Northern Indiana Basketball: #33 is Retired

ODGG vs RochDec09_22

Lou Ann from WKVI radio interviewing Aubrey Minix.

ODGG vs RochDec09_27

ODGG vs RochDec09_29bw…  Samantha Sims made two baskets at the end of quarters.

ODGG vs RochDec09_49

ODGG vs RochDec09_35

ODGG vs RochDec09_38_1

ODGG vs RochDec09_50

ODGG vs RochDec09_68

One of my favorite photos of the night was when Sami gave Kelsey five at the line.

ODGG vs RochDec09_64

Some of these girls traveled from far to visit family during the Holidays.  They couldn’t miss seeing the Lady Cats and Aubrey’s jersey retired.  Love ya all girls.  Was so nice to see you guys.

ODGG vs RochDec09_54bw_1

By the way, the Lady Cats beat Rochester in Varsity action.  Go BOBCATS!

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2 Responses to “Northern Indiana Basketball: #33 is Retired”

  1. Lou Ann Says:

    I have been STALKING your page, waiting to see your pics…they are always so great…it was one of the best nights ever! Thanks for posting this, Jayme, I know you’re super busy right now. I hope to see you again soon!!! I love the pic of Kelse and Sami too!! Happy Holidays to you and yours!!

  2. Diane Says:

    Of course love the last pic, these girls will always have their cheesy smiles. Love them!!!

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