Drew’s tshirt.  I just love it.

blog-coopersept2007_002.jpg blog-coopersept2007_006.jpg


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blog-coopersept2007_021.jpg  blog-coopersept2007_007.jpg  blog-coopersept2007_004bw.jpg 


October is Family Portrait Month

Friday, September 7th, 2007

In honor of Family Portrait Month I will be offering a $25 discount on standard sessions if you call before October 1st and schedule your session.  Check out my pricing page for more details

Hamlet Fire Deptment Training

Thursday, September 6th, 2007

Baugh Midwest (affiliate of SYSCO) had a barn that was in terrible shape and needed to be burned down so they inlisted the help of the department.  I have to say even though I have seen several buildings burned down it amazes me just how fast a building becomes a full blaze.  I will put the times taken next to some of the images.hfd7.jpg  5:25

hfd2.jpg  5:31

Hamlet Fire Dept and also pictured Tom Raimer from Baugh Midwest.hfd6.jpg 5:48


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  hfd1.jpg hfd4.jpg hfd5.jpg hfd3.jpg 

If you want to see some more images from the training click here…

Kara & Hannah

Thursday, September 6th, 2007




Grace (103 yrs old)

Wednesday, September 5th, 2007

Jennifer from Starke Memorial Hospital contacted me a couple weeks to take a picture of a 103 yr old lady for a billboard for their home health care.  Well, I knew it had to be Grace Burch.  (who else is 103)  Grace was a dear friend to my Grandmother who is no longer with us and she is also my aunt Vicki’s  grandmother.  grace1.jpg

Also pictured with Grace is one of her home health care provider’s Shelia. 


this is the shot choosen for the billboard…grace2.jpg