Indiana Senior Pictures: Ken from ODHS






I have known Ken since he was little.  He is alot like his mom.  During our shoot he kept asking if I wanted him to carry stuff, and clothing wise I kept telling him to wear what he wanted but he always asked anyways.  His mom was a huge help to me when I was on bed rest with Brandon.  I had Samantha and she was in her terrible threes (yeah she skipped terrible two’s).  Robyn stayed with me a few days to help out.  She is an awesome friend.

Back to Ken.  I enjoyed messing around with him during the shoot.  At one point I asked that he lay on the wood pile and he started doing it and I laughed my butt off and he is like, is this for real, I am like no, I just wanted to see if you would do it.  I got a cute picture of him though and didn’t mean too….


And one more thing… on my way to his house I seen this.  Had to snap a picture for the kids.  Thought I would share with the rest of you…ken2009_01

Good luck Ken at IUSB.  Get a good education, land yourself an awesome job, and treat your mom to days at the spa.  (right Robyn)


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