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Family Photos Holiday Style: Brad, Jana and Harper

Sunday, December 7th, 2008

Warning…. Lots and Lots of Amazing Baby Photos!  Be prepared to have a smile on your face while looking thru these, also you may be tempted to say AWWWW a time or two.





You better not pout…




I have a similar photo of Samantha like this, but she is in a summer dress with her big hammies hangin’ out…


Brad and Jana are two of mine and Bob’s bestest friends.  We both grew up with Brad and Jana is actually related to me, (but realllly distant cousin).   We know both families really well and know that Harper is one of the most loved little girls around.  I am sure my blog will have a zillion visitors once word gets out her photos are on here.  LOL  I am excitted for all of them to be celebrating their first Christmas together. 

Santa + Kids + Photographer = Crazy Morning!!

Sunday, December 7th, 2008

Yesterday I spent the morning at Elizabeth’s Garden in Culver.  Gwen came along and handled the paperwork and I worked the camera as kids got the chance to visit with santa.  We had so much fun!  Here are some of my favorites….




My nephew Mason and his little buddy Kylee


Donna  (aka Mrs. Donna) made cookies and here is one of them.  She is the bestest ever preschool teacher and cookie maker.


And her is the my favorite picture of them all.  The Elizabeth’s Garden Crew…. (Marilyn, Elizabeth, Penny and Barb, oh and that’s Santa there in the middle)  Huge thanks for hosting the event!!!!!!


Dumb me didn’t even take a picture of Gwen and I.  Bummmer!  Pictures are going to be ordered Monday and will be mailed directly from my lab.  Hope Santa brings everyone what they asked for.

WKVI/Starke United Radio Auction is this morning!

Friday, December 5th, 2008

Forgot to post about this.  I have a session that is up for auction so make sure you listen, you might get a deal.  So listen to WKVI on 99.3.  The number to call is 574-772-7209 and the auction is from 10-3 central time today December 5th.

And to give you an idea when it will be on air about the session, It will be sold sometime around 1:00 ish from what I can make ou on the paper.  It is package P2. 

Confession Time

Thursday, December 4th, 2008

I got a call from one of my friends today.  I have to share this with all you regular blog readers.  She said she seen the picture of the kids decorating the gingerbread cookies and kinda’ felt like a slacker mom.  That was until she went to wal-mart and seen you can buy gingerbread making kits.  Yes, it is true, it was a kit.  But I did have to mix the icing, so it isn’t like there wasn’t any work involved.  And I would have had to put the icing on the cookies for the kids, except my husband likes doing that kind of thing so I let him.  Maybe next year I will make some from scratch…or maybe not.  

Another thing I want to share is a comment from Chris (aka Apring Strings- the gal that cleans my house for me)  I recently shot her families photos and she left me this awesome comment….

Jayme,I just checked out all of the pictures.. They are ALL Fabulous! If I haven’t told you lately… You’re wonderful! Thank you, you took such great care of us – You even arranged for Santa to show up (Thank You – Bob..)

Chris and Family

Huge thanks back at you Chris.  I love my job and I love it when people are happy with my work.   And Chris was so thrilled with the fact that we did something extra for her family by having Santa show up that she did something super nice for me and cleaned/organized my coat closet.  That may sound like a small thing, but let’s just say that I had a ton of crap thrown in there and it just kept getting piled up.  It was tough for me to make the decision to have someone come into my house and clean but I am sooo glad I have Chris.  It frees up time for me to buy the gingerbread kit from wal-mart.  LOL 

–Apring Strings Cleaning and Organizing Services 574-867-2751

Last thing…. It isn’t too late to buy Holiday Cards.  I actually still don’t have mine made.  (I have been busy with everyone else’s)  Here is the link to the samples….

Santa will be in Culver on December 6th

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008

Pictures with Santa on December 6th- no appointments.  ***Please be aware of the time 10:00-1:00 eastern is 9:00-noon starke county time!!!   We always have a good time.  There is typically very little waiting in line.  Most of the time you can walk in get pictures taken, shop some, eat a cookie and then walk right out.  We move pretty quickly.  I will edit photos right away that weekend and get them out so plenty of time for Christmas.  Also you can order Christmas cards from them as well.  I hope to see everyone there!!!!


ALSO… I have decided to shoot on Sunday the 7th.  So I have several sessions I can take that day.   I also have two sessions open for Dec 10th and 11th.

Family Pictures: Matt, Chris, Larry, Carrissa and Alaina

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008

I LOVE how Alaina put her little hand on grandpa’s shoulder.   



I love this horsey dress….


The drool totally makes this shot.


She sat sooo good for Santa..


Thanks Alaina for coming to see me Thanksgiving weekend.  You have grown so much since the last time I saw you….

Thanks guys for being so easy to work with, I had fun playing with Alaina.  Isn’t it crazy how fast she is growing.

Family Pictures: John, Lindsay and boys

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008






Santa surprised everyone and stopped in the studio…  (Brady wasn’t thrilled with the surprise)


I wish we could of got Brady in with Santa.  Heck, Brandon wouldn’t even sit on Santa’s lap and Brandon knows Santa really good.  Brady does make a cute Santa though, so that makes up for it.

The winner of the photography calendar is…

Monday, December 1st, 2008

Before Samantha picked a name we had to make gingerbread cookies…



After we made cookies I put Samantha to work…


The winner is Shawn Reeder.  I was thrilled she pulled his name, Samantha was let’s say not as thrilled.  She was mad she couldn’t pick her grandma Debbie.  I told her grandma already had a calendar and I think I told her Sponge Bob was on and then she forgot all about Shawn Reeder. 

Shawn is an awesome photographer out in California.  I thought it was soo cool he even commented on my blog because I totally stalk his blog.  When my kids are old enough to go out to Yosemite I am gonna hire Shawn to photograph us on vacation.  I went out there several years ago with some friends and can’t wait to take Bob and the kids there.  Make sure you check out his site.  Shawn Reeder

Here are a couple of my favorite photos from his blog…

Shawn- I will have a calendar in the mail for ya in a few days.  And huge thanks to everyone that participated, it was awesome to see all the comments.

Family: Matt and Becky and their family

Monday, December 1st, 2008







Brrrr!  It was a cold morning for pictures.  By the time I got Mark and Debbie’s family done it had warmed up alittle but it was still only about 30 degrees out.  I was worried about the kids being cold but they didn’t complain at all.  And as you can see the kids did awesome for me.  I didn’t have to bug them to smile or look at me, I think I yelled at Matt the most to give me a smile then I did the kids.  Thanks for the wonderful time!  Oh and tell Copper the dog I said hi.

Family: Mark, Debbie and their family

Monday, December 1st, 2008

This is one of my favorite family photos ever.


The girls…



the guys…




I have known Mark and Debbie for several years.  They have an awesome family.  I remember being at a graduation party they were at with all the kids and thought it was amazing how well behaved everyone was.  I wish I could get my two kids to act that good in public.  Anyways… We had fun on our shoot despite the 25 degree temps. 

I have to add this to the post… My mother-in-law’s favorite place to shop…

Bailey’s Discount Center