Northern Indiana Photography: Newborn Twins Braylee & Sophee




In a black and white kinda mood.  LOL  This session was filled with poop, puke, and crying.  (yeah lots of baby stuff)  But luckily we had  Hunter who did lots of laughing.  Good luck guys with your baby girls.   I hope you get lots of sleep in the upcoming days!!!!


4 Responses to “Northern Indiana Photography: Newborn Twins Braylee & Sophee”

  1. Elizabeth's Garden Says:

    IF anyone deserves Twins it is Chris!!!!!!!!!!! See you when season starts.

  2. Aunt Ashlie Says:

    LOVE THEM! Hunter is always so happy and smiley. I miss that Little Guy! [By the way, do you know how hard it is to find a 'big brother' shirt for a child under a year old? haha] Great job Jayme! made my day!

  3. Sherri Wilson Says:

    Great job Jayme. That was a rough shoot, but you pulled it off once again. Great job. And, of course its a beautiful family. Its mine !

  4. Becky A Says:

    What a beautiful family! Good Luck Chris with all those girls……………….

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