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Northern Indiana Photography: Emma is in the terrible twos!

Monday, November 30th, 2009


This little squirt is always thinking about food so perfect I got a picture of her rubbing her big belly.  Sparkle and Shine little Emma!


this next photo makes me laugh, I had to share it….




Oh how I love this little squirt.  I have taken her photos back when she was in her mommy’s belly.  It is always fun.  She is so darn cute.  You just want to pinch her checks and grab those thighs.  Really, our photo session was so funny that if we taped it we could have made big money with it.   I really should have thrown my camera in video mode a couple times.

Thanks Emma for all the laughs yesterday, can’t wait until you are back in the studio again.

Northern Indiana Photographer: Rachel and Carter from Boston

Monday, November 30th, 2009






Nick, Alice, Rachel and Carter were in town from Boston visiting family.  They scheduled their session to be out at Hensler’s Nursery and we had lots of fun.  Actually I had someone tell me they seen me and the girls marching.  Ha Ha  We did simon says too.  I am sure I looked like a dork, but oh well, whatever it takes to make it fun for the kids.

Northern Indiana Photography: Eric, Sara, Madison and Cole

Monday, November 30th, 2009



Yesterday was Madison’s 6th birthday.  Crazy that she is that old already.


Well, typically people leave here and say that they had fun, well not this time.  Poor Cole was sooo tired.  He even told us he just wanted to go home and take a nap.  (crazy considering they were planning on going to Walmart and he was going to get a toy if he was good).  Sara facebooked me that he was out just a couple miles down the road.  I am just thankful we managed to get some good family photos.  But still bummed we didn’t get the kids together.  I thought for sure me singing him my Thanksgiving song that Sam and I wrote would have done the trick and got alot of smiles out of him, instead I think he cried even more.

Northern Indiana Photography: Donna, Brad, Conner and Brady

Monday, November 30th, 2009

Who do you think was the hardest to photograph?… answer below


Conner is Donna’s little buddy.  (something about those first born grandkids)





Okay first off, Brad (the adult to the right) was the hardest to photograph.  I tease him every time I photograph him.  He is always looking away or blinking, worse then any kid.  (Love ya Brad)

So glad these kids showed up to the studio, I just love taking their pictures.  They are so darn cute!

Northern Indiana Photography: Donna and her grandkids

Monday, November 30th, 2009



How sweet this was… Donna wanted a photo with her grandkids for her Christmas card.  The kids were so much fun and so good we had the session over in no time.

Northern Indiana Photography: Big Family Photo

Monday, November 30th, 2009





Melinda brought her family and her husband’s family into the studio for family photos.  I encourage everyone to do this once and awhile even if it is just grabbing your own point and shoot camera out at Christmas time.

BTW I will be shooting one or two days during Christmas break so if the family is in town and you need family photos give me a call right way, I won’t be shooting more then two or three days so once I get those days booked that is it.

Northern Indiana Photography: Amy, Adam and their family

Monday, November 30th, 2009








Amy and Adam have such a wonderful family!  I think it is awesome how close they all are.  I had lots of fun yesterday morning taking their pictures.  Oh but I was alittle scared at times.  I thought the dog wanted to eat me and their bull came up right behind me and there was only a tiny electric fence in between us.  Oh let me show you… Here is Adam petting his bull.  I  was about that close to it.  There wasn’t alot of room between the barn and the fence so the bull was breathing down my neck making all sorts of sounds.  And keep in mind, I am a cattle person and they usually don’t bother me but I had my back to him.  The things a photographer must do to get a shot.


Northern Indiana Photography: Matt, Chris, Larry, Carrissa and Alaina

Monday, November 30th, 2009








I just love that last shot.  I have one where they are both looking at the camera but that one is too cute.  Alaina was alittle under the weather, but still was such a good little girl.  We had lots of fun at Hensler’s Nursery.

Northern Indiana Photography: Uncle Jim and Aunt Kris

Saturday, November 28th, 2009

Uncle Jim, Aunt Kris, James and Andrew always spend Thanksgiving with our family so we took advantage of them being in Indiana for them to get a family photo.  I am glad they did, we had lots of fun and got some great shots.



And I am throwing in a pic of my nephew that held the reflector most of the time until we got sick of him complaining and made Sarah do it.  Here is Zach.  (he’ll think it is cool to be on the blog)


FYI For those of you that now our family Uncle Jim is Ann’s baby brother.  And if you see him ask him if he can Hula Hoop.  :)  Love ya Uncle Jim!

I will post the rest in the storefront tomorrow so you can get your Christmas cards ordered!!

Northern Indiana Photography: Basketball is fun!

Friday, November 27th, 2009

I posted pics in the storefront from the Junior High boys basketball game and the Girls game the other day.  If u know someone in the pics tell them that they are online.  I don’t care if I get orders, but want the kids to be able to see the pics.  I know it is hard for parents to take pictures in our gym with their point and shoot, heck it is hard with my camera equipment.

Here are some pics from the other day… (seen 3 1/2 games in one night)


ODWTPNov09099 reduced

ODWTPNov09097 reduced




Notice the older kids talking to the Jr. High kid in the picture below.  I did.  Kuddos to them for being great role models. (BTW it was neon colors day)



The above photo makes me smile.  Notice the cowboy boots and the jogging pants.  That is how Mason rolls.  I wonder if that is how his dad dressed back when he was in school (very possible).  <– counting on the fact that Rick won’t see this.

Storefront with more photos!

PS I hope everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving.  I did.  I ate too much, enjoyed the company of my friends and family Wed night and Thursday day.  And as soon as my husband gets out of bed we are going to head over to Hensler’s and get our tree.   Look out in the next couple days, lots of pictures to post, I am shooting 10 sessions this weekend.  (I hope I make them all fun for the people participating and we get some warm weather and no rain.)

Northern Indiana Photography: Holiday Cards

Thursday, November 26th, 2009

Finally I posted some holiday card samples.  I just put them in the storefront.  The names are at the bottom of the photo so when you let me know which one you want give me that info.  There are a couple that just come 5×7.  And not every one can be made to 4×8 size. Email or call with any questions.  Also if you don’t see anything you like, I can custom make something for you.

Also you can order Christmas cards from any session you had throughout the year.  If your gallery has expired in the storefront just email me and I will put it back up for you.

Here is one of my new templates.  Have your family turned into snowmen.  (isn’t it so darn cute)

Indiana Photography Holiday Cards

Here is the snowmen family options.

CC037 Let it Snow 5x7 Flat Press Printed Card Front

I actually have a couple ideas for these little snowmen.  I am thinking about making myself a little collage to go on display in my house.  The great thing about snowmen is they represent winter so if I make something I can leave it up all winter.

PS  Should I put Smokey the kitten on my collage or is that a death sentence for the little guy.  (inside joke for all that know that I don’t have good luck with cats, they end up dead some how, I have a 20×20 print on my wall with the kids and two kittens that are no longer with us)  Also I am wondering if there is a way for me to make a chicken snowmen for Brandon’s chicken.  (<–just kidding about the chicken)

PSS  There is no real deadline for Christmas Cards.  I can order within about a week from Christmas (I could do rush shipping but would charge extra) but please don’t wait until last minute, I don’t like to be rushed.  LOL

Knox, Indiana Advanced Photography Class

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

Last year I went to KHS to teach a class in portraiture work to the Advance Photography class, it was lots of fun and the kids were great so when I was asked to do it again I jumped at the chance.  This year there were more kids so I was alittle scared about that because I wanted each kid to get some shooting time.  So I did alittle talking and then we headed to the cafeteria and took lots of pictures.  First off here is the group of super students.  And you will notice not all Knox Redskins.  Some are from other area schools because this is a vocational class.


And here is some of the things that I taught them.  We had a crappy location for shooting (not very pretty) but I showed them that if they crop the photo tight and use the location right they can still get some good shots.  I know I learn best by making mistakes so I would have the kids shoot we talked about what could be better and I snapped a shot and showed them how they could have done it differently.

We shot with one of the students sitting by the wall.  first is student shot and then second is mine.  Taking a tighter shot makes a huge difference.



This one I showed them that if there is a cool or even not so cool flooring that you can use that as a backdrop.  Here is what the floor looked like… (someone said looks like 70′s LOL)


And here is what my shot looked like using the same space …


I know the students will go on here and look at this and hopefully this will help them see better what I was talking about.

Oh one more picture and huge thanks to Mr. Sullivan for asking me to speak to his class.  It helps me out just as much as it does you because I think it fires me up and gets me more excited about photography.

IMG_1349bwAlso I have to say that KHS has an awesome graphics program!!!  I am in AWWW when I am there.  I can’t wait to go back to talk to next Semester’s Class.  Mr. Sullivan is lucky that I have Brandon at home or he would find me popping in his class all the time.

WAVES to everyone in the class.  Feel free to drop a comment in the comment section, just no comments about how dorky I was!  (just lie and say I was fun)  PS I am on facebook, feel free to add me as a friend!