Northern Indiana Senior Photographer: Model Shoot Tomorrow!!

I can’t wait until tomorrow, I have several young ladies coming into the studio and they are going to get their hair and makeup done and we are gonna have lots of fun, oh and I will be taking some pictures tomorrow too, but really most of the time we will just be having fun.  Bob and Kyle are busy working on a new prop for me.  (let’s hope they get it done and there are no fire calls for Hamlet or Koontz Lake in the next few hours)

I know I have’t posted much lately, that will change, should have lots of images to post after tomorrow. The last few days consisted of one entire day cleaning my house,  and one entire day playing Nintendo Wii. (yeah I am addicted to wii fit, if you follow me on facebook you already know that)

So I am now back to work, yesterday I spent most of the day planning and talking with some of my photographer friends about upcoming projects that I will be doing this year.  I am so excited about the new year.  I have goals written down in writing and I will make them happen!!!  If not I think Nichole may end up sending me non-stop facebook messages until I get back on track (at least that is what I would do to me if I was her- hint hint).

A couple weeks ago Gabi was over working on a school project and took some pictures of Samantha in the studio.  I of course had to snap some too.  My kids take instructions better from others so Gabi told her how to pose and I snapped away.   My baby girl is getting so big.  Sometimes she reminds me so much of me when I was her age.  (she talks too much and is loud like I was like I am)Anyways here is a shot of Samantha my little cowgirl.  (her front teeth are still coming in, the joys of being 6 1/2)


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2 Responses to “Northern Indiana Senior Photographer: Model Shoot Tomorrow!!”

  1. Angie Says:

    Tell Samantha that she better give up the dream of being a photographer and start thinking about the runway! She is so cute in that pink!

  2. debbie Says:

    My little PRINCESS!! She could be America’s Next Top Jr. Model.. Have fun Jayme with your shoot. I know you will make it fun for the girls.

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