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Thursday, July 31st, 2008

Zach’s my cousin.  (much younger cousin, Dawn’s boy for those of you that know my family)  Yeah I remember changing his diapers, by the way he was a very good baby.  Okay let’s show off his pictures….

my fave, totally Zach, and pictured with his truck which was my grandpa’s, but Zach has totally changed it.  Oh and the truck goes up and down, it is super cool, but we did get alittle scare when Aunt Dawn sat something on the controls and it went alittle crazy by itself.  Anyways….here’s my fave…..


Thought I would try something new, I think it turned out pretty good…..




Zach wanted pink hair, yeah pink.  So I digitally put alittle in.  He probably would like me to add more but I didn’t want it to be too much.


Thanks Zach for doing such a good job.  We had fun, my mom and his mom came with.  My mom cracked us up with her underware comments.

**I will work on getting proofs from these recent sessions up in the storefront tomorrow.

Morgan- 9 months (but acts like 2 years old)

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

This little girl is a smarty.  Hard not to be with smart parents.  I went to Purdue North Central with Mandy and Frankie so I know they are smart.  The family currently lives in Texas but comes back for photoshoots, well and to visit their family in Michigan City (but most importantly photo shoots).  This is like Morgan’s third appearance on my blog.

Okay back to how smart she is…. When I asked Morgan who her favorite photographer is guess what she did????….  (pointed to me!!)   





Remember that smarty pants mom I told ya about… well here she is.  I am so glad Mandy knows how important it is to get pictures with Morgan.  Mom’s out there hand the camera over to someone else once and  awhile and say please grab a picture of us for me.



Friday, July 25th, 2008

I talked to someone (Angie) the other day that mentioned they had a ton of family photos on their memory card and needed to do something with them.  Well today I am working on backing up my families photos.  I am pretty good about it, well was good about it.  When Samantha was little I would back everything up on CD twice and would give my mom the extra set, good plan and I did it for a couple years but lately haven’t.  So I am implementing a new plan and everything for our family is going on a external hard drive and that will be stored at mom’s.  This way if something happens I have an extra copy at a seperate location.  Just thought I would suggest this to everyone else.  At least backup your photos from your computer and save to two cd’s, one for you and one for someone else to hold for you in case of fire.  I would go nuts if I lost all my family photos.

And parents even if you are good about getting professional pictures done, don’t forget about those special times, like fun times in the tub.  Here’s Samantha in the tub when she was a wee little squirt.  Oh I had so much fun doing crazy stuff with her hair…


Is it mean of me to post this, Samantha just walked in and seen it and says it shouldn’t go on the blog, but it is sooo darn cute.  (she’s only 5 and it bothers her, she says she doesn’t like her crazy hair)

Edit to add….I made a deal with Samantha the tub photo would stay but I had to add her favorite photo of her and her cat we no longer have…


Leave Samantha a comment if you have time, she thinks everyone will like the kitty photo.


Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

Here are some more kids that frequent my blog.  Brendon, Conner and Brady were so good, it makes my life easier.  Really once you get past two kids it is rough to try to get them all to behave and do good the same time.  And if I remember right Brady wasn’t in the mood last time he came for pictures, so I was thrilled at what we got last night.  Here are just a few of my faves. 


Could Brady have given me any better smile, oh I could just squeeze him…


for some reason I just love this interaction between them….


David & Logan

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

The last time I seen these kiddos was Christmas time and David was on Santa’s lap crying.  (yeah that happens).  I forgot how cute they were.  When they got out of the car I am like OMG, those eyes, that hair.  Yeah the ladies will be after these two for sure.




No doubt which is their favorite football team, I just love this Bears shot….


Kierra & Hayden- Tooo Cute

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

I have taken Kierra and Hayden’s pictures at least 5 or 6 differnt times.  There mom is picture crazy!  I don’t mind though because they are so darn cute.  Hayden is very close in age to my Brandon and it is so funny how they act alot alike too. 


parker-july2008-23-copy.jpg parker-july2008-4-copy.jpg

Fair Pictures are in my storefront.

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008  (link has been fixed)   find where it says Starke Co. Fair-no password needed, some are just random shots I took, alot are my family (I just uploaded the entire folder) Some were also taken for the 4-H scrapbook and will appear in there.  I get requests every year for pictures so figured it would be easiest for everyone if I just did it this way.  Pass the info along to people in the pictures.  I would appreciate it.

Avalon at the fair!

Monday, July 21st, 2008

This just about didn’t happen.  It was raining when I left the house, but we decided to meet up anyways because we both had to be at the fair to pick up projects.  I snapped a few shots in between rain drops.



yo too cool for the zipper.. LOL




(sorry for lack of creative poses, it was rainy and I was tired, but I think we still got some cool shots, just wish the weather was on our side so we could have done more)

Emma and all her rolls!

Monday, July 21st, 2008

My daughter Samantha was a chunky baby but I don’t think she had as many chins as Emma does.  This session totally brought back memories.  Emma- I love your rolls, some day girl you will be a skinny 16 yr old and will look back on these and laugh. 





Monday, July 21st, 2008

I love the shirt that Allison came to the photo shoot in.  She loves being ONE! 




Starke County 4-H Fair Part 2

Monday, July 21st, 2008

I have already been asked where part 2 is….so here you go gang. I took a ton of photos and most will be in my storefront in the next couple days. I will post a link when I am done. Here are just some of my faves from the rest of the week.  Since there were so many I wanted to show I did some quick collages of them.

first let’s get some pics of my kids out of the way…



Our Stick Horse Fun Show for the kids was awesome.  Didn’t have a ton of kids but it was hot and a couple weren’t in the mood, but the ones that rode were super cute, espicially the big kid(aka Liz).  Sorry Liz that is what you get for being a nice person and helping out with the kids.


By the way big thanks to The Specialty Shoppe in Knox for donating the ribbons!!!





I didn’t get as many shots of my dad at the fair as I wanted.  (for my project dad) However… I really like this shot of him talking and holding Brandon at the draft horse pull.  I don’t think dad did the pulling but he had a team of draft horses for a long time while I was growing up.  The team that is pulling is Ronnie Clemmon’s horses.  He is dad’s friend from Lakeville.


Mom took these next two shots of the horse and pony grand entry.



Still to come….Samantha’s Res. Grand Champion Fine Arts Drawing.  I need to take a picture of her with it.  Wait until you see it, she did an amazing job. 

Starke County 4-H Fair Part 1

Tuesday, July 15th, 2008

The Fair is underway!!!  Here are just a few of the photos I have taken so far….

My grandpa John Jernas who past away earlier this year won the Memorial Award for everything he had done in the past years for 4-H.  My uncle Larry, uncle Don and my dad Ed where given the award in his honor. 


Two of my favorite 4-H’ers… Ian Ferch and Kyle Hinds won the scholarships.  (way back when I was in 4-H I was a scholarship winner). 


Speaking of Kyle…(Kyle helps me out with weddings) he won King!!!  And one of my seniors I shot this past year Katie Surma is Queen.  (remember Katie’s picture with the draft horses, one of my favorite senior pics I took last year).


Here is the entire court.  Some of those faces have been on my blog before. 


On Sunday I spent the entire longggg day at the horse show.  But it was fun hanging out with old friends and the 4-Her’s and lovin’ being around the horses.  Here is Danny on my little white horse.  He did awesome with her.  Won Senior Showmanship!!  He still has a couple classes left to show her in.


I love the parade….


but my favorite thing to photograph at the fair is……  THE PIG SCRAMBLE!!!!  just in case you don’t know what it is…it is just so much fun.  the kids get their hands covered with crisco so they are slippery and then they are sent off to go grab themselves a pig, they catch it and wait for an adult to grab it from them.



Cooper Kooper Broker (I think he said his first name is Cooper  Kooper, someone correct me if I am wrong) Anyways, I felt sooo bad for him when the pig slipped right out of his hands…


On of my faves….this kid wasn’t going to wait until the adult came to help him, he had lost this pig once and was not going to let him get away again.  I just love it.


 I took lots of pics from the pig scramble and other stuff at the fair, I will put them in my storefront after the fair is over.  Off to go jump in the shower and head back to the fair.  And don’t forget about the stick horse show Wed. night at 6:30- be there or be square.  (yeah I am old).  Oh and tonight I hope to get a picture of Samantha with her picture she entered, I am not going to say how she did yet, go see it for yourself, she drew the rainbow that is just to the right after you enter the open class building.  (let’s just say it has a big ribbon on it!!!)  Oh and the photo of my dad leading our horses in the snow got Grand and I am thrilled because that is one of my favorite pictures EVER, so it is awesome to get Grand with it.  Oh and one more thing, look for some of Tish Cooper’s(aka blog stalker) pictures she entered some really good ones, I think she got Grand Creative Photo with a bw/color shot.  (it is on the grand champion wall), and my cousin Lauren has a photo along with us.  Lots of great photos this year!!!  See ya at the fair.  -Jayme