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Indiana Senior Pictures: Tasha from Knox HS

Thursday, April 30th, 2009







Can’t type much because I am headed out to do some more senior pictures but wanted to hurry and get these posted.  Sooo glad the rain stopped right (like minutes) before we started shooting.  We got lucky.  Hope you love your pictures Tasha, I really enjoyed taking them and hanging out with you and your mom!!!  :)

Indiana Senior Pictures: Lyndee from Knox HS

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009






Lyndee is just like how I was at her age.  She has a zillion photos of her friends and family, she is big into 4-H and loves her animals. 

I hated how windy it was for her session.  I had a couple really cool ideas in my head but couldn’t make them work with the wind blowing her hair in her face.  LOL  See ya in a month or so Lyndee for round 2!

Indiana Senior Pictures: Andrew from Valparaiso HS

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009





Andrew’s mom found out about me from Amy and Matt’s Dad.  Huge thanks!  I love that my seniors and their parents spread the word for me.  I do very little advertising to keep my costs down so I count on everyone to tell their friends and family about me.  Spread the word Deb, I would love some more kids from Valparaiso, espicially if they are as nice as Andrew is. 

For the record… this was yet another bad weather session.  The wind about carried us away.  (why can’t I get lucky and get a stretch of good weather)

Indiana Senior Pictures: Elizabeth from North Judson HS

Monday, April 27th, 2009

My favorite… (love the wind blowing her hair)




quick note about the tshirts… Elizabeth is known for her Christian tees (this was her mom’s idea, I think it turned out pretty good)elizabeth2009_02

“Sweetheart”  If I was asked to describe Elizabeth in one word that is what I would say.  I just love her.  She will make an awesome teacher some day!!

I am so glad Lisa came with.  I will be shooting her senior pictures on Thursday!!  I had so much fun with these girls and with Elizabeth’s mom.  I have the best job.  I get to hang out with great people and get paid for it.  See ya Thursday Lisa!!


Indiana Senior Photography: Nathan from Knox HS

Saturday, April 25th, 2009





Nathan does NOT like his picture take.  Luckily I got some good pictures anyways!!  :)

Indiana Photography: Ancilla College Nursing Staff

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009


I have photographed the Ancilla College Nursing students for the last couple years but we have never done a staff group shot.  I think we need to do one every year.  We had too much fun.  I forget his name, but the guy in the middle had us all cracking up.  I have a couple other photos I could post that would give ya a chuckle but I better not since I don’t know him very well. 

Oh and my friend Allison made fun of me for posting on facebook about how fun it was at Aniclla.  I am always saying things are fun.  First of all, I pretty much have fun all the time, well except I don’t like to clean, do laundry, or work on the computer, (thanks to Chris I don’t do much of the first two) and Allison look at the picture, can’t you tell they are a fun group espicially the guy laying in the bed. LOL

PS  After graduation I will post the composite of all the students.  Good luck to everyone on all your upcoming tests.

Indiana Photography: Amanda

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009




I have taken Amanda’s pictures several times and she is always such a sweetie.  She acts alot like my Samantha.  I know her Aunt Judy so to help get smiles I would say her name I would get a smile every time.  Oh and Amanda wants to say hi to Mrs. Ritter.  :)   (I can’t forget that)

Indiana Senior Pictures: Mary from North Judson

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009








I had a ton of fun at this shoot.  We started out at Mary’s house then headed to the NJ pool where Mary holds a few school records. (It was so hot in there!)  I want to say huge thanks to her best buddy Becca that helped hold a flash for me and also had some really good ideas for us doing the shoot.

Family Pictures: Tara, Anthony, Coley and Bobby

Monday, April 20th, 2009



Tara called and said, “I know you are busy but can you squeeze us in because Anthony is leaving soon to go to the miliatary, and I would really like some pictures of the kids.”  Well, how the heck could I say no to that.  So I squeezed them in.   Thanks for making the drive.  I felt honored that you came so far.

Senior Pictures: Jen from Peotone HS

Monday, April 20th, 2009


the shot with ball on feet was her idea, but I think it is cute…stewartapril2009_23

And of course since she drove two hours to get her pictures taken it is going to rain… I was so bummed!stewartapril2009_41edit

Before we shot Jen’s pictures I grabbed a few of her sister Katie.stewartapril2009_10bw-copy

Indiana Senior Pictures: Kristin from Plymouth HS

Saturday, April 18th, 2009






Ancilla has some awesome spots for senior pictures.  I have been wanting to shoot there for awhile.  This session was ment to be.   Kristin’s mom called a couple weeks ago and wanted to shoot there the exact day I was going to be there anyways to shoot the nursing department.  

I have to tell Kristin’s boyfriend thanks for caring my stuff.  He helped me out a ton and all I did was give him a hard time. He was so much fun to pick on and it got great smiles out of Kristin.  Oh and we kept making him get stuff out of Kristin’s car.   Gee whiz now that I think about it he really took alot of abuse from us.

Kristin and Chris I hope you guys enjoy the rest of your senior year!

Knox High School Adv. Photography Class

Saturday, April 18th, 2009


I had the pleasure of teaching a class on Monday.  I was asked to cover portraits with the students other then that I pretty much was turned lose to do whatever.  There are only four students in the class and one was absent (I think they heard I was coming).  So instead of doing much talking I mostly had them do alot of shooting.  I had a couple different setups for them and let them fire away and then we talked about the good and bad about the photos.  At the very end of the class I had each kid take turns shooting the rest of us flipping thru the pictures.  Here is what they came up with….

Here is Nicole’s shot..khsapril2009_05

Here is Derek’s..khsapril2009_06

Here is Alexis’… khsapril2009_04

Thanks you three for totally making my day.  It was so much fun, and I will try to make it back before the school year is over.  I would be over all the time if it wasn’t for being swamped with work.

Take lots of pictures!!!khsapril2009_02