Brooke & Brittany

I decided to post these together since they came together and they even got pictures taken together.  I hope you guys enjoyed your session, I just wish the weather would of been better so we could have shot more outside.  I just love this first photo, I bet their mom’s will love it too.  (Brooke and Brittany are cousin’s, isn’t that awesome to have a cousin as one of your best friends)






And now for a couple of Brooke…



Sorry about the red at the bottom of the images on this post, I thought it was a good idea to put website address on them but then realized it looks bad, but too busy to redo, but won’t do it again don’t worry.

2 Responses to “Brooke & Brittany”

  1. Bobbie Lynn Says:

    Girls, you look Great!!! Love the pics!!! xo

  2. Lora Says:

    Hey Girls you are so BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! Great shots Jayme!! I cant wait to see them all!!!!!

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