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Indiana Photographer: Head shots

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Lately I have taken head shots for  several people that are currently running for election.  Pictured here is the current Starke County Prosecutor Julianne Havens.

Indiana Photography Head Shot

Indiana Photography: Victor Culver, Indiana

Sunday, March 21st, 2010

He so looks like he is getting away with something here…



Hey dad, I am ready to go hunting…


The Elizabeth’s Garden Gang… Penny, Barb, Elizabeth and Victor (he’s the one that runs the place)


Northern Indiana Photography: Newborn baby Gretchen

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

LOVE this cute little baby smile  :)

Indiana Photographer

This next picture makes me want to curl up and take a nap.

March 2010_31bwhf

March 2010_02

Well Gretchen wasn’t as good for her photo shoot as her big sis was when I did her pictures.  We still got lots of good ones, and she is so darn cute.  Congrats on the new baby girl.

Indiana Photographer: Lindsay

Sunday, March 7th, 2010

Meet my new friend Lindsay….

March 2010_04

March 2010_15

March 2010_11

Lindsay is a cool kid.  I had fun hanging out with her in the studio.  We talked photography for awhile.  She takes photography in 4-H.  I hope I helped her out some and didn’t totally confuse her.  I tried to come up with some project ideas for her to do this summer.  I can’t wait to see what she ends up doing.

Here are a couple more ideas I have for ya Lindsay and for any other kids that want ideas of what to take pictures of….

1.  Pets (get down on your tummy and snap pictures from their level, or maybe don’t take pictures of them but of the view from a pet’s perspective)

2. Family (follow around a family member for the day and document what they do at work, at their hobby.  This would be especially fun if you have a little brother or sister.)

3.  Your Town (take pictures of buildings close up and far away, act like you are doing a documentary)

4.  Long term project… document the seasons.  Pick a location near your house  or maybe even your house and snap a picture of it every month.

Have fun with photography kids!!  Let me know if any one out there actually takes my advise and does any of these projects.  I would totally feature them on the blog.

Northern Indiana Photographer: Amanda

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

Indiana Photographer

Indiana Photographer

Amanda will be in the Kid’s Book I am working on.  We had a fun session.  Her grandma came to the studio too and it was nice to see her.

I have two more kids to photograph for the kid’s book.  I will be doing that next Monday.  Once I get those done I will get it sent off to printers.  I will get a sample copy and then I will have to okay it for printing.  At that time I will need to know how many copies to order.  So if you want additional books please let me know soon.  I will put a final warning here on the blog and facebook.  Also you can always order a book afterwards but the price will be higher because I won’t get the bulk discount.

Northern Indiana Photographer: Kenzie and Ethan

Friday, February 19th, 2010

I worked hard to get this sweet smile.  I am good at being a dork and making farting sounds. (Boys always smile when you make fart sounds)

Indiana Photographer 2192010A


I doubt it will be her mom’s but this bw is my favorite.

Indiana Photographer 2192010B





In case you didn’t know Kenzie is Brandon’s girlfriend.  Well one of them, he has a few (he is such a stud).  Him and Kenzie have been playing together since they were less then a year old.  They will both be FOUR in a few days.  Crazy.  Time is flying by.  I have a ton of super photos of the two of them together, if I have time I will put some more on facebook later this weekend.



PS  Jay- it isn’t Brandon’s fault, I made him hold hands with your daughter.    You have to admit it is so darn cute.  Don’t worry I won’t make them do this when they are 13.  Well, I might try but I bet they won’t hold hands then anyways.

PSS My kid needs a hair cut.

Indiana Photographer: M-I-C-K-E-Y Mouse

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

Someone takes after her mom and grandma and is a huge Disney fan.  She looks so darn cute in her Minnie Mouse outfit…

Indiana Photographer 2162010A

Indiana Photographer 2162010b

Em Feb 2010_018

Indiana Photographer 2162010d

Em Feb 2010_028bw

Em Feb 2010_025bw

I have been taking Emilee’s pictures since she was a baby.  She was born a month or so before my youngest.  She was going thru a shy period there for awhile, well I guess she still is shy but at least now she is use to being around me so she  doesn’t act shy in front of me.  It was a bummer that it was so cold out because both of us wanted to play in the snow we just are wimps and couldn’t stand the cold.   Thanks for being so good Em, I hope you and your mommy had a fun time hanging out after the shoot.

Northern Indiana Photography: Matthew 3 years old

Friday, February 5th, 2010



This next one is my favorite!!!


Matthew and his mommy…. (I want a picture of me and Brandon like this.  Warning Bob it is gonna be picture time again soon)


Matthew is Brandon’s friend.  Isn’t he so darn cute.  He is in our story time group at the library.  He is such a smart little boy, I think it is because he hangs out with the older kids.  Brandon and most of the others in our group are getting ready to turn four.  Thanks Matthew for doing such a good job for me!

Northern Indiana Photographer: Kid Pictures Set B (Saturday)

Monday, February 1st, 2010

Here are some of the shots I took on Saturday of the kids that will be in my Kid Quote book.  Once again these aren’t necessarily the images that will be in the book.  I will find the best question/answer for each kid then match up the photo that looks best.

Kid Model_274

Kid Model_248

Kid Model_225

Kid Model_208

Kid Model_203bw

Kid Model_189

Kid Model_174

Kid Model_163

Kid Model_159

Kid Model_151

Kid Model_141bw

Kid Model_134Kid Model_146

Northern Indiana Photographer: Kid Pictures Set A (Friday)

Monday, February 1st, 2010

Here are some of the shots I took on Friday of the kids that will be in my Kid Quote book.  These aren’t necessarily the images that will be in the book, actually I know for sure half of them won’t be.

Kid Model_007

Kid Model_032

Kid Model_038

Kid Model_042

Kid Model_052bw

Kid Model_057

Kid Model_067

Kid Model_079bw

Kid Model_083

Kid Model_097

Kid Model_104

Kid Model_115

Everyone’s pics will be in the storefront later today.

Northern Indiana Photographer: Sarah

Saturday, January 30th, 2010

My niece plays basketball at Oregon-Davis.  (part of the reason I am Lady Cat basketball crazy)  She ran over to the studio today while I had a break in my shooting for the book and I snapped a few of her in her basketball jersey.  My mother-in-law is dying to see these so I hurried and got them edited for her.  Here you go Ann…



Northern Indiana Photographer: Newborn baby Paige

Saturday, January 30th, 2010

Frank Family_09edit

Frank Family_13bwedit

Frank Family_35bw

Piper is a big sister!!!  Paige and Piper’s mommy is my photographer friend Nichole. (Lady Cats she is the one that went to the boxing ring with us and helped out) She needed me to take their family picture but of course since they were at the studio we did some of just Paige.

Paige wasn’t really in the mood for pictures that evening so we ended up hanging out in the house and chatting.  Of course once she got in the house and we weren’t taking pictures she was sound asleep.  I guess we wore her out.

I am bummed that I didn’t think to get any pictures of Brandon and Piper playing together.  They were so cute.  Imagine the craziness if two photographer’s kids got married.  How many cameras would be at that wedding.