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Indiana Photography: Kid’s Book is online!

Friday, May 14th, 2010

The kid’s book that I did for Maggie and Jared featuring local kids is available for viewing online.

Go check it out.  NO FEAR BOOK CLICK HERE

Photography by Jayme Indiana Photographer

Indiana Senior Photography: Published in Senior Mode Magazine

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

Senior Mode Magazine is a national magazine based out of Indianapolis for high school juniors and seniors.  It is a printed and on-line magazine.  It contains information on senior pictures, prom and graduation needs, scholarships and modeling.

The Oregon-Davis Girls Basketball Team is featured in the “Your Stories” section.

Click on the Magazine Cover to read the article….

Magazine Cover


Here are a few photos from our shoot for the magazine….




If you know high school juniors or seniors in our area doing great things let me know so we can tell Senior Mode magazine about them.  I look forward to contributing more to the magazine in the future. or ph 574-867-6776

Direct link to the article:

Toy Wrangler featured on Design for Baby

Monday, February 16th, 2009

If you have little ones are know someone who does head over to   and read about the toy wrangler and comment over there for your chance to win one.  They are awesome, trust me. 

Here are a couple photos that I recently did for the toy wrangler….



PS it was also featured on not too long ago using a picture of Abby.

The winner of the photography calendar is…

Monday, December 1st, 2008

Before Samantha picked a name we had to make gingerbread cookies…



After we made cookies I put Samantha to work…


The winner is Shawn Reeder.  I was thrilled she pulled his name, Samantha was let’s say not as thrilled.  She was mad she couldn’t pick her grandma Debbie.  I told her grandma already had a calendar and I think I told her Sponge Bob was on and then she forgot all about Shawn Reeder. 

Shawn is an awesome photographer out in California.  I thought it was soo cool he even commented on my blog because I totally stalk his blog.  When my kids are old enough to go out to Yosemite I am gonna hire Shawn to photograph us on vacation.  I went out there several years ago with some friends and can’t wait to take Bob and the kids there.  Make sure you check out his site.  Shawn Reeder

Here are a couple of my favorite photos from his blog…

Shawn- I will have a calendar in the mail for ya in a few days.  And huge thanks to everyone that participated, it was awesome to see all the comments.

Where to buy the calendar…

Friday, November 21st, 2008

Here is a link for the calendar.  Sorry guys, I didn’t think to post it before because really I didn’t think people would be interested in purchasing it other then my family.  It really is an awesome calendar and I am not just saying that because one of my photos is in it.  It contains photos from TX, KS, OK, all over.  Kinda crazy that there is a photo from Knox, IN in there when you think about it.

And just because I want to add a photo to this post here is another image I captured that day (Jan 1st 2008)…

I am gonna head out today to do some more shooting of him!

Down Country Roads Calendar publishes one of my photos!

Thursday, November 20th, 2008

Just call him Mr. January.  We have been having alot of fun with this the last few weeks. (yeah I said weeks, we have known about this for awhile but I have been too busy to post about it, plus I had to wait until we were done playing a trick on the girls at the Brems Co-op, inside joke but basically involves me digitally putting my dad’s head on a a HOT bodybuilder guy’s body).  Anyways…. My favorite photo so far of my dad in my “Project Dad” series was published in a national calendar. 

Here is what the cover looks like …


and when you open it up it looks like this…


So if you see my dad (aka Ed Jernas), make sure you call him Mr. January.  LOL

*Wanna Win one of these here fancy calendars?  (that is my fancy talk)  ONE lucky person will get one.

All you have to do is comment on this post.  Just click on comment located just below here and then fill out the info with your email address so I can notify that you are the winner, I think it would be neat if everyone puts where they are from.  I think this will be a neat way to see where all my blog stalkers are from and reward one of  you with a calendar.  Anyways I will put all the names in a hat and let Samantha pick a name out and that will be the winner.   Family you can play along too, yes Cindy that means you.**Also gang, I have my blog set so I have to approve comments so keep that in mind if your comment isn’t added right away.

The drawing for the calendar will be December 1st, so make sure you comment before that date.