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Indiana Senior Pictures: Mark from Culver HS

Monday, August 9th, 2010

I LOVE, LOVE this picture.  He was standing in the water with his suit on, how cool is that!

Indiana Senior Photographer

Indiana Senior Photographer

Indiana Senior Photographer

It was getting really dark out, but we just kept shooting.

Indiana Senior Photographer

Indiana Senior Photographer

Indiana Senior Photographer

Indiana Senior Photographer

Mark is Culver all the way.  He is in everything!!

Indiana Senior Photographer

Super duper fun evening with Mark, his mom and his brother.  So glad they will be back in a few years for his brother’s senior pictures.  Mark you will have to come with when I take those.

Enjoy your senior year Mark!!!

Mark’s mom was a great help, she had clothes ready to go so he grabbed and changed really quick.  It was great team work!  I even had his brother stand in a couple times so I could test lighting so when Mark was ready we just threw him in and snapped away.

Indiana Photography: Victor Culver, Indiana

Sunday, March 21st, 2010

He so looks like he is getting away with something here…



Hey dad, I am ready to go hunting…


The Elizabeth’s Garden Gang… Penny, Barb, Elizabeth and Victor (he’s the one that runs the place)


Indiana Photographer: Spring Pictures in Culver

Sunday, March 21st, 2010

Some pictures from Elizabeth’s Garden, a few I can’t post because they are gifts…  (I will post Victor’s in a separate post)

These are thumbnails you can click on them and they will enlarge. (I will get them posted on facebook for you)

Culver Indiana Santa Pictures

Saturday, November 14th, 2009


Don’t miss out on seeing Santa!  We always have a good time at Elizabeth’s Garden in Culver when Santa is there.   Call if you have any questions, no appointments, just walk-in.  Jayme @ 574-867-6776  Elizabeth’s Garden is located near the Culver Cove.  It is a super cute shop.  They always have it decorated so nice for the holidays.  You can also do alittle Christmas shopping while there.  They have Vera Bradley purses!!!  <— which I love

Kids can even bring their letter to Santa if they want to.  I will be giving Santa my Christmas list.

Hope to see you all there!!!

Culver Indiana Wedding: Mark and Lindsey

Friday, July 31st, 2009

Gonna start off with my favorite photo of the day.  This was the photo Mark requested because he asked Lindsey to marry him by the lighthouse.  Isn’t that so sweet that he wanted a picture there.  Also Bob (aka my hubby, aka assistant for the day) and I worked together to get this shot, he did an awesome job holding the reflector for me and finding great light.  Teamwork.



Bob grabbed this one of Rikki and Trevor when they started walking down the aisle.risner-july2009_137

Lindsey’s mom and grandma…risner-july2009_144


Bob’s view of the wedding… (isn’t the church so pretty)risner-july2009_191

My view…risner-july2009_168







Have I mentioned before that I just love father-daughter dances…risner-july2009_356

and mother-son dances too.risner-july2009_367


Some day Trevor will realize what a lucky boy he was that night.  I got lots of pictures for him.risner-july2009_477

One last shot.  When I walked into Washington Twp. Building I was blown away. Mark and Lindsey did an amazing job hanging lights up in the ceiling.  I don’t think I have ever seen it done like that.  BTW Bob and I had our reception there too.


I am tired.  It is after 1am and I just got done editing the wedding and posting here on the blog.  I usually don’t stay up late to work because, well frankly I need my beauty sleep, but I have been soo busy this week shooting that I had to burn the midnight oil and get this done.  I usually have weddings posted on the blog two or three days afterwards so I apologize to all of you for the delay. 

Anyways, Mark and Lindsey have been friends of mine and Bob’s forever.  I use to do the horse thing with Lindsey and Bob some fishing with Mark.  (I am pretty sure Mark was there that day I caught like 10 fish, remember that, I totally out-fished the guys that day)  Sorry I am having a hard time focusing since it is so late.  Well, I am really happy for you guys and am so glad you asked me to photograph your special day.  Bob and I had lots of fun and it was so nice that we knew just about every guest.

I almost forgot, I wanted to post a picture of Thad, Elizabeth and Victor.  Lindsey was brave and even held Victor before the wedding.  (me, I would have been worry about spit up, but Lindsey didn’t care)  And yep Victor has a little tux onsie on, too cute…


Church:  Grace United Church of Christ Culver, IN    Reception:  Washington Twp. Community Building   Cake:  Clemmons Cakery,    Florist  Elizabeth’s Garden of Culver

Indiana Photography: Victor- Just a Couple Days Old

Monday, July 20th, 2009

Meet my new friend Victor….bvjuly2009_53


Some day he will grow into his feet… (the are small, yet huge, does that make sense)bvjuly2009_36

For those of you that haven’t hear yet Thad and Elizabeth Beauchamp had a little baby boy; Victor Abel.  Being the good friend I am headed up to the hospital to snap a few pictures of the little guy.  He is tooo cute.  I am sooo happy for them, they are going to make awesome parents.  Motherhood is coming so natural to Liz, makes me tear up thinking about it. 

I am sure Victor will be hanging out at Elizabeth’s Garden of Culver very soon.