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Indiana Wedding: Katie and Daniel

Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

Northern Indiana Wedding

Northern Indiana Wedding

My view….


Gwen’s view… (and in black and white too)



Family From Norway!!  (incase you guys get to see this, I want to say hi, I enjoyed meeting you guys)


Gotta share this one and tell the story behind it…. I try not to be noticed at weddings.  I do a pretty good job most of the time, but for some reason this little guy stared at me the entire way down the aisle.  It was so funny everyone got a chuckle out of it…




They have some fun family members!!!!  They cracked me up the entire day.



I had a blast shooting this wedding.  I have known Daniel for years but the wedding day was the first time I met Katie, and she is a sweetheart.  Oh, and the families…. They were wayyy tooo funny for me. 

Gotta tell you about Larissa and Luella…  They might both check out my blog but I am pretty sure it’s Larissa Luella that is my big stalker.  While I was shooting formals I heard them talking behind me.  Well, she was trying to figure out how to get on my blog.  Well, I am big about getting my picture taken too so I decided we needed a good ole group picture of me with my 4-H buddies so here it is Larissa and Luella …..


And I have one more surprise for you girls….


Here’s the story behind the picture… Everyone was suppose to do a goofy pose, but instead of goofy, I think it looks more like she was trying to be a tiger????  This is the kind of stuff I dealt with the entire day. 

One quick thing I have to mention, this was the first time Gwen and I took the time to eat cake.  I had to have some of Amie’s cake, and I am so glad I did, it was wonderful just like I know it would be.  I remember her entering cakes in 4-H and she always did an awesome job on decorating, but I never had the chance to taste one.

Church:  United Methodist in North Judson, Indiana  Reception:  Knox Community Center, Photographers:  Jayme and Gwen, Videographer:  Jim Landrum,  Wedding Cake:  Amie Clemons,   Florist:  Regina Howard,  Entertainment:  Loren James

Family Photos: Bennett Family

Friday, December 26th, 2008

The Bennett Family also had to drive on icy roads to get to me, but there wasn’t a way to reschedule since part of the family was here from out of state.  I hope your parents like their Christmas present. dec-2008_16edit-copy

Not going to take time to post a bunch of photos since I have a zillion things to do and have a wedding to shoot tomorrow.  But I have to post this shot, because the two boys were so darn cute and loved their picture take and I just love this family shot.  Thanks boys for such a fun time.


Hey girl, I told ya I would hook you up with a facebook image, jut grab this one.  And make sure you add me to facebook will ya.  (Jayme Goetz)dec-2008_20

Virgina family… make sure you have a safe trip back home.  I will be thinking about you guys.

Happy 50th Anniversary Uncle Wendall and Aunt Tish

Friday, December 26th, 2008

Huge deal that I got a shot of Uncle with a smile on his face!!!  It is just because he likes me so much.





50 years is a big deal, Congrats you two!!!  So glad Uncle Wendall is doing so well considering the terrible health he was going thru a few months ago.  Was so nice to visit with him some place other then a hospital room.  I am  glad everyone came over for pictures despite the terrible road conditions and cold.  I know I am thrilled to have these photos for myself.  Everyone needs to get a big family photo taken once and awhile.  Special occasions are a good time to make sure it gets done!!

For those of you that know my father-in-law Grover (the Hamlet Fire Chief), Aunt Tish is his twin sister.

Family Photos: Jennifer, Kirk, Laura and Landan

Friday, December 26th, 2008






This wonderful family came to me the other day from Bourbon, Indiana to get a picture for their parents for Christmas.  I know their uncle Chet really well.  (hi Chet and Jane!)  Anyways, the day they came we were without power.  Yeah, I took these photos in the studio just using my flashes.  They dealt with it sooo well.  It took me awhile to set everything up and it was so cold in the studio since we had no heat.  They didn’t let it bother them at all.  Even though it was nothing I had control over, I felt sooo bad that they drove so far and I wasn’t able to use my normal equipment.   I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and thanks for being so easy to work with and for the wonderful conversation.  It was fun to talk about the 4-H days and to hear about your family.

Stay Home!!!

Friday, December 26th, 2008

If you are in the Starke County area stay home, do not venture out on the roads for any reason.  As most of you know my husband is a fireman.  Currently (5:30 am) they are reporting 30-50 accidents on Hwy 30 due to the sheet of ice that is on the roads.  Emergency persons are having a very difficult time getting to everyone.  It is a very serious situation that is going right now.

And if you see any volunteer fireman thank them for what they do.  My husband missed most of our Christmas Eve (the good part- watching the kids open presents) and also was gone for a couple hours Christmas Day. 

Many people don’t realize how much time they spend for our community.  They are very special people!

Merry Christmas!!

Wednesday, December 24th, 2008


Indiana Winter Wedding: Sarah and Thad

Wednesday, December 24th, 2008
Indiana WeddingIndiana Wedding

Despite the -5 degree temp and about -20 windchill the church was packed!!

Indiana Wedding

Indiana Wedding

Indiana Wedding

Indiana Wedding


Gwen took one of my favorite shots of Sarah and Thad….


I grabbed a couple shots of Kyle and Gwen. Kyle wasn’t behind the camera at this wedding, he was the DJ. (yeah he can do it all) It was awesome to work with Kyle, he was great at keeping things moving. Something I loved was when he did the dance for married couples. He even interviewed the couple married the longest. I think it was when the dance floor was the most packed.

craft-dec-2008_438-copy craft-dec-2008_401-copy








Gwen grabbed this shot of me, Julia (Sarah’s sis) and Justin (Julia’s boyfriend). I shot both of their senior pictures. I will never forget either of them. Julia’s was in the winter and freezing cold, and Justin’s I did some awesome welding shots.


I have known Sarah and her family for years. Marilyn was my 4-H extension agent the last year or two of my 4-H career. Their family has always been very active in 4-H as is mine. As I mentioned the day was sooo darn cold. The drive to the church was terrible. However once Gwen and I got there everything went smoothly. Thad (which by the way is such a sweetie) was so cute how he paced back and forth before the ceremony. And Sarah had her nervous moments, but once they were together at the alter it seemed all nerves ended and they just enjoyed the day.

Huge thanks Wickert family for always asking me to capture your special moments. I feel honored. Thad and Sarah you are perfect for each other and you will do just fine I know it, you both have great families that will support you.

Thanks to all the vendors for being so easy to work with, espicially Jean who is the sweetest videographer ever. I felt so bad that she had to drive all the way back to bloomington in such terrible weather, but I am glad I got to work with her.

Church: North Judson United Methodist Church Reception: Knox Community Center Photographers: Jayme and Gwen DJ: DJ Express- Kyle Hinds Caters: Burkett’s Catering Florist: Char’s Videographer: Videos by Jean

***Sorry the color is off on the composites, I need to change the color format, I might not get around until after Christmas. Also Sarah and Thad I hope to have your gallery up by Friday in my storefront so keep checking. Password will be your last name.

Sorry- I’ve been busy!

Monday, December 22nd, 2008

My sister-in-law Alesha asked what I have been up to since she hasn’t seen any posts for the last week on my blog. (that is pretty unusual I know) LOL  Don’t worry I have been busy.

I have been getting orders out and designing a coffee table book for Kelsi (hi Kelsi).  I have been doing personal stuff like Christmas Shopping and wrapping presents.  Trying to spend time with family.  (we had the Christmas with my mom’s family on Saturday)

Also I am getting ready for a commercial shoot for I am excitted for this project to happen in the next couple weeks.  (stay tuned)

Yesterday I shot Thad and Sarah’s wedding.  It was soooo darn cold, but we managed to get some great shots anyways.

Oh and I have been working on my “Project Dad”.  I got some great shots of him the other day trying to get a tree off the electric lines at the one cattle farm.

And I have several sessions tonight, tomorrow and next week, so the blog will be back in full force very soon.  Actually I hope to upgrade the blog so if for some reason it is down for alittle while don’t panic it will be up.  I hope to have very little interuptions.

Another thing I hope to do is I will be posting a favorites post, favorite seniors, favorite weddings, favorite families from 2008.  It will be fun to look back.

So don’t worry guys, I am here, working like crazy to get stuff done.  I hope everyone stays warm and stays safe during this terrible weather.

Indiana High School Basketball: Oregon-Davis vs. Knox

Monday, December 15th, 2008

I love high school sports!!!  Here are a few I snapped the other day at the basketball game. 





The Knox Cheerleaders held their camp for the younger kids and they performed that night and it was so cute.  They did a great job and there was a ton of kids.



odknoxgbb-dec2008_26.jpg to see more, no password needed.  If you see someone on there make sure you tell them so they can see too.  THANKS!

FUN with Gregg, April and Kameron

Monday, December 15th, 2008

My favorite one is this one….  Everyone needs a mom and kid picture like this. I need to drag my kiddos in the studio and have Bob take pictures of me with the kids.  It’s been awhile and I need to do that.  Maybe that is what I will ask for Christmas. Okay back to the task at hand…  See, isn’t this shot so cute…





We had so much fun.  Kameron was cracking us up the entire time.  He loved being in front of the camera.  He was all about posing for me.  Thanks Kameron- I hope you have the best Christmas ever!!!  (April, I am posting pics in the storefront right now, will be ready to view by noon today)

Christmas Deadline is Dec 17th

Thursday, December 11th, 2008

If you still need prints for Christmas the deadline is Dec 17th.  Dec 15th is the deadline for gallery mounts.  If you still need something after that date I will charge you extra to have it rushed by the lab because I don’t want to be responsible for someone not getting a gift. 

Do you still need a gift for your wife or your mom???  Get her a gift certificate for a session and have a family portrait taken after Christmas.  A couple husbands did this last year and their wives were thrilled.  An In-Studio session which includes 20 4×6 proofs is $100.  Contact me at if you need one.   

I still have a couple slots left on Sunday the 14th.  That is the last chance for a session and still get prints back befor Christmas. 

Newborn Portraits: TRIPLETS

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008





First let me introduce you to Maggie…


Here is Gwen who gave me smiles…


And here is Lilly….


The entire family…


I had to share this next one, I love how Katie is looking up at Kyle. 


And I had to make sure I got a shot with Super Grandma in it.  Poor Kyle, he is sooo out numbered by the ladies.


Triplets!!!!  Isn’t that awesome.  They are sooo darn cute as you can see.  I have to be honest I was very nervous about this photo session.  I went in with a game plan… Get in, get the shots Keri wanted and get out.  LOL  Keri is super organized (heck, you have to be with Triplets).  She had a list of all the shots she wanted and we had a set amount of time to do that in because the babies are on a tight schedule for feedings.  We did it, we got all the must have shots just in time.  Thanks to Mary Aquino for helping out with Katie.  Kyle and Keri congrats on such a wonderful family.