Northern Indiana Photographer: Rebecca from Oregon-Davis High School






Rebecca is a sweetheart.  She tagged along in the spring at one of her friends senior shoots and had so much fun that she had me do her pictures too.  Rebecca asked for the “serious” look.  Not everyone can pull it off, she did great.  I think because she has such pretty brown eyes.  Oh and she is really close with her niece and brought her for some of the pictures.  I shot one of just her alone and wanted to share it too because she is super duper cute…


Oh and we shot most of the session in Plymouth.  We found an awesome building downtown that has the Bookworm, a Deli and a resturant all in the same building and the place was amazing.  I plan on going back to eat some time soon.  I will look up the name and post it in Kaylee’s blog post.  She came with for the shoot and I shot some of her too.

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