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Easter Pictures at Elizabeth’s Garden in Culver Indiana.

Thursday, February 26th, 2009


You guys have been asking for it.  Elizabeth is getting us some LIVE Bunnies.  I am excitted about that.  I do have a fake bunnie and chicks just in case a child is scared.  (they look pretty darn real don’t they, I tested them out on my kids and Brandon was scared of the fake Bunny at first, he’s a wimp though)   I hope to see everyone out there.  The shop is also really cute.  She has Vera Purses, and always has cute bracelets (I don’t walk out of there without buying something).  You can call me if you have any questions 574-867-6776  Jayme

Happy 6th Birthday Samantha

Thursday, February 26th, 2009





Yep my kids’ birthdays are three days apart.  Right after Brandon was born she turned three.  He was in the NIC Unit in South Bend and we were staying with my aunt and uncle.  We ended up taking her to Chuckie Cheese so she didn’t feel neglected since we were spending so much time away from her and with Brandon in the hospital.  

Samantha is a total daddy’s girl!  I don’t mind though as long as I still get tons of hugs and kisses.  She is also an artist.  Some day she is going to paint something that will be hung in an art gallery in New York, write a book or she might even be a photographer.  She wants to be a Vet, but that is what I wanted to be as a kid and she is too much like me.  She loves animals but I doubt she can deal with sick ones every day because she just likes them too much.  We have always called her our animal activist.  She got mad at me yesterday because the outside cat was making noises by the door.  She thought I didn’t feed it yet. (I did)  She is a very caring little girl and that makes me proud.  Happy Birthday Samantha Lynn!! Don’t get too big to fast, it is getting harder for me to carry your butt out of the car when you fall asleep.

You can get the pink bunny shirt HERE.  (click tshirts) Perfect for Easter!

Senior Night and Cheer Camp

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

Friday night was Senior Night at the Boys Basketball game and Cheer Camp performed.  I want to thank all the cheerleaders and Katina for doing such an awesome job.  The little girls looked great.  Below is Lynee to the left and Samantha is just to the right of her in the shorts.  I will post some more cheer photos tomorrow because it will be Sam’s birthday. cheer-and-sr-night-feb-2009_02

And I got to say the boys really played an awesome game.  Way to get the win for senior night!!! cheer-and-sr-night-feb-2009_27

Hamlet and Koontz Lake Firemen Rock!

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

If you follow my blog or know me you also know my hubby (Bob) is a Hamlet Fireman.  And you know that I am proud of him and all the other men in our community that volunteer there time to protect the rest of us.  Hamlet has had three house fires in about 10 days.  Bob even had to leave the kid’s birthday party to go to a fire  (luckily we were done with all the major stuff and just hanging out at that point).   Anyways, just a reminder that there are special people in our community and if they host a pancake breakfast, fish fry or Vegas Night, take the time to go and support them and tell them thanks for all they do.  They would appreciate it and I would too.  Here are some shots Gwen and I took at the fire the other day, we got there pretty late because we had to wait for my mom to come watch kiddos so I could leave.  Bob said it was the coldest he ever felt.  (I was pretty darn cold taking these)  Here is one I know Gwen took, I think she might have took the second one too. (too lazy to look up which camera shot what)hfd-feb-2009_010_1


this is my buddy Brad… (uncle Brad to my kiddos)hfd-feb-2009_080bw


here is my hubby and Mary’s (blog stalker) hubby is to the left of him.  Hi Dave!hfd-feb-2009_055

Bob is at the top of the ladder.hfd-feb-2009_072

Kyle, next time I will get some shots of you I promiss.

Wish Lady Cat basketball wasn’t over….

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

I loved watching the Lady Cats this year.  Espicially my favorite players Sam and Aliva.  Looking forward to next year already. 

For those of you that aren’t in the loop the Lady Cats are Regional Runner’s-Up.  They won the 1st round 70-43 but lost in the final game 55-61.  (sad)The seniors will be missed that is for sure…..





You seniors have accomplished so much!  Be proud!  Here are a few more pics…







All photos taken for the Starke County Newshawk.  Make sure you pick up a paper!!!  Also video clip can be found on my FACEBOOK, although with more pictures. (please become a fan, I would appreciate it)

(note to other photographers… these were taken with my new Canon 5D Mark II.  Yes, I got my hands on this hot new camera, although I currently only have one battery, seems like the new battery is harder to get then the camera.  These were all shot at iso 2000 or 2500 and apeture of 2.8 and shutter speed was usually 320 with my 70-200 lens.  I didn’t shoot at 21 mega pixels like the camera is capable of, but at 10.  The camera is amazing, although this is my first full frame, so keep that in mind.  This is the best purchase I have ever made.)

Brandon, my baby boy is 3 today.

Monday, February 23rd, 2009




Three years ago my little Brandon arrived.  He is total momma’s boy.  Even from birth… I had to have c-section and he clung on to my ribs and didn’t want to let go of me.  He is my cuddly little boy and I don’t want him to grow up.  I wish I could keep him this little forever.   Brandon, my little farmboy I love you!

I also want to share a personal story with you since so many of my friends check out the blog. This week has been a tough one for my family.  My cousin Rodney Jernas has a little girl Maggie who is just a few months older then Brandon.  Well this week has been terrible for them.  They found out she had has cancer.  They are currently at Riley’s and they need prayers.  They did remove a tumor on Friday which was the first bit of good news this week but they are waiting bone marrow tests.  If you would take a moment and go to her site and leave a message in her guestbook I would appreciate it.  They have been getting messages from people all over the country.   And if you pray say alittle prayer for her.    And here is a photo I took at  Thanksgiving.  (Abby, Maggie’s cuz, Jared her big brother and Maggie who was taking everyone’s food order which was so darn cute)


PS  The other day Rodney wrote an inspirational post.  Here is a section from his journal entry… “I’ll get straight to the point. I want to look back on this some day and be able to say it was meant to be – No Matter the Outcome. That said, if you have a relationship that needs mending – suck it up – make the phone call and get it fixed! I mean right now. Stop reading and start dialing. If you have a family member or friend you need to get things right with – STOP – Do It Now – make the call – FIX IT!” 

We never know what tomorrow will bring keep that in mind.  Spend lots of time with your family and friends!!!!  Give extra hugs to your kids tonight!!  If you are a high school kid tell your mom and dad you love them  (heck, even a text would be nice)  They will appreciate it.

Sorry for the long personal post… I have a ton of editting to do since this weekend was crazy with basketball and bday party I will be posting the OD girls regionals and OD boys basketball senior night very soon.

Senior Pictures: Lynee from Oregon-Davis

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009





Senior Pictures Round 2 for Lynee.  These are from a quickie session to get some shots of Lynee with her cheerleader and volleyball stuff.  I also grabbed a couple other studio shots while she was here.  Lynee will be having her senior night for cheerleading Friday night.

Goshen, Plymouth, South Bend I can take your Senior Pictures

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

I just got a call from a senior that lives in Goshen, IN.  She asked if I could do her senior pictures even though she was so far away.  Heck yeah I can take them!!!  I tell you what…. I have shot several seniors that travelled over an hour for me and here are some benefits….

-your senior pictures will be totally different from anyone else at your school

-I  always do extra for kids that travel far for me, I figure that if you are willing to travel for me then pictures must be really important to you and I also really appreciate the extra effort to get to me.

-No matter where you come from, I try to make the session fun and give you the best photos ever. 

Something to keep in mind.  I don’t do a viewing session after your photo session.  You only need to make the trip once.  Your prints will be mailed directly to you and you order additional prints online.  I make things super easy for ya.

I was also asked what kind of locations are around me.  Of course I have the studio here with several backdrops.  Just across the road I have open field, down the road there is a a place with tall grasses, and other cool spots.  Probably 90% of my sessions around done here around my house, but  I am also willing to drive to the park, downtown, wherever we need to go to get cool shots that represent your personality.

Toy Wrangler featured on Design for Baby

Monday, February 16th, 2009

If you have little ones are know someone who does head over to   and read about the toy wrangler and comment over there for your chance to win one.  They are awesome, trust me. 

Here are a couple photos that I recently did for the toy wrangler….



PS it was also featured on not too long ago using a picture of Abby.

Oregon-Davis Lady Cats are Sectional Champs

Monday, February 16th, 2009




I shot the sectional images for the Starke County Newshawk pick up this weeks paper that will be out later in the week to see more pictures.

Portraits: Morgan & Lorrin

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009




these too are tooo much fun… totally their idea, I got some even goofier ones but thought I would be nice and just post this one.  (can’t see them very well but they are wearing little kid tutus.)feb-2009_52-copy

I grabbed some indvidual shots also…



I just love these two!  They are so much fun to be around.  I just love how they aren’t just cousin but good buddies.  I am so glad their moms had the idea to do this fun shoot.   We also grabbed some shots of them with their moms and I know those will be treasured for years to come.   Thanks girls for a fun shoot.  Can’t wait until you two are seniors!!!!!

Happy 80th Great Aunt Irene

Monday, February 9th, 2009

We had a wonderful time celebrating a wonderful lady!  Bob took alot of the photos since I left for awhile with some of the Goetz crew to watch Sam and Aliva kick butt on the basketball court. 

Didn’t Bob do a good job, he grabbed this one of Aunt Irene with her grandkids…


And I made sure I got one of him with his aunt.  (I just love this photo)irene-80th_64-copy1

Family- go here to see the pictures from the birthday bash….  you have to email or call me for the password  (for obvious reason I can’t let the general public see them LOL) or call me at 574-867-6776