Family Photos: Jennifer, Kirk, Laura and Landan






This wonderful family came to me the other day from Bourbon, Indiana to get a picture for their parents for Christmas.  I know their uncle Chet really well.  (hi Chet and Jane!)  Anyways, the day they came we were without power.  Yeah, I took these photos in the studio just using my flashes.  They dealt with it sooo well.  It took me awhile to set everything up and it was so cold in the studio since we had no heat.  They didn’t let it bother them at all.  Even though it was nothing I had control over, I felt sooo bad that they drove so far and I wasn’t able to use my normal equipment.   I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and thanks for being so easy to work with and for the wonderful conversation.  It was fun to talk about the 4-H days and to hear about your family.


3 Responses to “Family Photos: Jennifer, Kirk, Laura and Landan”

  1. Jilane Says:

    Love the black and white! Its so natural.

  2. Louise Says:

    Love the expression on this little guy – captured him perfectly!

  3. Jon Says:

    All of their names in order are Kirk, Laura, Landon, Jennifer, and Jeff

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