Sorry- I’ve been busy!

My sister-in-law Alesha asked what I have been up to since she hasn’t seen any posts for the last week on my blog. (that is pretty unusual I know) LOL  Don’t worry I have been busy.

I have been getting orders out and designing a coffee table book for Kelsi (hi Kelsi).  I have been doing personal stuff like Christmas Shopping and wrapping presents.  Trying to spend time with family.  (we had the Christmas with my mom’s family on Saturday)

Also I am getting ready for a commercial shoot for I am excitted for this project to happen in the next couple weeks.  (stay tuned)

Yesterday I shot Thad and Sarah’s wedding.  It was soooo darn cold, but we managed to get some great shots anyways.

Oh and I have been working on my “Project Dad”.  I got some great shots of him the other day trying to get a tree off the electric lines at the one cattle farm.

And I have several sessions tonight, tomorrow and next week, so the blog will be back in full force very soon.  Actually I hope to upgrade the blog so if for some reason it is down for alittle while don’t panic it will be up.  I hope to have very little interuptions.

Another thing I hope to do is I will be posting a favorites post, favorite seniors, favorite weddings, favorite families from 2008.  It will be fun to look back.

So don’t worry guys, I am here, working like crazy to get stuff done.  I hope everyone stays warm and stays safe during this terrible weather.

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