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Hamlet and Koontz Lake Fire Depts at OD

Saturday, May 16th, 2009

***  The photos are from mock accident that was at OD schools.  This was not a real car accident. (thought I better stress that because it felt pretty real being there) may-2009_05






I brought Brandon with me.  He was in heaven, he was surrounded by girls, and he got to watch all the firemen.  I think he was showing Aubrey which one was Grandpa Goetz.may-2009_69

Kudos to everyone involved.  I was standing next to Kaylee when Mrs. Awald (she was playing the mom of student role) ran out screaming for her daughter, we both looked at each other and could of cried.  It felt so real. 

On a personal note… I lost my best friend when I was a junior in high school.  Lisa Marie Danti  She was in a car accident the week before my junior prom.  I will never forget it.  I remember it all like it was yesterday even getting the phone call at my house and not believing the caller.  I know there are others out there there that have not so long ago have lost their friend too.

Just a reminder to be careful during graduation time.  Don’t take chances crossing roads and slow down.  It is better to make it some place safely and alittle late then not at all.

I took some video clips of the mock accident as well.  I will post them on my facebook today so head over there and check them out.  Keep in mind I am not a videographer and I was shooting with my camera not a video camera. FACEBOOK  To see the rest of the photos go to my STOREFRONT

Hamlet and Koontz Lake Firemen Rock!

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

If you follow my blog or know me you also know my hubby (Bob) is a Hamlet Fireman.  And you know that I am proud of him and all the other men in our community that volunteer there time to protect the rest of us.  Hamlet has had three house fires in about 10 days.  Bob even had to leave the kid’s birthday party to go to a fire  (luckily we were done with all the major stuff and just hanging out at that point).   Anyways, just a reminder that there are special people in our community and if they host a pancake breakfast, fish fry or Vegas Night, take the time to go and support them and tell them thanks for all they do.  They would appreciate it and I would too.  Here are some shots Gwen and I took at the fire the other day, we got there pretty late because we had to wait for my mom to come watch kiddos so I could leave.  Bob said it was the coldest he ever felt.  (I was pretty darn cold taking these)  Here is one I know Gwen took, I think she might have took the second one too. (too lazy to look up which camera shot what)hfd-feb-2009_010_1


this is my buddy Brad… (uncle Brad to my kiddos)hfd-feb-2009_080bw


here is my hubby and Mary’s (blog stalker) hubby is to the left of him.  Hi Dave!hfd-feb-2009_055

Bob is at the top of the ladder.hfd-feb-2009_072

Kyle, next time I will get some shots of you I promiss.