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Samantha is in Kindergarten

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

My oldest started school last week.  I can’t believe it is that time already.  Anyways here are some photos of the big day….

I took her to school the first day, glad I did, it is crazy there… (and yes she looks tired, wouldn’t you be if you had to start school at 7:20 am)


We found Jake (my nephew) in all the choas, so I had to grab a picture of him on his first day back.  And today (August 20th) is a special day for both me and Jake, it is our birthday.  So happy birthday Jake.  It is soo cool that we share our bdays.


I sat outside on the porch and waited for like 20 minutes for her to come home.  And for the record I never cried.  Special Fact… Samantha has the same bus driver and kindergarten teacher that Bob and I both had.  Isn’t that awesome.


Telling Grandma Debbie about her day….


okay, this next picture isn’t school related but it is Samantha related.  Back in July she entered the below drawing in the Starke County Fair (open class) And she won her age group and got Res. Grand Champion overall.  We are so proud of our little artist.  Some day she will be famous for her art.  Oh and she likes photography too, so you never know we may have a mother-daughter business some day.  


I am soo lucky, I have an awesome family!!

Aaron’s Perfect Cut Tree Service

Monday, August 18th, 2008

I have taken Aaron’s family pictures several times, so when I found out that he was going to be taking a tree down for my father I made sure I got over there to photograph him doing his job.  I have to say he made taking down that huge cotton wood tree look easy, and I know it isn’t something that is an easy thing to do or my dad would have done it himself.  Here are just a couple shots I took.  And here is a phone # for him if you need to get ahold of him.  574-772-2401  he is locatted near Knox, IN



 here is the tree going down- I told you it was huge…



behind the scenes

Sunday, August 17th, 2008

Just wanted to say hi to everyone I worked with on the shoot last Wednesday.  I can’t post pictures that will be used in publication so I figured I would post some behind the scenes shots.

First is Dawn doing makeup.  Dawn is super sweet and has done some amazing work.  Check out her website…


Here are a couple other shots.  I wasn’t part of the video portion but since I was there I snapped a couple shots of the video crew.




Friday, August 15th, 2008

Devin, like Mathew is a football player but since I have posted a zillion (okay maybe not that many) football shots I decided I wouldn’t share his football ones, those will have to wait.  Here are my fave non-sport shots. I think we should send this first one to American Eagle.




I love the reflection in the window, you can even see the clouds.




Anyone know what Senior I shot a couple years ago inwhich I did this same exact pose????? (see the pose below and leave a comment if you know)  you get a bozo button if you are the winner  (and mom you can’t play you already won one) 


Big thanks to Devin for doing an amazing job.  Guys like you and Mathew make my job easier.  And sorry Carrie it took me so long to post.  I was going nuts waiting to edit these.  I had problems with my photoshop this morning.  At 4:00am I was up working on these and Mathew’s.

Matthew’s Senior Pictures

Friday, August 15th, 2008

Matthew is an athlete at Lowell High School.  I took alot of him with his football.  (don’t worry the soccer ones turned out great too.) Here are just a few of my faves.  And by the way, thanks Matthew for playing with Samantha, you were all she talked about the next day.  (she is only 5 1/2 and already into boys)



You look like a pro football player in this next one…


I think this is my fave non-football shot…


Oh and I almost forgot… he brought his super sweet girlfriend with him…


Oh and one last picture… yeah that is me.  I was showing Matthew what I wanted him to do so I took the time to pose for Gwen.  Watch out Tyra Banks!!  (lol yeah right)


PS  sorry it took me sooo long to post these, the rest will be online in the storefront by early next week.

Charlie, Jennifer and their family.

Friday, August 15th, 2008

Since I am behind, just one photo from their session.  I do have to say that I just love Jennifer.  We have done several projects together and she is the best to work with!


Taste of Starke County at the Hamlet Fairgrounds.

Thursday, August 14th, 2008

August 15-17

Parade is at 9am on Saturday.   I will be taking pictures of the parade so wave as you go by.

Coming soon…

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

Folks, I have been swamped!!  I am working my butt off (mom I don’t want to see any comments about my butt), and I will get things posted very soon.  Coming in the next couple days will be… Ancilla College Nursing Composite, Jennifer’s Family Session, Mathew’s Senior Pics, Devin’s Senior Pics and Samantha’s first day of school (yeah she is in kindergarten)!

Thanks for being patient everyone.  I promiss I got some awesome stuff to show.  The last two senior boys I shot did an AMAZING job.

Just a quick note.  I have no more time slots available in August.  One weekend date in September and still a few evenings in Sept as well.  I already have a list of 4 seniors that want their pictures taken in October.  Please seniors, don’t wait until last minute to call me, if you don’t have for sure date in mind at least get on the list. 

Merrideth+Steven+Family= A wonderful day!

Tuesday, August 12th, 2008

I didn’t get the chance to meet Merri and Steven in person before their wedding since they live near Chicago, but I knew I would just love Merri by our phone calls and emails, and I got lucky that she was marrying a super sweet guy.  I have never seen a groom look at their bride they way he did.  He really was in awww over her.  Okay, enough talk here are the photos….




Kyle shot this from above….





Kyle captured the horse and carriage on the streets of Culver.  I love this shot Kyle!!!


the rings..


the flowers… (I think if I had to do it over this would be my bouquet)


the dance…


the music….


the details…


the cake….


the food and drink…


the kids…



the dads and some other special people LOL… (the dads were awesome).  I had to make sure you guys were in my blog a few times, both dad’s kept me entertained that’s for sure.  Thanks guys!


One last photo… here is Merri’s family.  Kate who is on the far right lives in Scotland.  I had to make sure I posted her family picture because I am sure when she is missing everyone after spending a wonderful weekend like that with them.


Ceremony:  Culver Memorial Chapel (Culver Academy), Reception:  The Culver Cove, Florist:  Elizabeth’s Garden, The horse and carriage:  Culver Carriage Company, Photography by Jayme (Jayme and Kyle)

 Images are online! Go to find Merri & Steve and the password is their last name.  And thanks Steven for the phone call.  I have never had a groom call to say how happy they were.  I appreciate that and you totally made my day! <p>

Knox Football

Monday, August 11th, 2008

I had the pleasure of taking pictures for the Knox Football Team.  I say pleasure because really they were super to work with. 

Here is alittle collage I made up of just the seniors.


I just love this shot….


Thanks guys for a fun time.  And thanks coach for getting them organized and having the shoot go so smoothly.

2008 Jernas Family Reunion

Monday, August 4th, 2008

With the help of my good buddy Gwen we managed to take my family’s reunion pictures.  Every 5 years we get them taken.  Just want to say sorry I didn’t get to spend more time talking to everyone, with the pictures and then doing the kid’s games I just didn’t have time.  I know there are several people I would have loved to hang out with.

First off here is the entire family.  Anyone want to take the time to count us all???  I will give a bozo button to the person that does.  (My mom wins the bozo button…she is pretty sure there is 92 of us pictured here, sounds good to me!)


Here is the “John Jernas Family”!  Very sad though that Grandma and Grandpa are gone.  We are one good lookin’ family aren’t we.  LOL 


Here she is…. Aunt Clara who celebrated her 90th birthday this July.  She was amazing us all with how good she got around.  She even ran a few steps as onlookers yelled at her.  We love you Aunt Clara!!!!


I have to post this one.  Isn’t Kyle’s family soo cute.


 Thanks Kyle and all the people that were able to come early so we got everything done right away and could do the important part of reunion…. (EATING!!!!!!)


 Blast from the past…. From 1948


Pictures are now up on the storefront….   Images won’t be cropped on there, the prints will be cropped.  If Kevin or I don’t have your email maybe you could email it to me.  I have thought about doing some type of photo share where we put whatever images we have on Disc and give to each other so we all can have them.  Espicially the ones like the above image from 1948.  my email is 


Saturday, August 2nd, 2008

Haleigh is a senior at Pioneer High School, and is in just about every sport.  I knew I was going to have fun with her just by talking to her on the phone.  She really was up for anything.  Thanks Haleigh for a fun evening and I can’t wait to see you and your mom again at your sister’s wedding in October.  Oh and if you by chance want to send all your friends from Pioneer over to my blog to check out your pictures that would be okay, and it would be okay too if you told them how fun it was and worth the one hour or so drive.  (LOL)