TJ walked in with a huge stack of clothes (see photo below) including a tuxedo.  As you will see my favorite photos of him are not smiling.  (Don’t worry TJ I got a ton of great smile shots)  I think it is mostly because not everyone can do a good serious look, but TJ had no problem at all so I made it give me that look a ton.  Anyways here are some of my faves…





and here is his pile of clothes… 


4 Responses to “TJ”

  1. Paige Says:


    drool, drool. LOL

  2. Justine Says:

    thats my soon to be husband:D

  3. Mom Says:

    Welcome to the family, Justine. LOL

  4. Elizabeth Says:

    I honestly think that this young man should do more shots and send them in. I think there is a future in the business…………..
    Nice work Jayme!

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