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Northern Indiana Senior Photography: Chris-A Golfer from Knox

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

I LOVE this shot…. (I could shoot stuff like this all day long)ChrisSept09_61LA-copy

Which of these next two do you like best.  I like one better and Bob likes another better.  I am not gonna say which I like best because I don’t want to sway your thinking.  Leave me some feedback in the comment section if you have time, I would appreciate it.  ChrisSept09_65LA-copy








We took LOTS of golf pictures Sunday night.  Chris has been golfing since he was about five, so I went overboard with golf shots.  I had a blast with Chris and his mom.  We went to the Chesapeak Run Golf Course in North Judson.  (btw a big thanks to a certain girlfriend of mine that works there)

Anyways, back to the fun… yeah we had a blast and the day was perfect.  I don’t like golf but I felt like just hanging out at the course.  Chesapeake Run is such a beautiful place, we are lucky to have it so close to home.

Big thanks to Chris for doing such a good job.  He wrote on my facebook that he had a good time, which makes me feel good.  Of course my main focus is to get great photos but I want to create memories for the senior and their parents.  I know they both will never forget the time we had and that makes me smile!  :)

Northern Indiana Photography: Newborn Twins Braylee & Sophee

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009




In a black and white kinda mood.  LOL  This session was filled with poop, puke, and crying.  (yeah lots of baby stuff)  But luckily we had  Hunter who did lots of laughing.  Good luck guys with your baby girls.   I hope you get lots of sleep in the upcoming days!!!!

Northern Indiana Photography: Brad & Lindsay in Goshen, IN

Friday, September 25th, 2009



Meet their doggie Nash.  Isn’t he such a cutie.  He kept following us around the entire shoot.IMG_9371-copy






My hubby doesn’t like the sun flare shots, but I love ‘em!  They are so romantic and dreamy!IMG_9151-copy




Brad & Lindsay are going to get married in Goshen at Brad’s family farm.   Isn’t that super cool.  When I first started talking to Lindsay I told her that we would be a perfect match because well I am total farm girl.

I can’t wait until their wedding day!!!!  Brad- tell your mom and dad hi for me, and thanks for all their help and to your dad for getting me out of the mosquitos for alittle while.

Northern Indiana Photography: Kayla from Plymouth HS

Friday, September 25th, 2009






Thanks so much Kayla for the fun evening.  You and your mom are sweeties.  I hope you have an awesome senior year!!!

Northern Indiana Photography: Lew Wallace at the Blue Chip

Friday, September 25th, 2009




This is my niece Jennifer.  She came with and helped me out and then we headed into the casino.  This was her first time ever going to one.  (hey Jennifer “NERD ALERT”)  love ya!LWSept09_22-copy

And see the crowd behind her in the above photo.  The Miller High Life guy was there.  You know the big dude in the commercials.  (yeah I didn’t know who he was at first either)

Anyways, we had a blast hanging out with the gang from Gary Lew Wallace.  The group photo was the class of 1979 along with a bunch of others that jumped in the photo.  Huge thanks guys for asking me to take your pictures and for the fun evening.

Oh and they had a rockin’ DJ.   Thanks Brad for being great to work with helping getting the crowd rounded up.  Also thanks to the crew at the Blue Chip in Michigan City.  They have a super staff.  I love shooting there.

Northern Indiana Photography: Callie from South Bend Riley

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009








I shot Callie’s sister’s pictures a couple years ago and am so glad they were happy with me and my work that they came back for more.  As you can see Callie did an amazing job.  She should be a hair model,  you know the pictures of all the different hair cuts that you see in the magazines at the hair salons.

Thanks Callie and April for the wonderful evening!!!!  Spread the word to everyone in South Bend.

Northern Indiana Photography: Ladies Night Out at Knox, Indiana

Monday, September 21st, 2009

Ladies Night Out is an annual event that my mom is a part of.  They raise money for a number of things including scholarships for girls in our community.  My mom talked me into setting up a booth and since I can’t do anything “normal” I came up with the idea to have a Photo Booth.  This years theme of the event was Friendship and since many times the people come to the event with their friends I thought it would be fun to take pictures of them together.  Oh and to make it even more fun, I bought some crazy props.  Here are a few of my favorite images from the evening….





My great aunt Bev, my grandma tootie and my mom…LadiesNightOutSept09_28

Diane (a second mom to me) and her cousin and lifelong friend Jody (they will both kill me for putting them on my blog)  I had to though, Diane and her husband Don bought me my first digital camera.LadiesNightOutSept09_42

This kid was part of the Jazz band that performed (which by the way they were amazing espicially considering they haven’t played for very long together).LadiesNightOutSept09_49

Elizabeth from Elizabeth’s Gardens was selling purses which were a big hit at the event.  Mom- if you are clueless what to get me for Christmas go see Liz.LadiesNightOutSept09_73

Here are all the ladies that were on the committee for the event.  Don’t ya love Marsha and Jennifer’s mustaches.LadiesNightOutSept09_05


Jennifer Davis and her friend State Representative Nancy Dembowski were the MCs.  (Jennifer, I took a picture of the Harry Potter basket for you so Charlie can see what he missed out on!  LOL inside joke for all who attended)LadiesNightOutSept09_64

One of the best speakers ever… Nancy Schmelter’s  ”The Dance of Friendship” talk was awesome.  I cried!  (for those that know me, yes I am a cry baby, but really it was a tear jerker, there were others crying too, not just me).  Oh and there was some funny parts too. 

Here she was showing us all her “autograph book” where her friends signed it when she was nine year old.  LadiesNightOutSept09_67bw

One last photo (that my friend Mandy took for me)… Me and my mom (aka MY BEST FRIEND).  We are super duper close.  She lives walking distance from me, always has, always will.  We do our grocery shopping together, pick on Bob together, go to the Blueberry Fest every year together, yeah the list goes on and on.    She invites us over for dinner when she knows my life is crazy, watches the kids for me when I need a break.  I am lucky to have her as a mom and best friend.LadiesNightOutSept09_02(now you know where I get my craziness)

If you got your picture in the photo booth it is now online for you to download.   Go to the storefront on my website or click HERE  and find ladies night out.  To download  just click on the little arrow on the image you want and save it to your desk top.  If anyone has a problem just call me I will walk you thru it, but it  is pretty easy.  Thanks girls for the fun night, see ya next year.  -Jayme 574-867-6776

Northern Indiana Wedding: Brandon and Kari Lafayette, IN

Sunday, September 20th, 2009



Bob shoot with me on this wedding… here is one of his pictures.Sept2009_163 edit

Isn’t the church amazing.  Never seen anything like it.Sept2009_164



They have lots of really great friends and family.  Brandon and Kari you are very lucky!!Sept2009_234


One of my faves…Sept2009_304bw

They had a Hummer limo, that was super duper cool.  Although I about fell on my A$$ when I was getting out of it.  Luckily no one really seen and my ankle just hurt for alittle while and then I was fine.Sept2009_328




Bob and I were marriend 11 years yesterday.  My favorite part of our wedding day was all the dancing…our first dance, dancing with my father, and  shaking my booty with all my family and friends.  The way it looked that may have been Kari and Brandon’s favorite part too.Sept2009_425bw



Always a good bouqet toss when someone ends up on the ground.Sept2009_484


How cool is this.  For the reception they all had their Switchflops on.Sept2009_352


The cutest, sweetest and most fun ring bearer ever.  I just loved this little guy.  Later in the evening he put on his ring security shirt.  We had so much fun with and even sat with him and his family for the meal.Sept2009_570

And here is me and one of my bestest buddies ever Dena.  Thanks Dena for introducing me to Kari and her mom Linda.  It is awesome that I got to shoot such a fun wedding and have made some great new friends thru you.  (my hair looks alittle crazy there, honestly it looked really good when we started the day, I love my new hair cut, trying to stop the pony tail wearing thing, since I am over 30).Sept2009_479

Oh Boy, did we have a good time at Brandon and Kari’s wedding.  The church was amazing as you seen.   Brandon and Kari hired the best vendors.  Everything was perfect.  Their friends and family piled on the dance floor all night.  I love receptions like that.

I will post links to the vendors tomorrow.  I need to get my stuff ready for the ladies night out.  And sorry you had to wait a week for the blog post.  I typically have them up sooner but this week I was shooting non-stop so I wasn’t as quick as I usually am.

Northern Indiana Photgraphy: Janice from Brownsburg HS

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009





Janice and her mom are so darn cute.  I can tell they have a really good relationship.  I have a good one with my mom too.  If they didn’t they would have killed each other this past weekend because they spent the entire weekend in the car.  First they drove to Southern Indiana on Saturday for a college visit and then they drove to Northern Indiana on Sunday for her senior pictures.  I am sure they both were dragging on Monday. 

Janice and the rest of the girls, good luck and have a fun, safe, senior year!

Northern Indiana Photographer: Katie a senior at Brownsburg High School

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009





Katie, I think you are probably going to be listed in the yearbook as the craziest, most fun girl at Brownsburg HS.  You crack me up!!!  Oh and you totally owe me big time because I could have posted one of your crazy faces, but I was nice and didn’t.

Indiana Photographer: Brownsburg Girls in the Photo Booth

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

Four girls travelled to my studio from Brownsburg, IN looking like this…BROWNSept2009_14

Next thing I knew these crazy girls were in front of my camera.BROWNSept2009_08



Huge thanks to Melissa for sending the girls my way.  Awesome that you guys were willing to drive so far to have a fun afternoon with me.   I had a great time with you guys.  I hope you guys stay friends forever.

Northern Indiana Photography: Hamlet Water Tower Almost Up

Monday, September 14th, 2009

The Water Tower at Hamlet, IN is almost up.  They still need to put the top part on.  They would have had it done however a small motor (pictured below at the end) wasn’t working so they had to have another one shipped to them so hopefully tomorrow the top will go on.  Here are some shots I grabbed today…  (Once I get the rest of the shots I will put them all in the storefront with no password so everyone can see them all, it was a pretty cool process)





They are waiting on a motor that looks like this before the crane can run again.  I hope it gets here in the morning as expected.