Dena’s Hallmark Danville, IL

Many of my reader’s probably know Dena (Singleton) Guadio, but did you know she owns SIX Hallmark stores. (Dena’s Hallmark Site)  Yeah, isn’t that crazy.  Liz (from Elizabeth’s Garden) and I took a road trip on Sunday and Monday to go see Dena.  A local newspaper was doing an article on Dena for their business section.  I got to read the article and it is awesome.  Hopefully it will be online so I can post a link.  Anyways, she needed a headshot for the article so I came to the rescue.  We also visited a couple of her stores.  Here are a few photos from our visit…. first her headshot… gaudio-june-2008_129-copy.jpg

at her desk (she has a huge fancy clean office- mine is in my dinning room and a mess)gaudio-june-2008_028-copy.jpg




I thought it was neat that she had her name on candy, and I had to throw the webkinz in the picture in honor of the horses being in town.


These are must see card’s in the Hallark Stores.  Go to and check them out.  I love them. 


And of course I have to get in a picture too.  (most photographers don’t like their picture taken.  Not me, I am the first to jump in front of a camera, and if there is no one to take it I just hold out the camera and take it my self. 


Thanks Dena for inviting us over.  You have been a great friend and I am so thrilled that you have had so much success.  We talked on our trip how awesome it is that us three girls.  (me, Dena and Liz) are all business women.  We believe 4-H had alot to do with it!  Thanks Starke County 4-H and everyone that helped us fullfill our dreams!!

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