Indiana Photography: Megan a Senior from Plymouth HS








I shot Megan’s session on Monday (aka Samantha’s first day of school) so I was let’s just say alittle tired from getting up at 5:30 am.  So my butt was dragging and I wasn’t my usual funny, peppy self.  No problem… I had back up.  His name is Paul (Megan’s dad).  He was not only craking Megan up, but me too.   He came along to take care of the dogs.  Which was like taking care of two three year olds, so it was pretty funny.  They dragged him all over, then he took them for a drive, then he went with us to get our field shot and we were waiting for the sun to stop blinding and I caught him making funny faces at Megan to get her to smile.  Let’s just say he won the dad of the year award!  Thanks Paul, you made my evening great and I am sure your daughter will always remember her senior pictures and how supportive her parents were.

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