David & Logan

The last time I seen these kiddos was Christmas time and David was on Santa’s lap crying.  (yeah that happens).  I forgot how cute they were.  When they got out of the car I am like OMG, those eyes, that hair.  Yeah the ladies will be after these two for sure.




No doubt which is their favorite football team, I just love this Bears shot….


5 Responses to “David & Logan”

  1. Elizabeth's Garden Says:

    Wow, I watched Penny cry when I opened these pictures. Classic!

  2. jaymeg Says:

    AWWWW!!!! That is crazy, but AWWWW! LOL I am glad you like them Penny, if I wasn’t going to the LaPorte fair tonight I would hurry and get the proofs online for you. Just wait until you see David with the football and his little hat on. Ohh, you will go nuts.

  3. Penny Says:

    Jayme you are now officially my new photographer and I can not wait to see the rest of the pictures thank you so much for this experience

  4. Gene Says:

    Grandpa can’t wait to see the rest and get some new bragging pictures for his desk at work. That’s my boys. I agree Penny, good choice of a photographer.

  5. jaymeg Says:

    hey you guys, it is going to look like I paid you to say these things, wait, did Liz pay you??? Anyways, the rest are on my storefront. http://www.photographybyjayme.com/store find David and Logan and password is their last name.

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