Down Country Roads Calendar publishes one of my photos!

Just call him Mr. January.  We have been having alot of fun with this the last few weeks. (yeah I said weeks, we have known about this for awhile but I have been too busy to post about it, plus I had to wait until we were done playing a trick on the girls at the Brems Co-op, inside joke but basically involves me digitally putting my dad’s head on a a HOT bodybuilder guy’s body).  Anyways…. My favorite photo so far of my dad in my “Project Dad” series was published in a national calendar. 

Here is what the cover looks like …


and when you open it up it looks like this…


So if you see my dad (aka Ed Jernas), make sure you call him Mr. January.  LOL

*Wanna Win one of these here fancy calendars?  (that is my fancy talk)  ONE lucky person will get one.

All you have to do is comment on this post.  Just click on comment located just below here and then fill out the info with your email address so I can notify that you are the winner, I think it would be neat if everyone puts where they are from.  I think this will be a neat way to see where all my blog stalkers are from and reward one of  you with a calendar.  Anyways I will put all the names in a hat and let Samantha pick a name out and that will be the winner.   Family you can play along too, yes Cindy that means you.**Also gang, I have my blog set so I have to approve comments so keep that in mind if your comment isn’t added right away.

The drawing for the calendar will be December 1st, so make sure you comment before that date.

36 Responses to “Down Country Roads Calendar publishes one of my photos!”

  1. Devynn Says:

    I’m from West Palm Beach, Florida!

    What a great idea! Looks awesome!

  2. Anne Says:

    This is one of my absolute favorite photos taken by you!!!!!! Congrats on having the pic published. You are a fantastic artist!!! Don’t stop doing what you do, love seeing all the pics you capture!!!!!

    Congrats Mr. January!!!!!! :-)

    Anne-Marie Larrabure
    Your friend from sunny California – its been a little firey lately :-(
    La Verne, California

  3. cass Says:

    OMG!!!! I have a published relative. that is one of my favs also…it soooo captures Ed. Congrats. Give Mr & Mrs January big hugs from us.

  4. Jan Says:

    Nice photo of your dad (Mr. January!) and the horses. Almost looks like it could be a Budweiser ad (even though they’re not drafts)!

  5. Gwen Says:

    Love the photo in the calendar! Gwen from cold-snowy hamlet.

  6. Melissa Hensler Says:

    I loved this photo when you first posted it. Thanks for inviting me for the drawing.!!

  7. Theresa Says:

    Makes me homesick for my friends up North. Love the pic of your dad! Happy Holidays to all of you–maybe I’ll run some of the Jernas bunch around thanksgiving and Christmas–Hope So!

  8. Mary Says:

    WOW Jamie that is fantastic

    Mary Aquino, Hamlet

  9. ashley B Says:

    Nice work

  10. Elizabeth's Garden Says:

    picked the best month for the shot!!! My birthday is in January, LOL!
    Congrats Jayme, I keep telling you your the best.

  11. Mark Ellis Says:


    Hey, congrats to you and your dad! I love the picture and your project.


  12. Cyndi Says:

    No need to enter me, I can see Mr. January anytime I want!!! Remember, mom has a calender!!!LOL!!! I still love this pic. It is one of my favorites!!!!

  13. Paige Says:

    Richmond, VA here! Great photo Jayme & Congratulations! Give Mr. January a hug.

  14. Lou Ann McDaniel Says:

    Jayme! CONGRATS! I’m so proud of you. Please post where you can buy one of these! BTW…it was so great to see you the other night and catch up!

  15. Michelle Rannells Says:

    I love everything you do, but this one is “ED”cellant. Way to go…….

  16. Allison Says:

    Jayme this by far was my favorite of your project with your Dad! Congrats girl on the cover you so deserve it!! I agree post where we can get one so even if we don’t win we can still buy one.

    You are awesome sista! Keep being creative.

  17. Dena Says:

    WOW Jayme Congrats!! I am so happy that you have discovered this great talent! You are published now!! woohoo!!
    Dena from Illinois

  18. Denise Says:


    What a great model you had to work with!!!! Looks like the picture was taken tonight 11-20-08. It is snowing like CRAZY now!!!!

  19. Becky Gibbons Says:

    Very nice pic! I love how you can see the snow flying in front and how the white horse blends in with the background. You do such nice work! Please enter me in the drawing!

    Becky (Brandt) Gibbons
    Argos, Indiana

  20. Diane Johnson Says:

    What a great way to honor a real sweeetheart, Ed Jernas!!!

  21. Becky A Says:

    Great Job……….and it probably wasn’t to hard having to work with your Dad on a project. What a great way to stay close to your loved ones. When you get famous I can say “I use to work with her”

  22. Amy F. Says:

    Beautiful!!! And Congrats!!! Your photo has giving me an idea of one to take with my daughter and her horse this winter! I love how the snow if falling all around them.

  23. Kyle Hinds Says:


  24. Shasta Rhoda Says:

    Congrats Jayme!!

  25. Chris Demis Says:

    Jayme! awesome work! Your talent is my envy! The pictures you take a always getting better and better!
    I’m actually taking Pictures today for a Band “Rested Soul.” It’ll be like the 2nd or 3rd time this year that I’ve taken pictures for more than just fun. Did a Senior shoot, and one of my buddies wanted pictures of his Motorcycle.
    Still just shooting away with my Rebel! It’s been a great camera! Thank you for all your help and showing me the ropes in the beginning!

  26. Robyn L. Says:

    Jayme, I LOVE that picture. I agree, please let us know where we can buy a calendar for those of us who don’t win. :) How did you get published anyway!? Congratulations…can’t wait to see you and Mr. January (and the rest of the family) for Thanksgiving!

  27. jamie Says:

    I’m from Baltimore, Maryland by way of Austin, Texas.

    Beautiful photo!

  28. Amy Says:

    That is fantastic! The snow looks just gorgeous in the background, although, we just received our first three inches yesterday and I am not ready for winter yet.

  29. Ramona Says:

    Cool photo of Dad!

    Aloha from Hawaii!

  30. shawnreeder Says:

    I love that shot Jayme!! How cool. I’m from Bishop, CA.

  31. Kay Beaton Says:

    Beautiful work Jayme AND Mr. January!

  32. Sylvia Borgo Says:

    Fabulous image. I wish that we would get snow here in San Diego

  33. Kari Says:

    I LOVE the calendar! It looks great!

  34. Kaylee Says:

    Jayme these horses are gorgeous!!!! i really would love to ride in the winter that would be so pretty:) Congrats on the photo making it in the calendar!

  35. Benno Stocker Says:

    Hello Jayme !!

    It’s meeeeee……Benno….smile.
    Great pictures and I hope to get a calendar, indeed :-)
    Say hello to all my friends, o.k. ?
    Best wishes and enjoy the oncoming Christmas Time,


  36. Renae Parlich Says:

    You do Awesome work!

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