Northern Indiana Photography: Kaylee from Oregon-Davis Schools (Part 2)





Yep, Kaylee has been on the blog a couple times before…  Here and Here  I think she is going to do another session in the spring with all her cheerleading stuff.  I don’t mind at all, she is fun to work with.  Lucky for me her and her mom are picture crazy.

And I looked up the name of the building we shot at.. it is the City Center.  It has Earthworks Market on the door so not sure which name it goes by, but I do know it is a super cool building.  Everyone was super sweet in there.  I asked if they cared if we shot a couple pictures in there and they were more then happy to have us in there.   I like nice people.   And if anyone of the gang from there reads this make sure you comment, also as to what the name of the resturant is.

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