Starke County 4-H Fair Coming Soon!!

The Starke County Indiana 4-H Fair is July 11th-18th Hamlet Fairgrounds.   For those of you that have never been… It’s fun and it’s free.  (can’t get much better then that) 

I want to tell all the 4-H’ers good luck and be safe.  I will be taking pictures throughout the week for the Newshawk.  After the fair I will post all the photos in the storefront so make sure you check for that.

Some things I want to mention….

-Monday night is the Ham and Bean Dinner 5pm.  Eli Roska makes the beans and Burkett’s Catering makes the chicken and noodles and the corn bread. 

-Wednesday at 6:30 is the Stick Horse Fun Show.  Bob and I started this a few years ago and it is a blast.  It is for kids 5 and under.  They need to bring their stick horse with but if they don’t have one I have one they can borrow for the barrell race.  It doesn’t cost anything for them to enter and they will all get participation ribbons and western coloring books.  (thanks Speciality Shop in Knox for always donating the ribbons)  Spread the word to anyone you think would be interested

-Look for Samantha’s exploring 4-H project.  Her poster board is blue with birds on it and her picture is on it as well.  If you see her around fair make sure you tell her you seen it.  She is pretty proud of it.  She also made a picture of a horse that will be in the open class building.  She is my little artist.



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