FUN with Gregg, April and Kameron

My favorite one is this one….  Everyone needs a mom and kid picture like this. I need to drag my kiddos in the studio and have Bob take pictures of me with the kids.  It’s been awhile and I need to do that.  Maybe that is what I will ask for Christmas. Okay back to the task at hand…  See, isn’t this shot so cute…





We had so much fun.  Kameron was cracking us up the entire time.  He loved being in front of the camera.  He was all about posing for me.  Thanks Kameron- I hope you have the best Christmas ever!!!  (April, I am posting pics in the storefront right now, will be ready to view by noon today)

2 Responses to “FUN with Gregg, April and Kameron”

  1. Shelley H Says:

    Terrific family portraits, Jayme. That little guy is quite a ‘natural’ in front of the camera! I love it! :)


  2. Whitney Stevens Says:

    Beautiful family! This little guy is a cutie! Love the BW shot of him and his mom!

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