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Northern Indiana Photography: Mark, Debby and their kids

Monday, August 31st, 2009




I am gonna post Alex’s picture alittle larger.  I just love his eyes, and he was the happiest of everyone to get his picture taken.  Really at the end I should have grabbed him and did some more picture taking, because in a couple years he won’t be so willing I am sure.


I had a wonderful time wtih Mark, Debby and the kids.  I just love their family and am so glad they asked me to take their family picture again this year.  I want to wish Dylan good luck in his upcoming travels and make sure you take lots of pictures for the rest of us that don’t get out of the country. (me espicially)

Northern Indiana Photography: Kaylee from Oregon-Davis Schools (Part 2)

Monday, August 31st, 2009





Yep, Kaylee has been on the blog a couple times before…  Here and Here  I think she is going to do another session in the spring with all her cheerleading stuff.  I don’t mind at all, she is fun to work with.  Lucky for me her and her mom are picture crazy.

And I looked up the name of the building we shot at.. it is the City Center.  It has Earthworks Market on the door so not sure which name it goes by, but I do know it is a super cool building.  Everyone was super sweet in there.  I asked if they cared if we shot a couple pictures in there and they were more then happy to have us in there.   I like nice people.   And if anyone of the gang from there reads this make sure you comment, also as to what the name of the resturant is.

Northern Indiana Photographer: Rebecca from Oregon-Davis High School

Monday, August 31st, 2009






Rebecca is a sweetheart.  She tagged along in the spring at one of her friends senior shoots and had so much fun that she had me do her pictures too.  Rebecca asked for the “serious” look.  Not everyone can pull it off, she did great.  I think because she has such pretty brown eyes.  Oh and she is really close with her niece and brought her for some of the pictures.  I shot one of just her alone and wanted to share it too because she is super duper cute…


Oh and we shot most of the session in Plymouth.  We found an awesome building downtown that has the Bookworm, a Deli and a resturant all in the same building and the place was amazing.  I plan on going back to eat some time soon.  I will look up the name and post it in Kaylee’s blog post.  She came with for the shoot and I shot some of her too.

Northern Indiana Photography: Mason, his big blue eyes, his doggie and a stick

Sunday, August 30th, 2009

Meet my nephew Mason (he’s Jon’s son if you couldn’t tell).  He has my dad’s baby blue eyes.masonaug2009_09










Mason is on the go all the time.  It was hard to get him to stay still, sometimes we didn’t even try, we just let him do his thing.  He found this big stick that he carried around during most of the shoot.  I think it is so funny how us parents can spend so much money on toys and our kids enjoy playing with stuff like sticks.

Northern Indiana Photography: Nolan from Knox High School

Saturday, August 29th, 2009




Nolan is one of those kids that you know will do something great with their life.  He is so darn smart.  He claims that it is better to be a computer nerd then computer geek.  I don’t know, I for some reason  like being referred to as computer geek better.  For those of you that don’t know I have a computer programing degree and pretty much have spent most of  my college and adult life on the computer so I am total computer geek.

Nolan- good luck with your senior year.  I expect great things from you and when you land that book deal don’t forget about me, I better be taking your headshots, got it! 

One more thing… he is the uncle to one of my favorite little girls to photograph..  Harper!

Northern Indiana Event: Ladies Night Out Coming Soon!

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009

Ladies mark Sunday, September 20th on your calendar.   The 3rd annual Ladies Night Out event will be held in the Knox Middle School.  The doors will open at 4pm for food, fellowship, vendors and basket auctions.   There is a small fee to get in the door.  The theme for the event is FRIENDSHIP. 

I will be there and have something exciting going on for all my girlfriends!  I have been blessed with lots of amazing friends and can’t wait to have an awesome evening with them and also make some new friends.

Stay Tuned, more info to come in the next couple weeks.

PS… I wasn’t able to make it to lat years event (I am pretty sure I had a shoot that evening), I went to the first one though and posted on my blog about it.  Check it out HERE.

Culver Indiana Wedding: Ellen and David

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

Once again I was lucky to be shooting at the Culver Academy Memorial Chapel.ellendavidaug2009_2041

Before I post more of the ceremony here is the jewelry…  The necklace and the bracelet are from Ellen’s grandmother.   The rings were handmade by David.  Yep, he made them.  Isn’t that cool. ellendavidaug2009_022

Closer look at the rings.  The one with silver on it is the engagement ring.  The silver is in the shape of dogs.  I guess Ellen and David have two doggies. ellendavidaug2009_005

My favorite part of the day was when Ellen and her dad walked down the aisle.  Here is her mom and grandmother. ellendavidaug2009_072


And here is my favorite picture from the wedding.  Just look at their faces.  Everyone is just beaming with happiness….ellendavidaug2009_1561


Bob grabbed this shot from the balcony. ellendavidaug2009_209

The moms were so happy they danced out of the church.ellendavidaug2009_219

Ellen and David were pretty happy too, so much so they ran and jumped in the air. ellendavidaug2009_262


The reception was at the Culver Academy Navel Building.  It is a neat building.  This was the first time I was ever inside. ellendavidaug2009_343

I don’t normally eat cake at a wedding I am working at, but Ellen insisted and I am glad I did.  It was yummy!!!ellendavidaug2009_335

Had to throw this shot in, Bob and I walked around at the Culver Cove looking for some cool rocks to put the rings on and I snapped this shot.  It started raining when we got back to the room, but it stopped just in time when we headed for the church.


Bob shot with me again.  We don’t spend much time together without kids, so it was nice to hang out together.  If you ask him he won’t admit to liking weddings but I think he does.  He also does a good job.  He got all the balcony shots for me and he also did some ironing for the groom who had a wrinkle in the middle of his tie…ellendavidaug2009_047

I asked one of Ellen’s girlfriends that we hung out with before the wedding to snap a picture of us together.  Big thanks!!!ellendavidaug2009_118

Ellen and David are REALLY laid back people.  They were getting ready at the Culver Cove and Bob and I got there and Ellen had her hair done but that was it.  After hanging out for awhile I had to tell her that she better get her makeup done and get dressed.  And the entire day was so laid back it kinda’ made me nervous but yet so comfortable all at the same time.  They didn’t want to be rushed, they just wanted to enjoy the day. 

Ellen and David must be really well liked by their family and friends.  Many travelled very far for the wedding.  Ellen and David both live in Sunnyvale, CA, some of their friends came from there, some family from New York, Rhode Island, Michigan and there was even a charter bus load that came from Indianapolis.

Thanks Ellen and David and your family and friends for the fun day in Culver!!! 

Ceremony venue:  Culver Academy Memorial Chapel ,  Reception Venue:  Culver Academy Naval Building, Cake by Cakewalk, Flowers by Elizabeth’s Garden of Culver, Food by City Tavern, Photographers:  Bob and Jayme Goetz  Getting Ready Location:  Culver Cove

Northern Indiana Photographer: Cowgirls, a Cowboy, and a Dumb Chicken

Monday, August 24th, 2009

I finally got around to taking some pictures of the kids in their cowboy/cowgirl gear.  I decided to include Ashleigh because I figured my kids would be more willing to participate and then I could also get some pics of them together.  Kimberly thought it would be fun so I had her come along and I am glad I did, there is no way my kids wouldn’t have let mom take so many pictures.

Ashleigh (Sam’s friend), Samantha, Kimberly (Ashleigh’s big sis), and Brandon cowboys-aug2009_17bw


My baby boy….cowboys-aug2009_10

And my big girl… (6 1/2 going on 16)





Goofying around at Grandma and Grandpa Jernas’ house.  cowboys-aug2009_40

The cowboy pics I took a week or so ago.  Last night we were at the horse show, then went riding, then they had been playing with the chickens for at least a good hour or so.  I decided to grab my camera and snap some pictures and by the time I went out there with the camera they were sweating and looked like this…. (notice fake tired smiles from the girls)chickens-aug2009_08

You have to meet Brandon’s chicken.  He calls it “Dumber Chicken”.  Trust me this name is not unusual at our house.  We have a cat named “Kitty Doe Doe”, and a horse named “White Horse”


Here he was showing me how it did gymnastics or something. chickens-aug2009_14


I am a horse person, not a chicken person.  This chicken thing is Bob’s deal (he won grand champion chicken at the Starke County 4-H Fair when he was little).  However, I am glad we have them.  They are teaching my kids alot of life lessons and great memories are being made at the chicken palace that Bob built.  Once again, I encourage you parents to grab your cameras and snap some pictures of your kids.  The weather is great right now, no excuses just do it!

Northern Indiana Photographer: Barn Swallows

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

I know what you are thinking… Jayme photographs people, so why the heck is she posting stuff about birds.  Well here is what happened.  I get a phone call from my dad asking me to grab my camera and to head over to the horse barn because he has something he wants me to photograph.   So I go there and there is a nest of baby Barn Swallows.  Their nest was really high.  I snapped a couple from where I stood and then realized I had to get higher.  So Dad grabbed me a ladder and I snapped a couple shots….



As you can see I got a really good shot of the baby birds from that angle but not at a good spot to get the momma bird feeding them and my shutter speed was way too low which resulted in a blurry momma bird.  Soooo I had dad move the ladder and I changed my camera settings and I stood real still and waited for momma bird to come back and here is the sequence I got…





So I got the shot that dad and I wanted.  It was fun.  And the kids love the pictures.  They ask to see them all the time, so I thought I would post on here so that some other kids could see too.  So make sure you show them for me.   Thanks and have a Super Sunday!

Indiana Photography: Rachel and Craig from Kouts, Indiana

Friday, August 21st, 2009


I thought it was cute that Craig was fixing Rachel’s hair.rc-aug2009_032



I LOVE this shot, it is so romantic and dreamy!!! rc-aug2009_066tdw





Rachel and Craig are getting married in Hebron, IN and are having their reception at Avalon Manor in Merrillville.  I am excited for their wedding day to get here.  We will have so much fun!!!  At their session Rachel asked if I could get a sunset picture, I am like nooo problem.  Luckily we got a really pretty sky for her.  I hope you love your photos and call me any time to talk wedding talk!!!!

PS  If any of my blog readers knows someone that is getting married next year tell them about me and tell them not to wait to book their photographer.   I already have several dates booked for next year.  Seems like everyone is wanting a June and July wedding next year.

Indiana Photography: Megan a Senior from Plymouth HS

Friday, August 21st, 2009








I shot Megan’s session on Monday (aka Samantha’s first day of school) so I was let’s just say alittle tired from getting up at 5:30 am.  So my butt was dragging and I wasn’t my usual funny, peppy self.  No problem… I had back up.  His name is Paul (Megan’s dad).  He was not only craking Megan up, but me too.   He came along to take care of the dogs.  Which was like taking care of two three year olds, so it was pretty funny.  They dragged him all over, then he took them for a drive, then he went with us to get our field shot and we were waiting for the sun to stop blinding and I caught him making funny faces at Megan to get her to smile.  Let’s just say he won the dad of the year award!  Thanks Paul, you made my evening great and I am sure your daughter will always remember her senior pictures and how supportive her parents were.

Culver Indiana Wedding: Kalan and Charles

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

The Culver Memorial Chapel is simply beautiful!!  My favorite place to shoot.  This is why…. (isn’t it just amazing)


Kalan and Charles decided to see each other before the wedding and we actually took all formal pictures prior to the ceremony.  It was so nice to be able to head right to the recetpion.  We first started shooting at the Culver Cove were Kalan got ready, and look what I found…

A bikini and flip flops made special for the wedding weekend…rayaug2009_002-copy


No, those aren’t the real rings on the flip flops, these are the rings…rayaug2009_050-copy

After the Cove we headed to grandpa’s cottage on the lake.  It was so nice out there.  They had it all decorated for the pre-wedding celebrating..rayaug2009_036-copy

Then we headed over to the Chapel were we did all the formals.rayaug2009_064-copy





Charlie waiting for his bride…rayaug2009_161-copy




Kalan and Charlie had such awesome parents and grandparents.  I really felt like I was photographing a friends wedding and I had never even met Kalan or Charlie before that day.






This was a wonderful couple that traveled all the way from Argentina for the wedding.  He shared with me that in Argentina it is customary for the bride and groom to get a picture taken with each table.  What a neat idea.  So I did that for his table and I also tried to grab a picture of the couple while they visited other tables.rayaug2009_464-copy


I would say about 75% of the guests were from Ohio.  The guests I talked to loved Culver, Indiana!!  (I do too.)  The wedding was perfect!  (well except for the fact that it was really hot out but that was out of our hands)  The couple was super to work with, their family and friends were so friendly and FUN, the food was fantasic, the cake was huge and so pretty, the DJ rocked the tent and the view of the lake was awesome.  Thanks for allowing me to photograph your special day.

Oh and for the record Todd from Corndance owes me.  I helped him out with the cake.  His help came shortly after I started helping him but I think he was glad I was right there.  And I have to add… Todd and his crew did an awesome job.  They had to walk back and forth from the building to the tent with the food and it wasn’t a short walk.  Many times I seen employees running back to get another tray of food.   rayaug2009_366-copy

And huge thanks to my second shooter Gwen for capturing the balcony shots of the chapel for me.  You got some awesome pictures once again and it is always so much fun working with you.

Bride Prep Location:  Culver Cove, Groom:  Grandpa’s Cottage, Ceremony: Culver Academy Memorial Chapel, Reception:  Tent at Culver Academy (by Math and Science Building)  Cake:  Cakewalk  Food:  Corndance Cafe  DJ:  Ultrasound  Hair:  Body Reflections (April and Zack)  Photographers:  Jayme and Gwen