Happy 50th Anniversary Uncle Wendall and Aunt Tish

Huge deal that I got a shot of Uncle with a smile on his face!!!  It is just because he likes me so much.





50 years is a big deal, Congrats you two!!!  So glad Uncle Wendall is doing so well considering the terrible health he was going thru a few months ago.  Was so nice to visit with him some place other then a hospital room.  I am  glad everyone came over for pictures despite the terrible road conditions and cold.  I know I am thrilled to have these photos for myself.  Everyone needs to get a big family photo taken once and awhile.  Special occasions are a good time to make sure it gets done!!

For those of you that know my father-in-law Grover (the Hamlet Fire Chief), Aunt Tish is his twin sister.

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  1. Dulce Says:

    Love the twinners! too cute!

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