Northern Indiana Photography: Holiday Cards

Finally I posted some holiday card samples.  I just put them in the storefront.  The names are at the bottom of the photo so when you let me know which one you want give me that info.  There are a couple that just come 5×7.  And not every one can be made to 4×8 size. Email or call with any questions.  Also if you don’t see anything you like, I can custom make something for you.

Also you can order Christmas cards from any session you had throughout the year.  If your gallery has expired in the storefront just email me and I will put it back up for you.

Here is one of my new templates.  Have your family turned into snowmen.  (isn’t it so darn cute)

Indiana Photography Holiday Cards

Here is the snowmen family options.

CC037 Let it Snow 5x7 Flat Press Printed Card Front

I actually have a couple ideas for these little snowmen.  I am thinking about making myself a little collage to go on display in my house.  The great thing about snowmen is they represent winter so if I make something I can leave it up all winter.

PS  Should I put Smokey the kitten on my collage or is that a death sentence for the little guy.  (inside joke for all that know that I don’t have good luck with cats, they end up dead some how, I have a 20×20 print on my wall with the kids and two kittens that are no longer with us)  Also I am wondering if there is a way for me to make a chicken snowmen for Brandon’s chicken.  (<–just kidding about the chicken)

PSS  There is no real deadline for Christmas Cards.  I can order within about a week from Christmas (I could do rush shipping but would charge extra) but please don’t wait until last minute, I don’t like to be rushed.  LOL

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