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Northern Indiana Photographer: Barn Swallows

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

I know what you are thinking… Jayme photographs people, so why the heck is she posting stuff about birds.  Well here is what happened.  I get a phone call from my dad asking me to grab my camera and to head over to the horse barn because he has something he wants me to photograph.   So I go there and there is a nest of baby Barn Swallows.  Their nest was really high.  I snapped a couple from where I stood and then realized I had to get higher.  So Dad grabbed me a ladder and I snapped a couple shots….



As you can see I got a really good shot of the baby birds from that angle but not at a good spot to get the momma bird feeding them and my shutter speed was way too low which resulted in a blurry momma bird.  Soooo I had dad move the ladder and I changed my camera settings and I stood real still and waited for momma bird to come back and here is the sequence I got…





So I got the shot that dad and I wanted.  It was fun.  And the kids love the pictures.  They ask to see them all the time, so I thought I would post on here so that some other kids could see too.  So make sure you show them for me.   Thanks and have a Super Sunday!