Starke County 4-H Fair Part 2

I have already been asked where part 2 is….so here you go gang. I took a ton of photos and most will be in my storefront in the next couple days. I will post a link when I am done. Here are just some of my faves from the rest of the week.  Since there were so many I wanted to show I did some quick collages of them.

first let’s get some pics of my kids out of the way…



Our Stick Horse Fun Show for the kids was awesome.  Didn’t have a ton of kids but it was hot and a couple weren’t in the mood, but the ones that rode were super cute, espicially the big kid(aka Liz).  Sorry Liz that is what you get for being a nice person and helping out with the kids.


By the way big thanks to The Specialty Shoppe in Knox for donating the ribbons!!!





I didn’t get as many shots of my dad at the fair as I wanted.  (for my project dad) However… I really like this shot of him talking and holding Brandon at the draft horse pull.  I don’t think dad did the pulling but he had a team of draft horses for a long time while I was growing up.  The team that is pulling is Ronnie Clemmon’s horses.  He is dad’s friend from Lakeville.


Mom took these next two shots of the horse and pony grand entry.



Still to come….Samantha’s Res. Grand Champion Fine Arts Drawing.  I need to take a picture of her with it.  Wait until you see it, she did an amazing job. 

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  1. Carol Says:

    Thanks for posting all the pics of fair Jayme. I enjoyed them
    very much. It has been a long time since I have been to the Starke Co. Fair and the pics brought back many good memories.

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