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Culver Indiana Wedding: Kalan and Charles

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

The Culver Memorial Chapel is simply beautiful!!  My favorite place to shoot.  This is why…. (isn’t it just amazing)


Kalan and Charles decided to see each other before the wedding and we actually took all formal pictures prior to the ceremony.  It was so nice to be able to head right to the recetpion.  We first started shooting at the Culver Cove were Kalan got ready, and look what I found…

A bikini and flip flops made special for the wedding weekend…rayaug2009_002-copy


No, those aren’t the real rings on the flip flops, these are the rings…rayaug2009_050-copy

After the Cove we headed to grandpa’s cottage on the lake.  It was so nice out there.  They had it all decorated for the pre-wedding celebrating..rayaug2009_036-copy

Then we headed over to the Chapel were we did all the formals.rayaug2009_064-copy





Charlie waiting for his bride…rayaug2009_161-copy




Kalan and Charlie had such awesome parents and grandparents.  I really felt like I was photographing a friends wedding and I had never even met Kalan or Charlie before that day.






This was a wonderful couple that traveled all the way from Argentina for the wedding.  He shared with me that in Argentina it is customary for the bride and groom to get a picture taken with each table.  What a neat idea.  So I did that for his table and I also tried to grab a picture of the couple while they visited other tables.rayaug2009_464-copy


I would say about 75% of the guests were from Ohio.  The guests I talked to loved Culver, Indiana!!  (I do too.)  The wedding was perfect!  (well except for the fact that it was really hot out but that was out of our hands)  The couple was super to work with, their family and friends were so friendly and FUN, the food was fantasic, the cake was huge and so pretty, the DJ rocked the tent and the view of the lake was awesome.  Thanks for allowing me to photograph your special day.

Oh and for the record Todd from Corndance owes me.  I helped him out with the cake.  His help came shortly after I started helping him but I think he was glad I was right there.  And I have to add… Todd and his crew did an awesome job.  They had to walk back and forth from the building to the tent with the food and it wasn’t a short walk.  Many times I seen employees running back to get another tray of food.   rayaug2009_366-copy

And huge thanks to my second shooter Gwen for capturing the balcony shots of the chapel for me.  You got some awesome pictures once again and it is always so much fun working with you.

Bride Prep Location:  Culver Cove, Groom:  Grandpa’s Cottage, Ceremony: Culver Academy Memorial Chapel, Reception:  Tent at Culver Academy (by Math and Science Building)  Cake:  Cakewalk  Food:  Corndance Cafe  DJ:  Ultrasound  Hair:  Body Reflections (April and Zack)  Photographers:  Jayme and Gwen