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Kyle, a dog, a tractor and a guitar

Friday, August 29th, 2008

Kyle so reminds me of my brother.  He is total farm boy!!  I think if you asked him what he would take on an deserted island he would say… his dog, his tractor and his guitar.  (am I right Kyle??)

This first shot goes down as one of my all time faves ever.   It  could be a cover of a country album so keep playing that guitar Kyle.


this was super late in the shoot and it was almost dark out but I love this shot.  So natural.


did I mention that kyle took me to a killer location for most of his pictures…. I thought this was cool…


I don’t typically allow family photos during a senior session, BUT since we were going to Kyle’s house and if you know his dad, well do I need to say any more.  Plus I just love his little bother Mason, isn’t he the cutest thing ever.  Lauren- I don’t want you to grow up fast on your mom, but I can’t wait to take yours!!!


Rick- thanks for keeping the hat and sunglasses off! 

Darren’s A Senior

Friday, August 29th, 2008

I have known Darren forever.  His father is on the fire depart. with Bob.  Darren you are so lucky I didn’t try to dig up a photo with Santa from the Christmas parties.  Darren is from Hamlet so we did his session in Hamlet, mostly at the fairground, which really is a pretty good spot to shoot at.




Here is Darren in front of Uncle Ray’s tractor.


My Airplane Adventure

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

How could the weekend get any better after Saturday.  I shot the auction that was alot of fun, when I got home my hubby made a killer meal on the grill and we looked thru old year books and laughed at ourselves and our friends.  (well, we laughed at Bob’s 7th grade picture and just about ever photo of my brother).  Anyways… so how could the weekend get any better. 

Well… I will tell ya.  Sunday morning  I got to go riding horses with Dad, Daryl, Gwen and Miranda.  Which by the way horseback riding is my favorite thing to do.  Then we had lunch at mom’s house (eating-another favorite thing).  Once we got done Daryl asked Dad and I if we wanted to go on a plane ride.  Well, heck ya.  Daryl flew into Starke Airport from Bourbon to go riding horses with us.  Anyways, so I got to ride in the airplane with him.  It was AWESOME.  I do have to be honest though I thought I was going to loose my lunch at the landing.  It was alittle windy and with me trying to take pictures, I just got a bad sick feeling.  Luckily for Daryl I made it thru without incident.  I want to say a huge THANK YOU! for an experience of a lifetime.  Not too many people can say they got to fly over their own house.  I have to warn you the photo quality isn’t the best.  I was shooting thru the window and the ride was alittle rough so some images didn’t come out at all.  I think I even hit my lens on the window once, but I had my lens hood on so no worries.


My house…


this is to show my friend Allison how it is out here.  She lives near D.C.  Hi Allison!  Oh and the arror actually is pointing to the metal shed.  The Studio is totally blocked by the trees just to the left.  (DAH- hey it is late)


that is looking toward Hamlet where the highway curves


here is Samantha and mom by mom’s garden.  (Brandon fell asleep on the floor under the table during lunch.)


here is what the landing looked like… I do have some photos where we aren’t level with the earth….



Dad enjoying the ride…


One last photo of Daryl (are you people sick of seeing his mug yet?)..  This last one I decided to give it a vintage look.  I think it is fitting.


And in case you are wondering…I did take some self portraits and Dad even snapped a few of me, but I am not sharing.  It was at the end of the trip and I was sweating and well, looked just plain terrible and still felt terrible too, so those won’t be for public viewing.  LOL   I hope everyone gets to have a wonderful day weekend like I did.

A couple slideshows…

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

Here is one from the parade and festiville in Hamlet… 

Here is Ball Auction’s…

 Note:  there is music on the slideshows.

Ball Auction and Realty Group Part Two

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

In case you missed part one here is a link..

On Saturday Gwen and I travelled to Bourbon, IN to photograph the Border Estate for Daryl and crew.  We had a blast.  It was so much fun for us, there were a ton of people there and Daryl and his crew were on a roll.  I won’t bore you with words, I will just show you pictures….

The staff! (there is one missing from the photo but I don’t feel too bad for her because I guess she was off enjoying a vacation)  Oh and big waves to Kacie who is the short one in the front row.  She is Daryl’s right hand girl.  She runs all over the place for him.


The “A” team as Steve calls them meets prior to the start of the auction.ball-bourban-2008_047-copy.jpg

Daryl introduces his crew before the auction…ball-bourban-2008_067-copy.jpg

At the start Mike auctioned off one wagon load of stuff…ball-bourban-2008_076-copy.jpg

while Larry was at another wagon load doing his thing…ball-bourban-2008_113-copy.jpg

Did I mention there were alot of people…ball-bourban-2008_122-copy.jpg

I think they kinda look like rockstars on stage..ball-bourban-2008_156-copy.jpg




I had to post this picture… it was one of those you had to be there moments.  Daryl had everyone cracking up and poor Larry was at the other end of the joke.  Really I don’t know how he has stuck with Daryl so long. 


Lana takes time to pose for a pictures (hey guys she is single!!) <– Daryl said I could mention that.


Really, I don’t know any other person that smiles more then Daryl does while they are doing their job. 


ball-bourban-2008_051-copy.jpg ball-bourban-2008_120-copy.jpg ball-bourban-2008_090-copy.jpg ball-bourban-2008_096.jpg

Here is the info on the above thumnails…. Steve and I, me doing what I love, my dad and Chet visiting, and the final picture is Becky who is one of my blog stalkers.  Thanks Becky for coming up to me and introducing yourself.  You and your hubby are super people, hopefully I will see you guys again soon.  And this final image is a shot I took of my purchase.  I bought this old camera.  I thought it looked neat and I like that it came with the box.  I will have to do some research on it.  I know nothing about old cameras.


Thanks everyone for making the day so much fun.  I can’t wait to work with you all again.  And stay tuned.  I hope to make a quick slide show with images from both weekend because I have so many good shots.  And, tomorrow I will have a special post.  Daryl enjoyed having his picture take so much he decided to have me take more on Sunday.  Sunday’s has nothing to do with auctions but has alot to do with his other passion….FLYING!

The Olympics…

Sunday, August 24th, 2008

I love the Olympics.  It is just one of those things that I have always enjoyed.  I really don’t even care if it is summer or winter.  Gymnastics is my favorite to watch but really I will watch it all.

Well, like some of you I have some photographers that I stalk.  I go to their blogs daily to see what they are up to.  One photographer I have been following lately is Vincent LaForte.  He is a photographer for Newsweek and happens to be at the Olympics.  He is an amazing photographer.  Some photographers play it safe and get the typical shots, but not this guy.  Nothing about his shots are typical or ordinary.  Check it out if you are bored or if you are like me and have a passion for photography and/or the olympics. 

GO USA!!   and make sure you hit the more link that will take you to his newsweek articles that have more photos of each day.

here is a kinda funny of the mens diving…

(warning, the newsweek blog might be super slow for dialup users)


Check this site out…  And thanks Laura for telling us about it.  In case you didn’t read the comment section, Laura’s hubby’s uncle (got it?) is in China working for Nikon.  I remember Laura’s mother-in-law telling me he worked for Nikon but I totally forgot.  I just checked out a couple pages but they are awesome shots.   Please take the time to comment on his blog and tell him where you are from.


Friday, August 22nd, 2008

Big thanks to Susan for telling Julie to use me as her photographer for her little guy.  Vaughn lives in Indianapolis but his grandparents live in the Plymouth area.  They scheduled his session for a time they were up here visiting.  I am sooo glad you did and hope I get to photograph Vaughn again even though I know I am about 2 1/2 hours away.  Grandma will be thrilled if you schedule it with a visit!!

Okay enough chat let me show you how cute he is…



This next one cracked us up, because he totally was posing for us….


Okay, this makes me want to get Brandon out for a photo shoot by himself so look out guys some time next week I am going to do just that. 

Brock- He is ONE!

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

I just love this little guy.  He has been over several times for pictures during his first year.  This was my favorite.  Ofcourse the hardest also, I did alot of running after him.  He is pretty quick.  Here are some I got while he was holding still for me….


His mommy brought one of his favorite toys….


and she brought his special cuddly blanket…


Happy 1st Birthday!!!

Hamlet Taste of County

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

The festville was alot of fun.  I think I was the most blown away at how much fun the parade was.  My kids loved it.  I plan on posting a video with a bunch of the images I took but give me a couple days.  I will put a link to it on this post. 

First I want to tell our buddy Jim congrats.  He is a friend of my husbands, and a super sweet guy.  He also knows how to cook on the grill.  He won 3 out of the 4 categories in the grilling contest.  Here is Jim showing off the first plaque he got that day…


Here is one of the award winning dishes…


Here are some shots from the parade…



Check out who was in the parade… my buddy Stasha.  Hi Stasha!!!!


So stay tuned and in the next couple weeks I will put together a quick slideshow with all or at least most of the photos I took that day.  Keep in mind I had two kids with me at all times so not my best photo work.  LOL

Warning: Personal Blog Post Ahead.

Thursday, August 21st, 2008

Jackie- Thank you for making me feel special.  I love you Sis! 

My best buddy Jackie blogged about me yesterday on my 31st birthday.  I wanted to share it because it made me feel special and I appreciate that, and I thought by sharing this with everyone maybe someone else would take the time out of their day and make a friend feel special too, and it doesn’t have to be on a blog and it doesn’t have to be on their birthday.  Call a friend up or send them an email or a card and tell them what their friendship means to you.  You could totally make someones day just like Jackie did.

here is her post…  (side note:  if you blog about a friend, don’t include photos of them pregnant and terrible looking.  LOL  just kidding)

Ball Auction and Realty Group Part One

Thursday, August 21st, 2008

Friday I travelled to Kouts, IN to the Shutske Family Farm to document Ball Auction in action.  Daryl Ball, the owner of Ball Auction and Realty is having me come to a few of his auctions and photograph him and his staff.  The photos will be used to update their website but also to document what Daryl and his family have done for years.  I will eventually make a coffee table book for them.  Daryl is a close friend of my father’s and has seen the “Project Dad”, where I have taken photos of my dad farming, and decided he would like me to document a portion of his life also. 

I am just going to post a few pictures because I still have shoots I will be doing this Friday and Saturday but before I post them I wanted to mention that Daryl is an amazing person, he loves what he does and he is very good at it.  And his staff is awesome, they were great to work with (espically his daughter Lana who is super sweet and super cute)  I really enjoyed myself at the auction and I can’t wait until this weekend.  If any of you blog readers are free Saturday morning head out to Bourbon (just don’t forget they are on eastern time).  Oh and make sure you say hi to me, I will be the one with the two cameras hanging off me.  I think Gwen is coming out to help me also.  Here is a link to the sale info…  He will be selling some amazing antiques.

Okay and now for some photos…..


Daryl in action…


this is one of my faves…you can just tell Daryl is a sweetheart by this photo…this was totally candid, not posed at all, he might not even knew I was taking his picture because I was using my 70-200 lens (my big one) so I was really far from him.


See ya all this weekend!!

2008 Ancilla Nursing Grads

Thursday, August 21st, 2008

The last couple years I have taken photos of the Nursing Grads at Ancilla.  They need a head shot to send in with testing and then I make a composite that goes on the wall at the college.  I finally have the composite done.  If you want to order go on my storefront to find it. If you know any of the students please pass the info on in case they wanted a copy of the composite.


They should have it up at the school within the next couple weeks I am sure.