Northern Indiana Photographer: Sample book arrived today!!!

I am so excited about the book I am working on.  I have a ton of kid models lined up for this. (Friday and Saturday will be CRAZY at the studio)  I still have room where I could add extra pages, but I don’t “need” any more kids to fill the book, however if there is someone that you think would be upset if they weren’t included please say something to them.  I know it has been hard for some parents to visualize what I am doing so I thought I would post some photos of the sample book I just got today.  Keep in mind this probably won’t be the end look, I just wanted to order a sample so I could show you guys what it would look like and I tried out a couple different things in my sample book to see how they would print out.

So here it is…..




Each child that participates will have one photo and one question, answer and their age will be listed.  Oh and just first name will be listed also.  As you can see I just threw some photos in since I was in a hurry to get this sample back.

I am going to try to make this fun and memorable for the kid’s and their families.  I am going to talk to the children’s librarian tomorrow about doing a book signing or some type of fun event when the books come in.  If nothing else we will do a fun evening at the studio.

Thanks in advance to everyone that is helping me out with this.  This will be a great fundraiser for Maggie and her family that is battling cancer.  I will have a page in the book dedicated to Maggie and Jared.

PS  If anyone has a great idea for a book title let me know.  One tiny thing that I haven’t put much thought into.

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  1. debbie Says:

    This isn’t an original, Art Linkletter (before your time Jayme) had a show where he interviewed kids. They called it, ” Kids’ say the darndest things.” Love the idea of having a page in the book dedicated to Maggie & Jared. U R AWESOME !!!!!!

  2. Aunt Cyndi Says:

    Make sure you let me know when the book is out! I want to help support Maggie’s miracle any way that I can. As for a title I’m not sure maybe something like “Outta the mouths of babes”

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