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Culver Indiana Wedding: Ellen and David

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

Once again I was lucky to be shooting at the Culver Academy Memorial Chapel.ellendavidaug2009_2041

Before I post more of the ceremony here is the jewelry…  The necklace and the bracelet are from Ellen’s grandmother.   The rings were handmade by David.  Yep, he made them.  Isn’t that cool. ellendavidaug2009_022

Closer look at the rings.  The one with silver on it is the engagement ring.  The silver is in the shape of dogs.  I guess Ellen and David have two doggies. ellendavidaug2009_005

My favorite part of the day was when Ellen and her dad walked down the aisle.  Here is her mom and grandmother. ellendavidaug2009_072


And here is my favorite picture from the wedding.  Just look at their faces.  Everyone is just beaming with happiness….ellendavidaug2009_1561


Bob grabbed this shot from the balcony. ellendavidaug2009_209

The moms were so happy they danced out of the church.ellendavidaug2009_219

Ellen and David were pretty happy too, so much so they ran and jumped in the air. ellendavidaug2009_262


The reception was at the Culver Academy Navel Building.  It is a neat building.  This was the first time I was ever inside. ellendavidaug2009_343

I don’t normally eat cake at a wedding I am working at, but Ellen insisted and I am glad I did.  It was yummy!!!ellendavidaug2009_335

Had to throw this shot in, Bob and I walked around at the Culver Cove looking for some cool rocks to put the rings on and I snapped this shot.  It started raining when we got back to the room, but it stopped just in time when we headed for the church.


Bob shot with me again.  We don’t spend much time together without kids, so it was nice to hang out together.  If you ask him he won’t admit to liking weddings but I think he does.  He also does a good job.  He got all the balcony shots for me and he also did some ironing for the groom who had a wrinkle in the middle of his tie…ellendavidaug2009_047

I asked one of Ellen’s girlfriends that we hung out with before the wedding to snap a picture of us together.  Big thanks!!!ellendavidaug2009_118

Ellen and David are REALLY laid back people.  They were getting ready at the Culver Cove and Bob and I got there and Ellen had her hair done but that was it.  After hanging out for awhile I had to tell her that she better get her makeup done and get dressed.  And the entire day was so laid back it kinda’ made me nervous but yet so comfortable all at the same time.  They didn’t want to be rushed, they just wanted to enjoy the day. 

Ellen and David must be really well liked by their family and friends.  Many travelled very far for the wedding.  Ellen and David both live in Sunnyvale, CA, some of their friends came from there, some family from New York, Rhode Island, Michigan and there was even a charter bus load that came from Indianapolis.

Thanks Ellen and David and your family and friends for the fun day in Culver!!! 

Ceremony venue:  Culver Academy Memorial Chapel ,  Reception Venue:  Culver Academy Naval Building, Cake by Cakewalk, Flowers by Elizabeth’s Garden of Culver, Food by City Tavern, Photographers:  Bob and Jayme Goetz  Getting Ready Location:  Culver Cove