Zach’s my cousin.  (much younger cousin, Dawn’s boy for those of you that know my family)  Yeah I remember changing his diapers, by the way he was a very good baby.  Okay let’s show off his pictures….

my fave, totally Zach, and pictured with his truck which was my grandpa’s, but Zach has totally changed it.  Oh and the truck goes up and down, it is super cool, but we did get alittle scare when Aunt Dawn sat something on the controls and it went alittle crazy by itself.  Anyways….here’s my fave…..


Thought I would try something new, I think it turned out pretty good…..




Zach wanted pink hair, yeah pink.  So I digitally put alittle in.  He probably would like me to add more but I didn’t want it to be too much.


Thanks Zach for doing such a good job.  We had fun, my mom and his mom came with.  My mom cracked us up with her underware comments.

**I will work on getting proofs from these recent sessions up in the storefront tomorrow.

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  1. Aunt Debbie Says:

    Zach, you look great. I loved them all. I’m sure you appreciated the comment that Jayme used to change your diapers.

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