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Indiana Photography: United Way of Marshall County

Monday, September 13th, 2010

I just want to say congrats to the United Way of Marshall County for 50 years of serving your communities.  Here are a couple shots from the event.  I was only there for a short time because I had another shoot that evening.

Indiana Photographer plymouth indiana

Indiana Photographer plymouth indiana

Indiana Photographer plymouth indiana

A few of the women that made the event happen.

Indiana Photographer plymouth indiana

Jim and Susan Wagner were the hosts of the event.  Below is Mr. Wagner.

Indiana Photographer plymouth indiana

Swan Lake Resort

Starke County Indiana Super Seniors Class of 2011

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

Congrats to all 57 Starke County Indiana Super Seniors Class of 2011

Indiana Senior Photographer

TO VIEW THE PHOTO LARGER PLEASE CLICK HERE or you can go see the big picture in person at the Starke County Library in Knox (across from the Knox middle school)  It will also be on display at the 4-H fair and then will make its rounds to 1st Source Bank and to all three schools.

Last night at the Starke County library in Knox we unveiled the big picture that will go on display around the county.  In case you are wondering how the kids are chosen… there are 20 students from each school picked by their principal.  I asked the principals to give me to top overall students.  I want kids that are active at their school in clubs, sports and that are doing well academically.  This is a huge honor to be a part of this elite group.

My mom snapped this picture of me after I took the black cover off and I thought I did a good job looking like one of those girls on the game shows so I thought I should post in hopes I get spotted by a talent scout.

Starke County Indiana Super Seniors Class of 2011

Starke County Indiana Super Seniors Class of 2011

Starke County Indiana Super Seniors Class of 2011

Courtney posed for her mom’s camera with the big picture, so I had to get a shot of her too.  She is pointing to herself.  She cracks me up.

Starke County Indiana Super Seniors Class of 2011

I want to say big thanks to Judy Caudill and 1st Source Bank for being a big supporter of the Super Senior Project.  They donated Two $50 savings bonds.  I donated a small scholarship and the winners were chosen at random because all the student are deserving of winning.

Starke County Indiana Super Seniors Class of 2011

Thanks to all the students and parents that came out last night.  The library said there was approximately 70 people with our group.  Since there were a couple people I was unable to reach to let them know about the event I will allow the students that weren’t there to pick up their copy of the photo at the studio.  You must call prior to coming to pick it up.  574-867-6776

Indiana Photography: Kid’s Book Signing

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

THANK YOU to all those that came out to the book signing.  The library staff told me we had over 80 in attendance.  It was awesome to see people that didn’t have kid’s in the book there.  Also really cool to have Ted Hayes from WKVI there.  Listen for his report on the event at 99.3FM.  He interviewed Samantha, Brandon, Jared and Maggie.  The kids did an awesome job during the interview.  Okay let me just show you some pictures….

Cover of the Book
Photography by Jayme Indiana Photographer

Book 201009

Book 201004

Maggie signing books.

Book 201016

She just recently turned 4 and look how good she can print her name.  Her and Jared are super smart kids.  (they take after their cousin Jayme huh LOL)

Book 201017

Ted Hayes asking Maggie what her dad’s hobby is.  She said “cuddling with me”.

Book 201025

Mr. Hayes met his match with my son. Let’s hope his interview doesn’t make the cut for the radio.  LOL

Book 201021

My nephew Mason was there with his best friend Kylee.

Book 201014

One last picture.  My kiddos with Maggie and Jared.  They are such hams.  Look at them posing for the camera.

Photography by Jayme Indiana Photographer

I will be posting an online version of the book in the next week or so.   I will post a link to it here on the blog.  Also don’t forget the two books that were signed by the kids will be up for auction.  The first will be in the silent auction at the Starke County Relay for Life on June 11th at the Hamlet Fair Grounds.  The second will be in December on WKVI’s radio auction for Starke United.  Let’s spread the word and try to get some big money raised for these two events.

Some thank yous….  Thanks Starke County Library Staff for letting us hold our book signing there.  Thanks WKVI and Ted Hays for coming out and supporting us.  Thanks to my mom (Debbie Jernas) for helping, Thanks Samantha for passing out little packs of coloring books and crayons, Thanks Bob for being in charge of the snacks and well for putting up with me in general because that is a big job.  Thanks Rachel for speaking to everyone at the event and for being such a great inspiration.  And BIG thanks to all the kids that are in the book and to their parents for allowing them to be a part of this special project!

Knox High School Advanced Photography Class

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

I was asked again by Mr. Sullivan to speak to his class and also to Ms.  Sullivan’s class (they aren’t married but have same last name, isn’t that funny).  Anyways this has become a regular thing for me.  It looks like one day each semester I will be going into their class rooms to teach portraiture photography.  I love it.  I don’t know how good I am at the teaching part, but I do love hanging out with the kids and sharing my photography knowledge with them.

Here are the kids from the two classes…

Knox Photography


Here is one of my “models” Barry.  He cracked us up the entire morning.




Thanks Knox students for the fun day of photography!!  Can’t wait to come back this fall.

Indiana Photography: Kid’s Book Release

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

Kid’s Quote Book Release Party at Starke Co. Library in Knox April 22nd 5pm

The books will be in my hands very soon!!!  I ordered one book, had Rachel look it over and make some changes and then put the order in.  So I should be getting them soon.

First off, incase you have no clue what I am talking about… I have created a kid’s book that is called…  ”No Fear”  The Silly, Sweet and Inspirational Things Kids Say.  It bring awareness to Neuroblastoma (the cancer my little cousin Maggie has) and it also has pictures of local kids and some questions we asked them along with what they had to say.  I am very proud of the book.  It turned out better then I expected.  I can’t wait to get it everyone’s hands.   So that is why I am making this blog post….

Thursday April 22, 2010 at 5pm central time at the Knox Library I will have a book signing for the kids that are featured in the book and of course the public is welcome and encouraged to support all these kiddos.  I want the kids to sign 2 books for me.  One will be auctioned off at the Starke County Relay for Life and the other will be auction off for the Starke United during their radio auction.  I know some kids are too young to write their name but we can just trace their hand or something fun like that.

Oh and if you can’t be there at 5:00 don’t worry I will be there until at least 6pm and if you need to meet up with me a different day then that is fine.   I would like to take a group picture of all the kids that are there, I would like to do that around 5:15ish, but that is alot of kids and not sure how that will go.  We can try though, and if it doesn’t happen no biggie.

I know you guys can’t wait to see the book, here is a picture.


LOL  Sorry that is all you are going to see until the release party.  Well, I might be nice and post some more pictures when I get the rest in, depends on what kind of sharing mood I am in.  I will tell you this though, every kid featured in the book is on the cover.

Oh one more thing… I got to see Maggie and her family at Easter.  It was so nice to have their entire family at one of our family functions.  Rachel and Maggie haven’t been able to attend anything since last Easter.

Professional Photographers of America Tour in Chicago

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Last night my friend Nichole and I went to the Professional Photographers of America Tour in Chicago, IL.  We seen Allison and Jeff Rodgers and the awesome Gary Fong.  We had a blast.   Here are some pictures from last night…

Chicago March201002 acid

Chicago Photography

We went to the wrong hotel… We had no clue there was two Hyatt’s within 1 mile of each other.  (crazy)  At the wrong hotel there was a Coleman Expo going on, so we crashed it….  Here is me trying to look cool….


Here is poor Nichole, this guy was giving her stuff to put on…


Yeah she is wearing waist high wadders and still looks hot…


And here are some shots of the speakers.  (sorry not the best, we sat towards the back)  I shouldn’t even post the one of Jeff and Allison because they look so sad, actually they were just listening to questions from the crowd.

Chicago March201021

Chicago March201008

Huge thanks to Nichole for asking me to go with her.  I am so lucky to have awesome photography friends.  I also seen  my friend Cathy Dietz and her hubby there. (they went to wrong hotel too, he he)

And for the record yes we learned stuff while we were there.  I have lots of new ideas and can’t wait to implement them.  Stay tuned folks!

Indiana Photography: Spring/Easter Pictures in Culver

Thursday, March 4th, 2010

Once again I will be at Elizabeth’s Garden of Culver to do Spring/Easter photos.  This time we won’t have live bunnies but I will have my fake chicks and bunnies along with some other Spring props.  (the fake stuff looks so real that kid’s some times think they are the real thing) We will be using the light blue backdrop that will look great for girls and boys.  (pink looks great on it)

Saturday, March 20th  10-1:00 Eastern time (which is 9-noon central time)

I hope to see everyone there.  We always have a great turn out and good times at Elizabeth’s shop.  Also she always has some great SALE that day.  She mentioned getting more kid products in the store, I can’t wait to see what all she has there now.

Indiana Photography

Indiana Photographer: Happy 4th Birthday Brandon

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

Today is my baby boy’s 4th Birthday.

Indiana Photographer

Indiana Photographer

I had a really hard time when he turned three.  I guess four isn’t so bad.  I do want to freeze him and his sister though.  I love this age.  In the fall he will go to preschool.  He said that I have to go with him.   (luckily preschool is only a couple hours a day)

Three  things about Brandon…. 1.  He still loves to cuddle with me (I will probably cry for days when he doesn’t cuddle with me any more).  2. He LOVES his grandpas.  3. He loves John Deere tractors and anything that has to do with farming.

Indiana Photographer: Plymouth Business Luncheon

Friday, February 12th, 2010

Just wanted to say thanks to Kristy Robinson for inviting me to the Plymouth area business professionals luncheon.  She had an awesome speaker Dr. Candace Corson who is a nationally-recognized speaker and graduate of Yale Medical School.  She is a wellness business owner.

I met several amazing business owners in the area and hope to keep in touch with them.

I didn’t take too many photos because  I really didn’t know many people and didn’t want them to feel uncomfortable around me but here is one of Kristy and Dr. Corson.

Plymouth Indiana Photographer

By the way the luncheon was at Opie’s Deli and it really is a super cute place located in the City Center.  My chicken salad sandwich was yummy.

Northern Indiana Photographer: Kid Pictures Set B (Saturday)

Monday, February 1st, 2010

Here are some of the shots I took on Saturday of the kids that will be in my Kid Quote book.  Once again these aren’t necessarily the images that will be in the book.  I will find the best question/answer for each kid then match up the photo that looks best.

Kid Model_274

Kid Model_248

Kid Model_225

Kid Model_208

Kid Model_203bw

Kid Model_189

Kid Model_174

Kid Model_163

Kid Model_159

Kid Model_151

Kid Model_141bw

Kid Model_134Kid Model_146

Northern Indiana Photographer: Kid Pictures Set A (Friday)

Monday, February 1st, 2010

Here are some of the shots I took on Friday of the kids that will be in my Kid Quote book.  These aren’t necessarily the images that will be in the book, actually I know for sure half of them won’t be.

Kid Model_007

Kid Model_032

Kid Model_038

Kid Model_042

Kid Model_052bw

Kid Model_057

Kid Model_067

Kid Model_079bw

Kid Model_083

Kid Model_097

Kid Model_104

Kid Model_115

Everyone’s pics will be in the storefront later today.

Northern Indiana Photographer: Kid Pictures Coming Very Soon

Monday, February 1st, 2010

First off, I had a wonderful time Friday and Saturday taking all the kid’s pictures for the kid quote book.  They all did amazing.  Oh and I have read thru some of the kid’s responses to my questions and they are too funny.  This is going to be an AWESOME book.

Before I post pictures from this weekend I want to share some thoughts.  The reason I decided to do the book was to A. do a fun project with my own kids  and B. raise money for Maggie and bring awareness to childhood cancer

Well some things happened that I didn’t expect.  I got to see some friends I went to high school with.  I even had one girlfriend drive two hours to bring her son to the shoot.  (thanks again Angie)  I got to meet my friend Melissa’s super cute soccer loving boy and chat with her about life after high school.  I seen some other mom’s that I hadn’t seen in awhile or just hadn’t had time to chat with them on other occasions.

I was told by several moms that it was nice to spend “special” time with a certain child, oh and I had grandma’s come with and the kids will be blessed to have that memory with them.

And another thing that I didn’t expect was how smart kids really are.   Devan’s mom asked me how Maggie was doing and said Devan talks about her all the time and how they pray for her at school.  He knew that she was going to Riley they other day and that she was having tests done.   I had several other kids that told their parents they wanted to take part in the project because they wanted to help Maggie.

I had a mom tell me how one day she was having a “rough” day and then she thought of Rachel (Maggie’s mom) and then realized that her problems weren’t all that bad.

Another thing this book has already done is showed Samantha that we need to do things for other people.  She over hears me talking all the time when I don’t realize it I have figured that out.  The other day she said she wanted to start a “Fun School” for little kids.  She said she was going to charge $2 a kid and then she was going to give Maggie the money.  (Isn’t that cute)  That is stuff we can’t just tell our kids to do, we can’t just tell them to be nice to others, we can’t tell them how important it is to think of other people.  We have to show them!

Okay, I know you guys are going nuts waiting to see pictures so I will get this published here on the blog and get to making the blog post with the kid’s pictures in it.  I will split it up into 2 posts so don’t freak out if your kid’s picture isn’t on right away.

****Also it isn’t too late to participate in the book.  You do have to schedule a regular session very soon though, I would really like to have all the pictures taken in the next few weeks.

Oh and one shot that my friend Sara took of me showing Madison how to pose…

Kid Model_179