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Fall all over the place!

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008

My family is gonna try to get out to Hensler’s this weekend.  I am excitted about them having pumpkins.  Thought I would spread the word incase anyone else was in the fall mood.  You can learn more about what they have out there from their website….


Riley- Plymouth High School Senior

Monday, September 29th, 2008

Riley is super sweet!  She came over for some studio shots then we headed to Plymouth to get some amazing outside shots.  Here are just a few of my faves.  This first one I LOVE LOVE, and I think her mom and dad will too, they were super nice, I almost invited myself to stay for dinner but I had another shoot after Riley’s.  (how where the ribs, I ate at Wendy’s??)



Riley- you Rock! 



Monday, September 29th, 2008

Nathan has been to my studio before because he is one of the Starke County Super Seniors.  Here are a few of my faves from his shoot…

hmmmm wonder where he is planning on going to school????





Sunday, September 28th, 2008

A year or so ago I took Craig’s older brother James’ senior pictures.  To look at them you wouldn’t know they were brothers but talking to them it is for sure they have the same sweet personality.  Craig isn’t a fancy person that is for sure.  His mom wanted a shirt and tie photo and we took that and got it over with and you can tell he was glad and couldn’t wait to throw on his John Gleen football tee.  I wish you luck and a safe rest of the football season!! 




Bill + Wendy= 3 little farm boys

Sunday, September 28th, 2008

This family is just tooo darn cute!!  Here are some of my faves….






And my all time fave from the evening…


Grace & Clinton get married in Chesterton, Indiana

Thursday, September 25th, 2008

These two got lucky…Sunday before the wedding it rained so much it flooded the area of the park where they were to get married.  I heard the day before the park got enough water pumped out so they could use the bridge to get to the gazebo.  Of course we could still smell the water since it sat for several days, but at least it was gone from the bridge.  Okay, enough talk, here are some pictures…. (and yes that is one huge gazeboo, the huge wedding party along with several of the guests fit inside)


The awesome part about having two shooters is for these reasons… the following photo is my view of the ring exchange….


And here is Gwen’s view. I just love how Grace is looking at Clinton.


My shot…


Gwen’s during the same time.


These girls were alot of fun…  (big waves to Shannon!)


The rings…


The dance floor was covered a few times during the night.


This little girl stole the show on the dance floor.  She could dance!


sept2008_371.jpg sept2008_017.jpg sept2008_024.jpg

Getting Ready location:  Hilton Hotel, Ceremony:  Hawthorne Park Chesterton, IN, Reception:  Duneland Falls Chesterton, Indiana, DJ:  Music Men, Limousine: Allay Limousine

Aubrey’s Senior Pictures

Monday, September 22nd, 2008

I have had the pleasure of watching Aubrey grow up.  I use to tried to play basketball for her dad and when we would have practice she would be in the gym with us.  Back then Terry had more hair and Aubrey (about 6 yrs old) was nailing free throws.  I have been lucky to photograph her at some special times in her life including the state championship basketball game and now her high school senior pictures.  I want to wish her all the best for her last year at Oregon-Davis!  I hope I get to make another trip in Conseco in March with you Aubrey!!

Warning…lots of pictures.  Her mom is a picture freak and had a ton of great ideas along with the ones I had in my head so I took a ton of shots.












Bob+Jayme for 10 years!!!

Friday, September 19th, 2008

Today is mine and Bob’s 10th anniversary.  I can’t believe our wedding was 10 years ago.  Time flys when you are having fun.  Last night we watched our wedding video.  It was fun to watch with Samantha (Brandon didn’t care too much, although we did dance to the music of the reception), but it was alittle hard to watch and see some of the family members that are no longer with us.  I was blessed to have all my grandparents at my wedding, now I just have Grandma Tootie.

Here are a couple photos of the two of us…. (I scanned these from my scrapbook so quality isn’t the best.  Trust me they are great photos)



Big surprise that we had pictures taken on a fire truck huh.  LOL  That was thanks to Frank Sr.  I think the only thing I would have changed was my huge bouqet.  Why did I want one so big.  (nuts)  At least I still love my dress (which I would have never tried on if it wasn’t for my mom).  I am glad that I can say that I had an awesome wedding and have a great video (thanks Rodney and Aunt Marcy) and wonderful photos to look back on.  I get teared up every time I watch dad and I having our dance.  (we both take after Grandma Marjorie when it comes to our emotions)

Well, just wanted to share my day with all of you.  And I hope someone told Bob what I wanted for a present.  I could already use another back massage from Laura. 

Oh and in case you are wondering who our photographer was…. we had one of the best,  Leroy Clemmons from North Judson.  He is still shooting weddings, now his wife is shooting with him and they are a great team.

***Special note to Bob incase he reads this…. I Love You.  Thanks for always putting up with me.  You are a wonderful husband, father, community member and a hard worker.   You are the best example for our kids! 

Caley- Senior at Oregon-Davis

Wednesday, September 17th, 2008

I am not a big fan of sitting in front of the computer and editting but I couldn’t wait to work on these.  I knew when I was taking it that the basketball shot with the setting sun in the background was going to ROCK!  Caley- thanks for doing such an awesome job!  I just love this first shot soooo much.  The sky shots are totally my signature shot.  I think this needs to go on the my site in my main slideshow.  Hopefully I will get time tomorrow to put it there.  Oh and in case you are from another planet or maybe just from another state.  Caley is wearing her Indiana State Championship Medal around her neck.  I realllly hope she gets another one this year, I had sooo much fun shooting at Conseco.






Erin and Darin got married!!

Wednesday, September 17th, 2008

 As soon as Gwen and I got in the car she is like that was my favorite wedding.  What we loved was how even though some little things went wrong (nothing that Angie couldn’t fix with needle and thread) Erin never got upset and Darin I don’t know if he is capable of getting upset.  The entire day was just so easy for us to document.  And usually dealing with a huge number in the bridal party isn’t easy but everyone was super and just did their part.  Erin and Darin you have some great friends and family!!

This was my first time shooting at Ancilla Chapel.  If you haven’t been there before, it is super dark, but also it is amazing.  I think we got some stunning pictures from there.  Here are just a few of my faves….





Gwen’s view….


My view….






Here is me and Angie (one of the bridesmaids)  I posed with her because she is super women, if you know her you understand.  If you don’t know her…well she was sewing dresses like crazy prior to the wedding and really is there anything she can’t do???  We were in 4-H together and had lots of fun.  I was also in 4-H with her brother Steven who was nice enough to take this photo for me!!


Ceremony:  Ancilla Chapel;  Receiption:  Washington Twp Community; Bldg  Florist:  Elizabeth’s Garden of Culver;  Food:  Burkett’s Catering;  DJ: Jason Allen

Laura Rocks!!!

Tuesday, September 16th, 2008

Samantha was in a need of a haircut so I got her an appointment for tonight.  Well my back has always been an issue with me, but today it hurt bad.  Actually it has hurt since Erin’s wedding Saturday.  Well luckily my mom was able to watch Brandon and I called to see if Laura Kensinger was available there at Body Reflections.  Yippeee, she was. 

Let me tell you guys, she is awesome.  I have always had issues with my back and have been to some very good massage therapists and she is on the top of my list of favorites.  Plus I love how she made suggestions of some things I could do and Bob also to help me out.  So give her a call and make an appointment.  Oh and my 10 year anniversary is Friday.  If you see Bob please hint to him that a back massage from Laura would be a very good gift for me!!! 

Body Reflections in Knox 574-772-3444

Oregon-Davis vs. Knox Volleyball – Ariel

Tuesday, September 16th, 2008

I was commisioned by Ariel’s parents to get action shots of her during the game.  I am glad they asked me because I haven’t been to a volleyball game in years.  I really enjoyed watching it.  Thanks for the invite!

Here are some of the shots I got of Ariel.  I got a few pics of other players to, if want to check and see if I got a shot of you go to my site and click storefront and then click on the OD vs. Knox volleyball.