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PROJECT DAD BOOK IS ONLINE (Documented my dad an Indiana Farmer)

Sunday, June 14th, 2009

During last year I went out and took pictures of my dad farming various times.  I tried to cover “main events” like the snow storms, the flooding, the planting, and the harvesting. 

Like I say at the end of the book, I created the book for my kids and my nephew.  I think some day they will really appreciate having it.  Things will change,  and it will be nice to have something to look back on so we remember how things were in 2008, and how hard of a working person my dad is.  The daily entries that are in the book are from my dad’s journal.  He has kept a journal for years.  The AM and PM stuff is what the tempature was that day.  Some of it won’t make sense to you without understanding stuff like; Mikes, JoAnn’s, Trainor’s are different farms. ( they all have names, usually they are names after previous owners). 

Here is the book online…

PS  My dad teared up when I gave him the book. (he tears up pretty easy, we get that trait from Grandma Marjorie)

Where to buy the calendar…

Friday, November 21st, 2008

Here is a link for the calendar.  Sorry guys, I didn’t think to post it before because really I didn’t think people would be interested in purchasing it other then my family.  It really is an awesome calendar and I am not just saying that because one of my photos is in it.  It contains photos from TX, KS, OK, all over.  Kinda crazy that there is a photo from Knox, IN in there when you think about it.

And just because I want to add a photo to this post here is another image I captured that day (Jan 1st 2008)…

I am gonna head out today to do some more shooting of him!

Cutting Horse Fun

Wednesday, October 1st, 2008

Just sharing some shots I took Sunday morning.  Good luck to Brandon and whoever else is headed to Quarter Horse Congress in the next few weeks.  I wish I could go and watch you.  When you have little kids some times you get stuck at home.  Oh well, maybe next year!!

Ed (aka my dad)


I am pretty sure he will want a copy of this for his office.  (he is sitting really good in this one isn’t he Daryl)




Brandon (last year he got 2nd at congress….Brandon bring home the trophy!!!)


Nancy sorting out a cow..


Last but not least…. Mike.


Special note to all those that rode that day….. I have tons of blooper shots, everyone who wishes to keep them from public viewing can send me a check by next week.  (just teasing-I have done my share of bloopers tooo just no one was there to take my pictures)

Starke County 4-H Fair Part 2

Monday, July 21st, 2008

I have already been asked where part 2 is….so here you go gang. I took a ton of photos and most will be in my storefront in the next couple days. I will post a link when I am done. Here are just some of my faves from the rest of the week.  Since there were so many I wanted to show I did some quick collages of them.

first let’s get some pics of my kids out of the way…



Our Stick Horse Fun Show for the kids was awesome.  Didn’t have a ton of kids but it was hot and a couple weren’t in the mood, but the ones that rode were super cute, espicially the big kid(aka Liz).  Sorry Liz that is what you get for being a nice person and helping out with the kids.


By the way big thanks to The Specialty Shoppe in Knox for donating the ribbons!!!





I didn’t get as many shots of my dad at the fair as I wanted.  (for my project dad) However… I really like this shot of him talking and holding Brandon at the draft horse pull.  I don’t think dad did the pulling but he had a team of draft horses for a long time while I was growing up.  The team that is pulling is Ronnie Clemmon’s horses.  He is dad’s friend from Lakeville.


Mom took these next two shots of the horse and pony grand entry.



Still to come….Samantha’s Res. Grand Champion Fine Arts Drawing.  I need to take a picture of her with it.  Wait until you see it, she did an amazing job. 


Thursday, January 10th, 2008

Northern Indiana is in the middle of a flood.  Here are some photos taken of our area.  (all taken within a couple miles of my home)

This is on Range Rd just alittle past Dad’s house….



The bridge at Range Rd (Robbins Ditch)  Pete and John from the Highway Dept came out to check out dad’s situation and to see how other’s were doing.


The shop at grandpa’s house….  The pumping was working the water went down in the afternoon, not sure how it will look this morning.


the view of the water from the bridge  (Brenda- I told Pete you could use another tv)


dad-jan09-2008_067-copy.jpg dad-jan09-2008_068-copy.jpg dad-jan09-2008_073-copy.jpg

The following shot was taken from the corn dryer at Jon’s house it is looking towards the South at the Robbins Ditch.  All the water you see is a field.


Taken at the Robbin’s ditch behind Ed Blair’s property. As you can see the water has broke over the bank.


View from the bank of the ditch looking towards Jon’s house.  It felt so strange like I was near a lake not in the middle of a field.  Special thanks to Randy Johnson for grabbing Ed’s Gator and taking me back there, I appreciate it.


dad-jan09-2008_042-copy.jpg dad-jan09-2008_049-copy.jpg dad-jan09-2008_111-copy.jpg


below is a home locatted farther down range rd past hwy 30, I hope they don’t end up with too much damage.


I have so many other photos, if requested I may share more.  Also depending on the situation I may be out shooting again today.  Hopefully things have improved overnight.  The sun will be up soon and we will all know.  Good luck everyone and please be very careful driving, even if there wasn’t water on a road yesterday you never know if something broke out and it is covered today.


Wednesday, January 9th, 2008

The new year started out with a bang with all the snow, it also started my new project for the year.  I will be following my father around to capture his life in 2008.  I will make sure I share the images here on my blog so keep checking back.  Today I will be headed out to take pictures of the flooding.  (2008 is going to be a crazy year I can see that already).  If you see my dad (Ed Jernas) make sure you tell him you seen his picture on my blog, I am sure he will get a kick out of it.  I am lucky that I have a great dad who is really supportive of my photography along with all the other things in my life.  He is a trooper to let me do this.





dad-jan012008_12.jpg dad-jan012008_30-copy.jpg dad-jan012008_108-copy.jpg