Nikki & Billy and the kiddos

I know what you are thinking…how many times a year do I take pictures of this family.  Well, honestly, alot.  Hey, I am not complaining, Nikki is helping pay for my studio.  LOL   The thing is when you have little kids that is just what happens, you got to catch those milestones because you can’t go back and redo it.  Even me the super photo mom has a few regrets.  I wish I had some more photos of me holding both my kids as babies, I have plenty of Bob with the kids, but not as many with me in them.  Oh well.  Back to business… here are some of my faves from their session.  This first one cracks me up because poor Nikki is covered by kids, but hey when you got 4 kids that is what happens sometimes. 





3 Responses to “Nikki & Billy and the kiddos”

  1. Marlene Says:

    Can I see the rest of these..please!!

  2. Amanda Says:

    I love them…these are all so good! They are all so cute and smiley! Great Job

  3. Kathie Says:

    I love the pics, they are great grandkids!!!

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