Newborn Portraits: TRIPLETS





First let me introduce you to Maggie…


Here is Gwen who gave me smiles…


And here is Lilly….


The entire family…


I had to share this next one, I love how Katie is looking up at Kyle. 


And I had to make sure I got a shot with Super Grandma in it.  Poor Kyle, he is sooo out numbered by the ladies.


Triplets!!!!  Isn’t that awesome.  They are sooo darn cute as you can see.  I have to be honest I was very nervous about this photo session.  I went in with a game plan… Get in, get the shots Keri wanted and get out.  LOL  Keri is super organized (heck, you have to be with Triplets).  She had a list of all the shots she wanted and we had a set amount of time to do that in because the babies are on a tight schedule for feedings.  We did it, we got all the must have shots just in time.  Thanks to Mary Aquino for helping out with Katie.  Kyle and Keri congrats on such a wonderful family.

6 Responses to “Newborn Portraits: TRIPLETS”

  1. Allison Says:

    Jayme the first one is amazing!! Go girl I couldn’t imagine photographing 3 babies.

  2. Christine Says:

    They are beautiful babies! I can’t wait to show them to Carissa. Great shots, Jayme.

  3. Andrea Murphy Says:

    Jayme the first shot is gorgeous! How fun to work with triplets!

  4. Mike Wise Says:

    Love those first shots. I think after this session you are ready to take on the quads. :)

  5. Jim Says:

    Hey Jayme,
    Great shots, love the first one! Dad looks alittle tired! Good job.

  6. Lisa Cartwright Says:

    Jayme, The black and white shot is just wonderful. What a great opportunity to work with triplets. These are fabulous!

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