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Congrats Oregon-Davis Class of 2009

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009


Karly and Maria crack me up.  I wish I knew they were going to do this so I could have actually been ready for it.  I got lucky I even grabbed this shot.  Maria’s family sat in front of me and had at least 3 or 4 cameras going and her mom said they missed it.odmay-2009_12

Aubrey was Valedictorian….odmay-2009_16

I thought it was cool that Karly’s dad was able to present her diploma to her.  He is on the school board.odmay-2009_55

My cousin Nathan (aka mine and Bob’s ring bearer at our wedding) also graduated.odmay-2009_83

As most of you know I graduated from OD.  (it was a few years ago…LOL  Class of 1995, Bob graduated in 1997)  Anyways, it is always neat to sit and watch commencement. 

I will be posting images in the storefront soon.

Starke County Super Senior June 4th

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

Indiana Photographer 2010 Senior

The Starke County Super Senior Photo will be on display at the Starke County Public Library in Knox at 5:30 on June 4th.  We will have the photo reveal and also announce the winners of savings bonds and the scholarship.  Everyone is encouraged to come and support the seniors.  If you are lucky I might even bring some cookies.  :)   See ya there. 

Here is a sneak peek… Last year I photographed two seniors together for the photo.  I did that again this year.  (I think I will make that a tradition).  Everyone else was individually photographered for the photo except these two guys…

Indiana Super Seniors

*Super Seniors your wallets and the info card about the Big Reveal will be in the mail today.

Hamlet and Koontz Lake Fire Depts at OD

Saturday, May 16th, 2009

***  The photos are from mock accident that was at OD schools.  This was not a real car accident. (thought I better stress that because it felt pretty real being there) may-2009_05






I brought Brandon with me.  He was in heaven, he was surrounded by girls, and he got to watch all the firemen.  I think he was showing Aubrey which one was Grandpa Goetz.may-2009_69

Kudos to everyone involved.  I was standing next to Kaylee when Mrs. Awald (she was playing the mom of student role) ran out screaming for her daughter, we both looked at each other and could of cried.  It felt so real. 

On a personal note… I lost my best friend when I was a junior in high school.  Lisa Marie Danti  She was in a car accident the week before my junior prom.  I will never forget it.  I remember it all like it was yesterday even getting the phone call at my house and not believing the caller.  I know there are others out there there that have not so long ago have lost their friend too.

Just a reminder to be careful during graduation time.  Don’t take chances crossing roads and slow down.  It is better to make it some place safely and alittle late then not at all.

I took some video clips of the mock accident as well.  I will post them on my facebook today so head over there and check them out.  Keep in mind I am not a videographer and I was shooting with my camera not a video camera. FACEBOOK  To see the rest of the photos go to my STOREFRONT

Starke County Super Seniors: More fun photos

Friday, May 15th, 2009

img_0851First off, sorry I haven’t posted much.  As you know if you follow the blog.  I had surgery last Wednesday.  I will be back to shooting very soon!!  :)   Lately I have been spending all my time putting orders in, making graduation cards, etc… oh and lots of  recovery time (aka laying around and doing nothing while my husband takes care of the house and kids) Bob is such a good hubby.  Gotta say huge thanks to everyone that called, visited me, brought me flowers, sent cards, sent facebook messages and special thanks to cousin Kelly S. for the stuffed shells the other day.

Okay back to photography…. Some more fun photos from the Super Senior Shoot.  These guys in the next few photos were fun.  They ended up hanging out and goofying around for awhile. img_1012

checking out last year’s super senior pictures…img_1019

I have to post this photo… these two guys have the same first and last names.  I think one typically goes by Jimmy and one by James.  Too cool…img_1015

One of my favorite things to do is eat.  Gwen grabbed this shot of me, Brooke, and Olivia eating brownies that my mom made.  img_0829

Keep checking the blog.  Next week I will post some individual super senior shots.  The BIG photo will be done soon and will go on display at the Starke Co. Library in Knox in June.  I will post more details soon about that.

Culver Indiana Wedding: Neil and Brooke

Monday, May 11th, 2009


this makes me smile…may-2009_010bw1






I love this shot…. Their music was amazing!  (husband and wife team)  And I just love how she looks at her hubby.  You can tell she adores him.may-2009_130

Brooke’s mom and dad were also married in the Culver Memorial Chapel,may-2009_161

Gwen’s view…may-2009_182

My view….may-2009_181




Neil’s DAD (yes DAD) made the cake…may-2009_383


I thought I had a crazy family… (okay I do, but so does Brooke)may-2009_429bw

These three had me cracking up the entire night.  I think this should be their Christmas card…may-2009_472bw

I loved this wedding.  I felt like part of the family.  All their friends and family were just so sweet and fun to be around.  I hope I get to shoot more weddings from these two families (I am willing to travel to Logansport and to Chicago folks so make sure you call!!). 

One of the best ceremonies I have ever seen.  The music was AMAZING  (I will post video clip on facebook later this week).  And the pastor did such a wonderful job.

The reception was so much fun.  Everyone danced, and danced.  I took sooo many dancing pictures.  Way more then I ever do. 

I better wrap this up…   Just wanted to add a huge thanks to Neil and Brooke and their wedding party for the fun time during pictures.  I couldn’t have ask for any better people to work with.

The ceremony was at the Culver Memorial Chapel at Culver Academy, the reception location was Woodcraft Dinning Hall.  Photography by Jayme and Gwen.  Cake by Norbert Seufert.

Culver Indiana Wedding Sneak Peak

Monday, May 4th, 2009


Brooke and Neil got married at the Culver Memorial Chapel on Saturday.  I am usually really fast about getting photos on the blog and in the gallery but since things are super crazy with designing senior graduation open house cards and with my surgery fast approaching I decided to just post one image and wait until next week to edit the photos when I don’t feel rushed.  I had no problem selecting the one image.  People that know Neil and Brooke totally understand.  That one picture pretty much says it all.  So check back middle of next week to see more images from there amazing wedding.  (and I even took a video clip during the ceremony and I will post that on facebook next week too- I couldn’t resist, they had the most amazing ceremony ever)

Starke County Super Senior: Behind the Scences

Monday, May 4th, 2009

I am going to do several sneak peaks and behind the scences shots leading up to the Release of the Starke County Super Senior Class of 2010 picture that will take place early June at the library.  Some will be goofy stuff like the following and others will be actual shots that will be in the composite.

First I have to share some photos of Ariel and Gabi from Oregon-Davis.  This is what they looked like when they came to the studio…img_1053

Then they got into my props…img_1058

And this is their Photography by Jayme ROCKS Shot!!! img_1067

Yes Gabi has a tutu on and Ariel is wearing a halo.  We honestly had wayyy too much fun.

Indiana Senior Pictures: Lisa from North Judson HS

Friday, May 1st, 2009




I love Lisa’s SENIOR jeans.  She wrote on her jeans all the important stuff she has done this year.  What a cool idea.


Lisa is from Germany.  She wanted a picture with her US family.lisa2009_40edit

Lisa is such a fun girl.  Her US family and friends are having a hard time with the fact that she will be going back to Germany soon.  Heck, I don’t want her to leave and I have only been around her a couple times but feel like I know her so well.  Lisa- I hope you enjoy the last couple months here.  And don’t forget to add a camera to your senior jeans for me!! 

PS  Sorry, you didn’t do the Elizabeth shot as good as Elizabeth did.  However you totally rocked the truck shot.  Maybe I should call that the Lisa shot.  :)

Indiana Senior Pictures: Ken from ODHS

Friday, May 1st, 2009






I have known Ken since he was little.  He is alot like his mom.  During our shoot he kept asking if I wanted him to carry stuff, and clothing wise I kept telling him to wear what he wanted but he always asked anyways.  His mom was a huge help to me when I was on bed rest with Brandon.  I had Samantha and she was in her terrible threes (yeah she skipped terrible two’s).  Robyn stayed with me a few days to help out.  She is an awesome friend.

Back to Ken.  I enjoyed messing around with him during the shoot.  At one point I asked that he lay on the wood pile and he started doing it and I laughed my butt off and he is like, is this for real, I am like no, I just wanted to see if you would do it.  I got a cute picture of him though and didn’t mean too….


And one more thing… on my way to his house I seen this.  Had to snap a picture for the kids.  Thought I would share with the rest of you…ken2009_01

Good luck Ken at IUSB.  Get a good education, land yourself an awesome job, and treat your mom to days at the spa.  (right Robyn)

Indiana Senior Photographer: Super Senior Stuff Coming Soon

Friday, May 1st, 2009

A few people have asked when I was going to post preview shots of the Super Seniors.  I have been swamped and haven’t even started on them.  I will post some behind the scenes stuff very soon.  Got some crazy stuff to share.  So stay tuned to see Gabi in a tutu, me eating brownie’s with the girls, and two guys that have the same name.

Have a wonderful day and enjoy this amazing weather!