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Northern Indiana Photography: Maggie and Jared

Friday, February 26th, 2010

Jernas Feb201027bw

Jernas Feb201033

Maggie just got hearing aids.  They are pink and purple, how cool is that!

Jernas Feb201059

Jernas Feb201050

Jernas Feb201024

Jernas Feb201038bw

I taught Jared how to do this.  Rachel- your welcome.  LOL

Jernas Feb201040

Last night I took pictures of my Maggie and Jared.  I had a blast.  It was fun shooting, but the best part was playing WII afterwards.  Toy Story game for WII ROCKS!  It was nice being able to hang out with Rod and Rachel for awhile.  We typically get together for major holidays but with Maggie being sick we don’t see them much.

I am just about done taking pictures for the book.  I have three more kids to photograph and then I will get it done and off to the printers.  Don’t worry I will for sure have it back way before Mother’s Day.

Northern Indiana Photography: Samantha is Seven

Friday, February 26th, 2010


Goetz Jan2010_21

cowboys Aug2009_16vignette

Samantha Lynn is Seven today.  We thought we were getting a boy, but the doctor was wrong and we had Samantha instead of a Bobby Jr.  (so thankful).    My mom said that the look on Bob’s face was priceless when he shared the news.  Oh and it was so nice to tell Diane (my 2nd mom) that she was a girl.  She was one of those people that just knew I was getting a girl first.

As you can tell by the photos Samantha is a cowgirl.  If she has my athletic abilities she won’t be very good in sports but I hope she is good at riding and loves horses as much as me and her grandpa Jernas does.  I am thinking it might end up being our bonding thing we do together.

Happy Birthday Samantha.

PS Happy Birthday Morgan Ferch who shares Sam’s birthday.

Indiana Photography: Save the Date for Easter pictures in Culver, IN

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

March 20th will be the date that we will be on location at Elizabeth’s Garden in Culver, Indiana.  There we will do Easter/Spring pictures.  I will post more details next week.  I had a few people ask when we would be there so thought I would let you guys know to mark it on your calendars.

Indiana Photographer: Happy 4th Birthday Brandon

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

Today is my baby boy’s 4th Birthday.

Indiana Photographer

Indiana Photographer

I had a really hard time when he turned three.  I guess four isn’t so bad.  I do want to freeze him and his sister though.  I love this age.  In the fall he will go to preschool.  He said that I have to go with him.   (luckily preschool is only a couple hours a day)

Three  things about Brandon…. 1.  He still loves to cuddle with me (I will probably cry for days when he doesn’t cuddle with me any more).  2. He LOVES his grandpas.  3. He loves John Deere tractors and anything that has to do with farming.

Indiana Photographer: Regional Recap

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

Lady Cats are Regional Runners-Up.  Which means they beat Tri-County in the first round but lost to Fort Wayne in the final game.  It was sad.  Gonna miss watching the seniors play.

I do have to say we have the best fans ever!!!  At the final game we had the entire side of the gym filled.

Indiana Photographer

some even color their hair for the game…

Regionals 2010_098

Brad telling Sam and Liv how much he has enjoyed watching them play thru the years.  (I second that)

Regionals 2010_161

Here are just a couple actions shots…

Regionals 2010_116

Regionals 2010_017

Regionals 2010_117

If you are a facebook friend I posted a video clip for the game, might post a couple more if I have time.

I will get the rest online in the storefront later today.

Northern Indiana Photographer: Kenzie and Ethan

Friday, February 19th, 2010

I worked hard to get this sweet smile.  I am good at being a dork and making farting sounds. (Boys always smile when you make fart sounds)

Indiana Photographer 2192010A


I doubt it will be her mom’s but this bw is my favorite.

Indiana Photographer 2192010B





In case you didn’t know Kenzie is Brandon’s girlfriend.  Well one of them, he has a few (he is such a stud).  Him and Kenzie have been playing together since they were less then a year old.  They will both be FOUR in a few days.  Crazy.  Time is flying by.  I have a ton of super photos of the two of them together, if I have time I will put some more on facebook later this weekend.



PS  Jay- it isn’t Brandon’s fault, I made him hold hands with your daughter.    You have to admit it is so darn cute.  Don’t worry I won’t make them do this when they are 13.  Well, I might try but I bet they won’t hold hands then anyways.

PSS My kid needs a hair cut.

Indiana Photography: Last Call for kids to be in the book

Friday, February 19th, 2010

If you follow the blog you will know that I am making a kid’s book.  I am almost done taking pictures for the book.  My last scheduled session for kids to be in the book is next week.  If you want your child age 3-8 to be in the book please contact me right away so we can get a session scheduled for you.



Indiana Senior Photographer: Graduation Cards

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

Get your graduation card orders in!!!  If you know the info that needs to go on your card then get going and get them ordered.  It will benefit you to have your order in early, trust me, I work better when I don’t have to rush.  Please email me if you need your gallery reactivated to put your order in.

I had a couple parents that wanted to see some to get an idea of what they want.  I will try to get a page up online that I can have some more samples on, but keep in mind I custom make everything so it might not look identical to the sample, plus I don’t like everyone’s card to look the same so if I already made one like that particular card then I will need to modify it some.

Anyways here are a couple samples…. (all of these are 4×6 size, but I also do 5×7 and 4×8 size)

Sample 3 4x6

Sample2 4x6

sample 9 4x6

sample7 4x6

I would like to have graduation card orders in at least 3 weeks before you need the cards in your hands.  Envelopes are included with the cards.

Northern Indiana Photographer: Mathew

Thursday, February 18th, 2010


Monica and I are horse buddies.  We use to show together.  I so miss those fun times.  Can’t wait to experience it with my kids, hopefully Mathew will like horses too so we can be show mom’s together.

Indiana Photographer 02182010A



Mathew’s grandpa (Monica’s dad) thought he needed a pair of farmer pants.  He sewed in a rag in the back pocket and ruffed up the knee area of the jeans.  Too cute that he did that.


It was fun hanging out with you guys.  Was nice to be able to sit and talk for awhile unlike at the santa shoot where things were crazy.

Indiana Photographer: Sectional Champs

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

The Oregon-Davis Lady Cats are Sectional Champs.  4th year in a row for the seniors.  Congrats!

Sectional Champs 2010_Team

First I want to say congrats to Westville for being runner-ups.  I don’t think anyone expected them to make it that far in the tourney.   They have really built their program up over the last couple years.  I am happy for them!

Sectional Champs 2010_061

Last night was the last time the seniors with be in their uniforms  staring up at their state championship banner while the national anthem is playing.  Sad they won’t be playing in the Bobcat Den anymore.

Sectional Champs 2010_002

Had to post this picture of Gabi.  Bonnie is in the background (blonde to the right), she cracks me up at the games and on facebook.  (waves to Bonnie)

Sectional Champs 2010_042

Sectional Champs 2010_064

Dean from Fox28 is great about making it out to the games.

Sectional Champs 2010_076

My favorite sports announcer Harold from WKVI interviews Alivia and Samantha.

Sectional Champs 2010_079

My Samantha asked if the girls were famous.  I am like yep they sure are.  LOL

Here is my Sam with the twins.  Maybe some day they will get a picture with Samantha with her own sectional trophy.  Wouldn’t that be neat.

Sectional Champs 2010_086

I jumped in and snapped a picture of the JV but I caught someone else’s flash.  Luckily I shoot in RAW so I fixed it a bit, but you can still see the shadows from that other person’s flash.  Oh well, I am posting it anyways because I love these girls.  And sorry to the parent that I overexposed their picture.

Sectional Champs 2010_077

Sectional Champs 2010_088

Me and my baby girl!  We had bonding time at the game.  It is so nice having the bleachers at the ends of the gym because she can sit by me when I take pictures. (thanks Kyle for taking our picture, I need to get in pictures more with my kids)  Brandon fell asleep on the way to the game and woke up grabby so Bob took him home.  I was bummed for Bob that he missed it.

Sectional Champs 2010_107

Harold presented Terry and Will a special photo from the girls.  We took it last weekend for them but had to keep it a secret… (I don’t think I have ever seen Terry and Will smile so much)

Sectional Champs 2010_097

Here is the photo the girls gave the coaches…


I think it was Terry who said… “we aren’t done yet, we will see if you survive”.

FYI the game is at Caston we play the 2nd morning game, first game starts at 9:30 central (our time) so we will play at about 11:30.  The championship game will be at 7pm central time.

“It is not how big you are, it is how big you play.”   Good luck at Regional girls give it your all and PLAY BIG!

EDIT TO ADD this photo…….. (Mason and Lexi- love you guys, you entertained Samantha and I during the game, on and stay tuned to facebook, I have video coverage of the two of you dancing, I will post a video tomorrow if I have time)

Sectional Champs 2010_022

Northern Indiana Photography: Happy Birthday Diane!

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

Happy Birthday to my other mom Diane Johnson.  She is my #1 Fan. Diane has always been so good to me and  supportive of everything I do.  It is nice to have extra mom’s out there in the world looking out for ya.  I know I said this before but Diane and her husband Don are the ones that bought me my first digital camera like 16 years ago.   And it all started with taking pictures of the Lady Cats basketball team when Britta, Amy and crew were on the team.  Love ya Di! (photo below by the multi talented Amy Dunbar)


Here are Diane’s girls, me and my Sami.  Diane took this of all us girls I think the it was the beginning of last summer.  We had so much fun at the lake that day.


Indiana Photographer: M-I-C-K-E-Y Mouse

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

Someone takes after her mom and grandma and is a huge Disney fan.  She looks so darn cute in her Minnie Mouse outfit…

Indiana Photographer 2162010A

Indiana Photographer 2162010b

Em Feb 2010_018

Indiana Photographer 2162010d

Em Feb 2010_028bw

Em Feb 2010_025bw

I have been taking Emilee’s pictures since she was a baby.  She was born a month or so before my youngest.  She was going thru a shy period there for awhile, well I guess she still is shy but at least now she is use to being around me so she  doesn’t act shy in front of me.  It was a bummer that it was so cold out because both of us wanted to play in the snow we just are wimps and couldn’t stand the cold.   Thanks for being so good Em, I hope you and your mommy had a fun time hanging out after the shoot.