Family Photos: Bennett Family

The Bennett Family also had to drive on icy roads to get to me, but there wasn’t a way to reschedule since part of the family was here from out of state.  I hope your parents like their Christmas present. dec-2008_16edit-copy

Not going to take time to post a bunch of photos since I have a zillion things to do and have a wedding to shoot tomorrow.  But I have to post this shot, because the two boys were so darn cute and loved their picture take and I just love this family shot.  Thanks boys for such a fun time.


Hey girl, I told ya I would hook you up with a facebook image, jut grab this one.  And make sure you add me to facebook will ya.  (Jayme Goetz)dec-2008_20

Virgina family… make sure you have a safe trip back home.  I will be thinking about you guys.

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  1. Joe Says:

    Well done – a fine example of how to use light and shadow!

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