I had over 100 hits yesterday and probably half were from Daniel and his best friend Gary.  I knew alot of the seniors went to my blog to see who’s pics I had taken and stuff but Daniel and Gary are major blog stalkers.   Sorry it has taken me so long to post some shots I will make up for it though and I will make you a slideshow in the next few days for your myspace page since you are such a big fan.  Daniel’s dad is a fan as well, maybe not of the blog but of my sports stuff, thanks Tim I hear that you comment all the time about my stuff to others.  I appreciate it.  I know he has (if I remember right) a 16×20 picture hanging in his house from the 2007 state championship basketball team that Daniel was on.

Anyways enough talk.Here are a few of my faves, although there are a ton of other’s I like too.  The first is my fave out of all of them.





Here is Daniel and Gary being cool on the hay bales.  Don’t forget Daniel you have to be the “light boy” when I do Gary’s.


5 Responses to “Daniel”

  1. Daniel Henigsmith Says:

    thanks a lot jayme me and gary had a lot of fun. We are not blog stalkers by the way lol Dont worry i will be light boy for gary.
    thanks a lot though

  2. Gary McCormick Says:

    i wont lie. i am kind of a blog stalker
    the pictures look pretty sweet and i can’t wait to do mine.

  3. Paige Says:

    I LOVE the first image too! It’s great to see guys getting into having their photos taken. Great job as always girl!

  4. Marlene Says:

    Jayme, I love the textured photo. Nathan is a senior next year and i will have to remember that. You know we love your work!

  5. Caroline Henigsmith Says:

    Wow you have the same last name and uhh that is not a common name.

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