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Culver Indiana Wedding: Mark and Lindsey

Friday, July 31st, 2009

Gonna start off with my favorite photo of the day.  This was the photo Mark requested because he asked Lindsey to marry him by the lighthouse.  Isn’t that so sweet that he wanted a picture there.  Also Bob (aka my hubby, aka assistant for the day) and I worked together to get this shot, he did an awesome job holding the reflector for me and finding great light.  Teamwork.



Bob grabbed this one of Rikki and Trevor when they started walking down the aisle.risner-july2009_137

Lindsey’s mom and grandma…risner-july2009_144


Bob’s view of the wedding… (isn’t the church so pretty)risner-july2009_191

My view…risner-july2009_168







Have I mentioned before that I just love father-daughter dances…risner-july2009_356

and mother-son dances too.risner-july2009_367


Some day Trevor will realize what a lucky boy he was that night.  I got lots of pictures for him.risner-july2009_477

One last shot.  When I walked into Washington Twp. Building I was blown away. Mark and Lindsey did an amazing job hanging lights up in the ceiling.  I don’t think I have ever seen it done like that.  BTW Bob and I had our reception there too.


I am tired.  It is after 1am and I just got done editing the wedding and posting here on the blog.  I usually don’t stay up late to work because, well frankly I need my beauty sleep, but I have been soo busy this week shooting that I had to burn the midnight oil and get this done.  I usually have weddings posted on the blog two or three days afterwards so I apologize to all of you for the delay. 

Anyways, Mark and Lindsey have been friends of mine and Bob’s forever.  I use to do the horse thing with Lindsey and Bob some fishing with Mark.  (I am pretty sure Mark was there that day I caught like 10 fish, remember that, I totally out-fished the guys that day)  Sorry I am having a hard time focusing since it is so late.  Well, I am really happy for you guys and am so glad you asked me to photograph your special day.  Bob and I had lots of fun and it was so nice that we knew just about every guest.

I almost forgot, I wanted to post a picture of Thad, Elizabeth and Victor.  Lindsey was brave and even held Victor before the wedding.  (me, I would have been worry about spit up, but Lindsey didn’t care)  And yep Victor has a little tux onsie on, too cute…


Church:  Grace United Church of Christ Culver, IN    Reception:  Washington Twp. Community Building   Cake:  Clemmons Cakery,    Florist  Elizabeth’s Garden of Culver

Indiana Photography: Jessica Trash The Wedding Dress

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009














I know what some of you are thinking (espicially Diane J.).  Why would you get in the river and the pool in your wedding dress??  Why not?  The Trash the Dress session isn’t really about trashing the dress, actually no dress was harmed in creating these pictures, it just got wet.  No problem though because it was headed for the cleaners anyways.  Actually it had a couple stains on it from the wedding day. 

The reason we do the session is to create photos couldn’t be taken on the wedding day, and also to create additional memories before the poor dress gets stuffed in a box for eternity.  Jessica and her mom Tammy had been planning so long for the wedding and then the day comes and goes so quickly.  It was another chance to get the dress back on and have some fun. 

I can’t take credit for the pool part of the session,  Elizabeth (from Elizabeth’s Garden) is the one that came up with that idea.  She knew we were doing the shoot because she made the bouquet for it and she called me up and told me what she was thinking.  Which reminds me I have to tell Donna L. huge thanks for the use of the pool.

Thank you so much Tammy and Jessica for such an awesome evening!!!  I couldn’t have asked for easier people to work with.  I hope you are talking about it for years to come.

***Big Favor*** I need to know which image is your favorite (yeah you, the person reading this).    So please leave me a comment and tell me your favorite one or two images.  I would really appreciate it.  PS  I fixed it so you can leave comments, I forgot to check the box.  Thanks Lori for letting me know!!!

Indiana Photography: Owen Four Week Old Baby Boy

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

Meet Owen… (isn’t he cute)oe-july2009_013bw



His family and friends made this cool tie-dye shirt for him at his baby shower before he was even born.oe-july2009_041editrotate

Here are Owen’s parents Richard and Casey.  If you want to see what they looked like a couple months ago go HERE. (maternity session)


I love this shot.  I have one just like this of Bob and Brandon.oe-july2009_020bw

This shot worked out perfect.  Couldn’t have planned it any better.  Mom and Dad holding Owen and on his little cast you can see where they signed it Mommy and Daddy.  (BTW he has to have a cast to help correct a problem with his foot, I think he still has a couple more to go)oe-july2009_022

I am sure Owen’s family has been checking the blog to see if the photos were up yet.  I ment to have them up yesterday and accidently posted Melissa’s first.  (I try to edit and post in the order I shoot)

Richard and Casey are such good parents.  They are such laid back people and I think that really helps when it comes to babies.  At the session Owen wasn’t always the happiest although he had good reasons every time.  He cried once  when he was hungry, and another time he needed a diaper change (boy he cried then), and then at the end he was just over tired, and fought sleep.  But he is a baby and they don’t work on our schedule, we work on theirs, so it just took us alittle longer to get the shots we wanted, no biggie.

Indiana Photography: Melissa from Brownsburg HS

Monday, July 27th, 2009

My favorite!!!!  Love this shot!!!!mc-july2009_0441




Melissa and her mom Connie drove from near Indianapolis for me to take her senior pictures.  I also took her brother Adam’s pictures a year or two ago.   It makes me feel good when I get repeat clients.  I know they were happy the first time around. 

Oh, before I forget, I have to mention Melissa brought her grandma to the session too.  She even came up with a pose or two.  I really hope that we created some fun memories that they will have together.   I am bummed I didn’t get a picture of all three of you.  (why didn’t I think of it)  probably because it was ready to start raining at the end of the session so I was feeling rushed.

Well girls thanks again for the fun time, I hope you love the photos!!!!

Indiana Photography: Emily from West Central senior pictures

Friday, July 24th, 2009







Emily has an awesome smile, and I just love her pretty brown eyes.  Really she was a breeze to shoot.  So much so that I actually shot way over her one hour session.  She got lucky that I didn’t have a session following hers and I was in the shooting mood.  Oh, and I gotta tell you that I loved her clothing choices, I can tell she is into fashion.  Thanks Emily for coming to me for your senior pictures, I hope you love them as much as I loved taking them and good luck with your senior year at West Central!!!!

Indiana Photography: Reid’s 6 month pictures

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

I love this picture!!!  Makes me smile!rt-july2009_017



It was so nice to have the three above kiddos over.  Samantha was in playgroup with Reid’s older sister Lauren.  I haven’t seen her in forever.  Samantha and Brandon played with Lauren and Nathan while I took Reid’s pictures.

Emily- Reid is such a cutie.  I love his double chin and his blue eyes!

Indiana Photography: John a Senior from Oregon-Davis

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009





John is one of the Starke County Super Seniors.  After his session we had a fun talk about him and his brother and all the crazy ways they end up in the ER.  Thanks John for the fun evening.

2009 Starke County 4-H Fair Hamlet, Indiana

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

My little cousin Nathan is 4-H Royalty, along with his friend Ashley Whitcraft.  scfair2009_231

Here is one of my favorite pictures of my kids, they were walking holding hands.  (I know, techinally only have two kids, but the kiddo in the middle is at my house enough, so I just call her my kid)  scfair2009_452

I had alot of images I wanted to share and not alot of time since I have three sessions I need to edit today so I made some quick collages. 



There are 500 or so images in my storefront.  Obviously there is alot of horse stuff.  I am in charge of taking horse stuff for the scrapbook.  Oh and there are lots of my kids, my cousins, oh and Kimberly Bolze (that’s because she is sweet and her mom and dad are always so good to Samantha).  Make sure you spread the word that they are on there, espicially if you know someone with a kid in the pig scramble, I have lots of those and that is a pretty special event in a kids life. 

Anyways, the fair is over.  How sad.  I love the 4-H program.  I was a 10 year member.  I showed pigs and horses.   This was Samantha’s first year in Mini 4-H.  I entered a few pictures in the open class and won the professional divisions with the photo of the triplets, Maria in the field (blue dress), Zach with his truck, and a bw of Haleigh on a chair in a field of flowers.  There were alot of really nice photos in the open class building.

The Stick Horse Fun Show was huge success!!!  Lots of kids, lots of people watching because well, they were all so cute.  Big thanks to the Specialty Shop in Knox (Robyn and Suzie) for donating the ribbons.

I hope to have a photography clinic for the 4-H’ers next year some time.  When things slow down I want to check out when a good time would be for it.  Hold me to this.  I am assuming some time after the first of the year would be best.  It is going to get easier for me to do stuff like that now that the kids are getting older. 

And one big thanks to all the volunteers that make the fair happen.  My dad is a fairboard member so I know how much work is involved with getting the grounds ready even weeks before the fair week.  Also all the council members, and leaders do so much thru the year.  We are lucky to have such an awesome fairgrounds and so many special people in our community to make the Starke County Fair what it is every year. 

Already looking forward to next year’s fair!!!!

Indiana Photography: Victor- Just a Couple Days Old

Monday, July 20th, 2009

Meet my new friend Victor….bvjuly2009_53


Some day he will grow into his feet… (the are small, yet huge, does that make sense)bvjuly2009_36

For those of you that haven’t hear yet Thad and Elizabeth Beauchamp had a little baby boy; Victor Abel.  Being the good friend I am headed up to the hospital to snap a few pictures of the little guy.  He is tooo cute.  I am sooo happy for them, they are going to make awesome parents.  Motherhood is coming so natural to Liz, makes me tear up thinking about it. 

I am sure Victor will be hanging out at Elizabeth’s Garden of Culver very soon.

Indiana Photography: Chris, Robyn and Abby

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009





Abby’s daddy is a farmer so we thought it would be cute for Abby to take some pictures by the corn.ljuly2009_47

And then Abby thought it would be cute to peek out from the corn.  She is such a good poser.ljuly2009_48

We headed in the studio for a couple shots and she decided that the only shots we would get would be ones with a basketball.  We didn’t tell her what to do at all, she grabbed the basketball and sat there herself.ljuly2009_50

Chris and Robyn will be celebrating their 5th anniversary so I snapped a couple shots of just the two of them.  This is my fave.  This is totally them!ljuly2009_01

And one last shot.  Every time Chris comes for a session he does something funny, and since I always have a camera in my hands, I always snap a picture of it…ljuly2009_36

Thanks you guys for such a wonderful time.  Really I should be paying Chris for the entertainment.  He cracks me up.

Indiana Photography: Andrew’s TWO!

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009




he’s going to be sooo smart when he grows up, he’s only two and he is already reading….


Okay, Karen, please don’t kill me, but this is tooo funny.  Andrew had a moment that he just wasn’t in the mood for anything, so his mom got in my props closet and well you see for yourself…


Of course Andrew loved it and I laughed my butt off.  (I have the best clients ever!!!)  (Karen- I bet people will be asking for your phone # so they can book you for parties, you can be the tooth fairy)

Indiana Photography: Perfect Family Photo

Monday, July 13th, 2009


I just love this family.  If you know Abdon, Katie & Emma you will know that this is the perfect family photo, it is so them!